Throughout the Plants vs. Zombies series, many zombies have been seen which are promotional material or small cameos in-game. These zombies were never intended to appear within the games, and they most likely never will.

Vampire Imp


Vampire Imp is a zombie that only appears in the YouTube video Stop Zombie Mouth! It is behind two graves that say Hal Atosis and Ginger Vitus, two mouth disorders caused by not brushing teeth (see Wikipedia articles for halitosis and gingivitis). It is an Imp with a vampire's cape, but not much is seen because it is hiding behind the graves.

Other Vampire

Another Vampire Imp in the music video


Zombie Queens

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Zombie Queens appear in the PopCap advertisements. So far, only three are seen, and since the ads were meant to promote the first game, it is likely no more will appear. The first is a somewhat obese zombie with yellowish skin, wearing a tiara, messy lipstick, and a pink bow in its hair. It has somewhat the resemblance of Catapult Zombie. The second is not fully seen, as only a closeup of its chest is in the advertisement, but it has more green skin, a brown cloak with fancy patterns, and red nail polish. The final one has grayish-green skin similar to other zombies in the series, is fairly skinny, has long hair topped with a crown, and a long red dress.



  • They are a parody of the controversial Evony ads, which frequently used misleading advertisements to attempt to sell their game.
  • Aside from zombies created in Zombatar, these are the only zombies to have skin tones different from other zombies.

Zombie Worm

Zombie Worm

The seen part of the Zombie Worm

Zombie Worm is a zombified version of the character Lex from the PopCap game Bookworm with a zombie head. It appears next to Lex when the player is scrolling down on the achievements area on the way to the Chinese zombies. It is one of the four zombies seen going down the achievements page, along with the three Chinese zombies.

Sunflower Zombie

Sunflower Zombie2

Sunflower Zombie is a zombie that appears in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Plants vs. Zombies. The only thing that it serves is for customizing the player's house and after getting it (by earning the Soil Your Plants achievement) and puts it in the player's house, it will only move and act as a normal Sunflower. It is first seen in the Xbox 360 Trailer.

Plants vs

Plants vs. Zombies Xbox 360 Trailer

Sunflower Zombie appears at 1:10


Sunflower Zombie is just a Sunflower in a Flower Pot with a zombie or an Imp head. It's a decorative object that appears on the lawn and it will be just "dancing" as a normal Sunflower does. It has also an official artwork as seen in the official PopCap Games Facebook page. The artwork was posted on May 2, 2012.



  • Unlike any other zombies combined with plants, Sunflower Zombie does not have a full zombie body with a plant head but has the full Sunflower body with an Imp or zombie head.
    • However, on the Plants vs. Zombies Facebook page, it has a regular zombie head and some of its petals are missing.

Shakespeare Zombie


The Shakespeare Zombie is a zombie that can only be found on the Facebook Timeline for Plants vs. Zombies. The zombie is accompanied with the text "To brain or not to brain. That is the question. The answer is yes."

Multi-Colored Super Brainz

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Multi-Colored Super Brainz is a zombie that appears when the player buys Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 on Origin. It is sitting next to an Imp with a game controller. It is a Super Brainz with a purple cape, blue gloves, a ripped yellow spandex suit, and a customization on its head.

Grave Digger Zombie


Grave Digger

Gravedigger, a scrapped zombie for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, can be seen in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 on the Z-Tech Factory map in the Labz section in a tube.

King Zombie


This King Zombie is simply a Basic Zombie with a crown, a cape, and a septer.

Greaser Imp


Greaser Imp is a zombie first seen in the Big Wave Beach - Part 1 trailer. It meets its demise in the Big Wave Beach - Part 2 trailer via the Zombot Sharktronic Sub. On Facebook, it was announced that the Greaser Imp was never meant to be added.

Harpoon Gun Zombie (China only)


Harpoon Gun Zombie is a zombie first revealed in a promotional banner on Weibo. It was planned for Big Wave Beach, but scrapped.

2015 calendar

The Plants vs. Zombies 2015 calendar shows many zombies based off of historical time periods in a Plants vs. Zombies 2 art style.

Buckethead Zombie's son (China only)

In a trailer for Plants vs. Zombies Online, it shows what seems to be a Buckethead Zombie with his son.

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