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Pyramid of Terror - Day 5 was the fifth level of the Elite version of Pyramid of Terror. This level introduced Ra Zombie, which was the boss of the level.


The Ra Zombie will bite the plant in their lane as their regular attack and use their staff to damage all plants in the lane they are in as their special attack. However, considering that both attacks are weak, with their low health, the player should have no problems defeating them.


Mummy Zombie2

Mummy Zombie x2

Health: 5130
Fighting Power: 625
First Strike: --
Attack: Deals damage to target.
Skill: The zombie uses their bandage whirlwind to attack, posing a threat to enemies in front of them.
Leader Skill: [Primary militantness high]

Ra Zombie2

Ra Zombie x1 (Leader)

★ ★ ★
Health: 25650
Fighting Power: 2791
First Strike: --
Attack: Deals damage to target.
Skill: Extracts sun from plants, causing damage to all units on the front row, will not use skills if there are no targets to attack.
Leader Skill: [Advanced militantness high]


You should place a defensive plant, such as a Wall-nut in the middle, as this the lane where Ra Zombie is at. Use it as defense to let your offensive plants attack the zombie.


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