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This article is about content that is no longer available. As such, it is archived.
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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.
For the version in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars, see PvP Mode (PvZ: AS). For another similar game mode in the same game, see Arena (PvZ: AS).


PvP Mode was a mode introduced in the 1.6.6 version of the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. Unlocked after playing a few levels in the second world the player unlocked, this mode was extremely similar to I, Zombie and Zomboss Test Lab. Here, the player had to fight against other users' lawns with the help of zombies and set up his own defense to prevent the other players from assaulting their lawn.

The player collected medals, cups, and star coins for beating someone's lawn. Star coins were used to build the player's zombie army, paying to battle a lawn or house, and buying extensions in the Resource Wars. Cups could be used to get into a higher league (in League Leaderboard) or into a higher place (in Garden Leaderboard) which would give more bonus rewards including star coins and medals daily. The player would automatically receive 2000 star coins per day. They could also earn them by beating lawns, houses, or taking the rent from captured houses.

This mode introduced new characters to the series, Zombie Commander and Crazy Dave's brother, Evil Dave (since version 1.7.5).


On the main menu of PvP there are five sections:

花园战争 (Garden Warfare)


The player fought on another player's lawn for 30 star coins (星币). After destroying all the flags, the player would receive an amount of star coins, medals, and cups depending on the other player's status. The player could investigate the lawn (this is free, but after this, the player had to spend 100 star coins to fight), fight against this lawn for 30 star coins, or change the lawn for another one. There were also four power-ups for zombies. Each power-up cost some stamina. The cost increased after each use. At the beginning of battle, the player started with 100 stamina points. They would get 5 points of stamina by defeating a plant and 20 points for destroying a flag.

The list of Power Ups (Note: The effects are buffed once the Power Ups are leveled up in the Laboratory.)

Icon Name Starting cost (not upgraded) Effect (not upgraded)
Plague Pharmacy (瘟疫药剂) 40 A zombie equivalent of Plant Food that affects all zombies in a 3x3 area. Each type of zombie has a unique effect. For example, Mummified Gargantuar will throw two Imp Mummies 4 squares(some of them are protected by smoke flask) away from them and Combat Zombie will turn into Buckethead Combat for a moment, giving him extra health.
Zombie Serum (僵尸血包) 25 Heals any zombie partially in a 4x4 puddle tile for a while.
Fog of War (战争迷雾) 20 A Zombie Parrot will throw a smoke flask, creating a temporary fog shield in a 3x3 tile that protects all zombies on that tile from any attack.
Rage Potion (狂暴药水) 30 Creates a temporary 5x4 puddle tile that doubles the speed of any zombie that steps on it for 3 seconds.

There were two types of houses: the player's base and assets. The player could also set up their own defense at their base. Initially, they would have 1500 sun to spend, which could be increased to a maximum of 5500 sun in the Laboratory via upgrades. This allowed them to defend from having their cups deducted by other players when they destroyed the flags. The more stars they got, the more cups the player got deducted. One star was obtained for pulling down one flag, two for pulling down three flags, and three for pulling down all five flags.

All the obtained plants could be used, except sun-producing plants (like Sunflower), instant-use plants (like Cherry Bomb), Magnifying Grass, plants with no sun cost (like Iceberg Lettuce), Modern Day plants, Angel Starfruit, Cob Cannon, and some other Monthly Specials. The player could only plant 10 plants of the same type.

The player could attack and conquer other players' asset houses by spending 100 star coins to fight on the other player's lawn. There were in turn, two types of asset houses: other players' bases, and obtainable houses. The first offered the player another player's cups if they defeat their defenses and rewards a varying amount of star coins and 20 medals. This type of house's defenses were situated on the PvP Mode lawn. Upon defeating this type of house, it would be distinguishable from the second type of house by not being playable for one hour. The second type of house, the obtainable house, offers more benefits. This house's defenses were situated on either an Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas, or Wild West lawn. Its appearance had the username of the player who controls it, a corresponding level, and the possibility of being captured. If the house was successfully captured (all 5 flags were taken down), the house, the lawn and all the plants there would be all theirs, and it would keep producing star coins and medals, which the player could later collect before the house gets captured by other players. The player could also manage the captured house's plant setup. Since every obtainable asset house had a different lawn and all of them were in a world's style (e.g. Pirate Seas or Wild West), these houses' defenses would generally only feature plants obtained in that world (A notable exception being the Wild West lawn, it contains Kongfu World plants too). Every obtainable asset house had its own level. The level increased with every capture and re-capture until it reaches the maximum level of 40. When leveling up, the lawn would add one additional plant or level up an existing plant for the defenses. This level does not exceed level 3 nor does the number of plants grow beyond 34 total on the lawn. On higher levels, the amount of star coins and medals produced would increase. If the house was hard to beat, the player could exchange it for a different one, and the level reset to the current level of the new house. They could also increase the amount of asset houses by dismissing the fog with star coins. The cost increased with every extension.

训练场 (Training Course)


In this section, the player acquired zombies to use them in battle. The player could have a maximum of 40 zombie units, which could be upgraded to a maximum of 100 units in the laboratory. Every zombie had its own star coin cost, zombie unit capacity, and crafting time. When the volume of created zombies exceeded the max capacity, the production would be stopped until a zombie in the player's team got defeated, or the maximum zombie unit capacity was increased by upgrades. It was possible to sell zombies for half their star coin cost.

Zombie Cost Capacity Training Time Plague Pharmacy effect
Combat ZombiePvP.png 5 1 30 seconds Turns into Buckethead Mummy, giving himself extra health.
Combat ImpPvP.png 10 1 1 minute Creates two clones of itself.
Death God ZombiePvP.png 15 2 3 minutes Creates three tombstones. If the bone hits already created Tombstone, it will turn into Mummy Zombie.
Seagull ZombiePvP.png 15 2 4 minutes Kicks a bomb that flies 3 squares and explodes in a 3x3 area. The bomb destroys all plants except defensive ones like Wall-nut.
Imp CannonPvP.png 20 3 5 minutes Shoots three Imp Pirate Zombies and recharges for a moment.
Doctor Zombie2.png 20 3 6 minutes Throws Syringes at every zombie on its lane.
Sledgehammer ZombiePvP.png 30 4 7 minutes Smashes his hammer to the ground in front of himself, dealing massive damage.
Battle MagePvP.png 40 5 8 minutes Shoots eight fireballs from his wand at plants on his lane.
Drinking Monk Zombie2.png 65 6 19 minutes Whips the bottle in three lanes: top, middle and bottom. The distance of the bottle is two squares.
GargantuarPvP.png 110 8 30 minutes Throws three Imp Mummies 4 squares away from them.
Chicken Thief ZombiePvP.png 400 11 40 minutes Jumps around and releases five Zombie Chickens across the lane.
Mecha-Football ZombiePvP.png 900 14 48 minutes 20 seconds Pulls out a Mecha-Football glove and throws three football balls at the three random plants.

战斗记录 (Battle Record)


The records of the latest ten battles. The player can not only see the battles they have fought, but also see which opponent players have conquered their base or asset houses, and the player can attempt to get revenge on them if they want.

实验室 (Laboratory)


The player's base (the upper limit and gaining speed of star coins and medals), sun limit, zombies capacity, zombies, and Power Ups can be upgraded here.

兑换商店 (Exchange Store)


The player can trade medals for plant puzzle pieces, their costumes, and Pendant puzzle pieces.

Version Plants
Pre-1.7.7 and 2.0.0 Dandelion, Aggro Brocco, Pomegunate, Acidic Citrus, Rotobaga, Chest-nut, Magic-shroom, Zorrose
1.8.0 Coconut Cannon, Pyro-shroom, Chomper, Guacodile, Homing Thistle, Snowy Cotton, Electric Blueberry, Guerrequila
1.9.0 Twin Sunflower, Laser Bean, Starfruit, Oak Archer, Chard Guard, Board Beans, R.A.D Missiles, Monkeyfruit

1.9.1, 2.1.0, and June 2018

Squash, Dandelion, Lord Bamboo, Lotuspot, Ghost Pepper, Sunflower Singer, Toadstool, A.K.E.E.

September 2017

Aggro Brocco, Pomegunate, Acidic Citrus, Rotobaga, Magic-shroom, Zorrose, Electric Blueberry, Guerrequila

November 2017

Coconut Cannon, Chomper, Guacodile, Homing Thistle, Magic-shroom, Electric Blueberry, Snowy Cotton, Guerrequila


Aggro Brocco, Pomegunate, Rotobaga, Chard Guard, Magic-shroom, Zorrose, Electric Blueberry, Guerrequila

July 2019

Sun-shroom, Chomper, Guacodile, Chard Guard, Zorrose, Cycloque, R.A.D Missiles, Primal Potato Mine

September 2019

Pyro-shroom, Sweet Potato, Ghost Pepper, Chest-nut, Toadstool, Sunflower Singer, Snowy Cotton, Spore-shroom

November 2019

Squash, Bamboo-shoot, Starfruit, Tornacorn, Magic-shroom, Electric Blueberry, Monkeyfruit, Plumping Plummy

Evil Dave's House

Evil Dave's house

Evil Dave's house appeared on the map every two days (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday), with six different preset lawn defenses for the player to tackle.

In-game news description (Archived content)

全新的《植物大战僵尸2》PvP功能已经开启。现在来玩PvP, 每次获胜将得到10钻奖励, 一天最多获得50!
更有精彩PvP每日成就活动供您挑战, 稀有植物碎片等你来领!

In English: The new "Plants vs. Zombies 2" PvP function has been turned on. Now play PvP, each winner will get a 10 diamond reward, and in a day, even 50! More wonderful achievements in PvP daily activity for you to challenge, rare plant puzzle pieces are waiting for you to obtain!

Introduction dialogues

2,147,483,647 feet
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After updating the game
Penny: 前面有个虫洞,里面发出未知的信号!(There is a wormhole in front of us, and unknown signals are emitting from inside it!)
Crazy Dave: 虫洞?我要看虫子!快进去吧!(Wormhole? I want to see the worms! Let's go inside it!)
The PvP menu appears
Penny: 先来布置好我们的防守阵容吧!(We arranged our first good defensive team now!)
On the PvP Lawn
Crazy Dave: 我喜欢底线的5面旗子,不要让僵尸碰到它们!(I like the five flags on the bottom line, don't let the zombies touch them!)
Penny: 那就种5棵豌豆射手防守它们吧!(Then plant 5 Peashooters to defend them!)
After planting 5 plants
Crazy Dave: 这个阵容弱爆了! (This lineup is way too weak!)
Penny: 以后再修改吧,侦测到一群僵尸,准备战斗!(We can modify it next time, I detect a wave of zombies, prepare to battle!)
Zombie Commander: 僵尸护卫队的指挥官,这是我们的地盘,我要摧毁你的防御!(I am a Zombie Commander, this is our territory, I am going to destroy your defense!)
Zombie Commander: 太过分了,我仅存的卫兵全被你消灭了!看来我只有--加入你了!(This is outrageous, my only remaining guards have all been destroyed by you! It looks like I only have one choice -- join you!)
Crazy Dave: 好啊,你能帮我找到玉米卷吗?(Well, can you help me find a Taco please?)
Zombie Commander: 我会协助你训练僵尸大军,让我们一起征服整个世界!(I will help you train an army of zombies, let us conquer the whole world!)
Crazy Dave: 我要全世界的玉米卷!(I want tacos all over the world!)
Back to the menu
Zombie Commander: 让我们来建立第一支僵尸大军吧!(Let's build your first army of zombies!)
In the Zombie menu, after choosing zombies
Zombie Commander: 干的不错,我帮你训练了更多的僵尸,好好利用他们!(Well done, I'll help you train more zombies, make good use of them!)
Back to the menu
Zombie Commander: 试试僵尸大军的威力吧!(Taste the power of the army of zombies!)
In the PvP lawn
Zombie Commander: 召唤僵尸大军,拔掉底线的所有旗子!(Summon an army of zombies and pull out all of the flags on the bottom line!)
Zombie Commander: 试试僵尸科技的新能力,使用瘟疫来强化僵尸大军吧!(Try new zombie scientific capabilities, use the potions to strengthen the zombies!)
After destroying all the flags
Zombie Commander: 我们推倒了所有的旗子,抢到了一些闪光的钱币!(We pulled down all the flags, and got some shiny coins!)
In the Resource Wars map after collecting 20 cups
Penny: 真是个漂亮的街区!(What a beautiful neighborhood!)
Crazy Dave: 邻居!我现在有好多邻居了!(Neighbor! I now have a lot of neighbors!)
Zombie Commander: 可他们都是不怀好意的邻居,把小屋都抢过来,就能收到租金了!(But they are bad neighbors, take the chalets over to receive the rent!
Appearance of Evil Dave
Evil Dave: 嘿嘿嘿,我戴夫的邪恶哥哥重出江湖了!我会在你的基地附近哦, (Hey hey hey, I, Dave's evil, older brother, has come back ! Oh, I'll be near the base,)
Evil Dave: 我的存在就是为了对你进行嘲讽,你这个弱鸡,能打败我精心布置的花园防御吗?有胆就来试试看!(I exist to taunt you, you weakling, can you beat my carefully arranged garden defense? Try it if you have the guts!)
After losing against Evil Dave
Evil Dave: 哈哈哈,叫你弱鸡真的是一点就没错呢,还是回去多练练吧!(Ha ha ha, I was spot on in calling you a weakling, go back and practice!)
After defeating Evil Dave for the first time
Evil Dave: 哦哟,不错嘛,不过放心,这个可不是我高学历戴夫的实力,(Oh, not bad, but rest assured, this isn't me, Dave's highly powerful strength,)
Evil Dave: 只是为了调戏你一下做的乱七八糟阵容而已。 (Just to tease your hastily built, extremely messy squad.)
After defeating Evil Dave for the second time
Evil Dave: 别高兴的太早,你只是得到了几场小胜利,我的存在就是为了嘲讽你!(Don't get too excited, you just got a few small victories, I exist to taunt you!)
After defeating Evil Dave for the third time
Evil Dave: 哼,别以为你胜得过老子!我才拿出了5成功力,有本事就来挑战我下个阵容。 (Don't think you can beat me! I only used fifty percent of my strength, come challenge my next lineup if you have any skill.)
Evil Dave: 保证嘲讽的你不要不要的! (Guaranteed to taunt you!)
After defeating Evil Dave for the fourth time
Evil Dave: 不行,看来我邪恶戴夫要拿出真正的实力了! (No, it seems like me, Evil Dave, have to use my real strength!)
After defeating Evil Dave for the fifth time
Evil Dave: 什么!这你都能过!不行不行,明明是应该我嘲讽你的,我再整理下你再来挑战!(What? You can beat this too?! No no no, I should be the one taunting you, I'll just recoup then you can challenge me again!)
After defeating Evil Dave for the sixth time
Evil Dave: 啊!我的资源都被你抢走了!你给我记住!我邪恶戴夫将会再次回来的!(Ahh, you stole all my resources! You'll pay for this! Me, Evil Dave will come back again!)


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Building of your defense

Effective plants to use

Monkeyfruit: This plant is extremely powerful once reaching level 2, able to kill even level 4 Gargantuars quickly. It throws a staff that spins to deal great damage to all zombies in a small area, and remains for a while. Due to it's area of effect, the attacking player cannot get past the spinning staff by simply deploying more zombies. It is highly recommended to upgrade this plant to level 5, therefore.

Sweet Potato: This plant is effective at forcing the attacking player's zombies into a better protected or less dangerous lane. Also, the Fog of War Power Up cannot negate it's effect.

Squash: This plant has to reach level 3 before it becoming very useful. At level 3, depending on chance, it is possible for Squash to smash more than four times before disappearing, making it an extremely useful plant both offensively and defensively.

Chest-nut: This plant summons three chestnuts, which will move three tiles in front and protect the plant on that tile. More chestnuts will be summoned when upgraded. Instead of attacking the plant on the tile the chestnuts are on, zombies will attack the chestnuts. This is excellent for stalling Mummified Gargantuars. They may also become targets for Mecha-Football Zombie's Plague Pharmacy effect, hence protecting other, more important plants.

Strategy by BestBMCplayer

This strategy needs at least Level 3 Acidic Citrus and some Monthly Special plants.

  • A=Acidic Citrus
  • SF=Sap-fling
  • K=Monkeyfruit
  • H=Board Beans
  • Sq=Squash
  • Sa=Saucer

A A SF K H Sq Sq Sa Sa

A A SF K H Sq Sq Sa Sa

A A SF K K Sq Sq Sa Sa

A A SF K H Sq Sq Sa Sa

A A SF K H Sq Sq Sa Sa

Note: Some plants can be replaced by some similar ones. For example, Squash can be replaced by Potato Mine, Sap-fling can be replaced by Snow Pea and Saucer can be replaced by Stunion. The plants provided above are the best suited for the defense. If you do not have enough sun, you may remove some of the Board Beans. Also, don't waste any sun, if there is sun left, still buy some Potato Mines.

Attacking other players with zombies

Strategy by BestBMCplayer

It is good to use Gargantuars as your main defense, if you have the highest army capacity, you can have an army like this:

  • 9x Mummified Gargantuar (Level 4)
  • 2x Mecha-Football Zombie (Level 4)

Make use of the Power-ups as they have a very big range by default even without upgrading. Use Zombie Serum on the zombies when they are about to die and use the Plague Pharmacy on the Mecha-Football zombies to get rid of some random plants. When there are a lot of instant kills like Potato Mine or Squash, use the Plague effect on the Gargantuars to make use of their imps to destroy the plants. It is strongly recommended to upgrade the zombies to Level 4, or they may die easily.



  • The lawn of this mode appears to be set in the Zen Garden.
  • This is the second time in the series that the zombies and Crazy Dave cooperate with each other, the first being in I, Zombie.
  • Prior to the 1.7.0 version;
    • The player could get 10 diamonds (50 per day) for each victory.
    • When the battle was interrupted by the communication error, the game could speed up to two or three times its normal pace.
  • In the 1.7.5 version, players can upgrade Power Ups in the laboratory. This update also added the following new zombies to the roster: Imp Cannon, Hammer Zombie, Drinking Monk Zombie, Chicken Wrangler Zombie and Mecha-Football Zombie; and some graphical effects like particles representing points from defeated plants.
  • In the 1.7.7 version, the result screen got an appearing animation.
  • In the 1.9.0 version, all Power Ups got a buff in range.