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The Progress-O-Meter is a new feature in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 that was added in the Trouble in Zombopolis: Part Two DLC. It is located in the Backyard Battleground outside the Town Hall. It is a large contraption created by the gnomes, and it is a gold machine with a large blue thermometer-like bar in the middle, a red bell on the top and three chests around it, colored yellow, blue and red. This is where the player can keep track on the progress of the Community Challenges and see how completed the challenges are.

As the community completes the challenge, the blue gauge will fill up. There are three signs on the gauge, saying 'Goal 1', 'Goal 2' and 'Goal 3'. When the gauge fills up to a goal, the bell will ring and fireworks will go off, indicating that the community has reached a goal.

Also, when the community reaches a goal, a chest on the bottom of the Progress-O-Meter will become openable, allowing the player to obtain the rewards. The first chest (the yellow chest) will open on Goal 1, and will contain a small reward such as coins, the second chest (the blue chest) will open on Goal 2, and will contain a decent reward like a sticker pack, and the third chest (the red chest) will open on Goal 3, and will contain an amazing reward like a special item.

The community also has only one week before the challenge is over and the Progress-O-Meter resets. Also, the chests that are openable will only be openable for a limited time, so the player needs to open it as soon as they can.

Players, however, should note that they are required to contribute to the community challenge if they are to redeem the rewards. If the community has achieved a goal, the chest will still remain locked until the player has contributed a reasonable as amount stated by the Progress-O-Meter. E.g. The first community challenge in the game is to vanquish as many opponents as possible. If the community has reached the first goal, the Progress-O-Meter will state to players that have yet to contribute that they require 15 vanquishes to unlock the first chest.

​Challenges & Goals Reached

Challenge Description Time Goals Goal Reached Community Total
Band of Vanquishers Vanquish as many Players as possible 30 Jun - 4 Jul Goal 1: 5,000,000
Goal 2: 15,000,000
Goal 3: 25,000,000
Goal 2 18,025,077
Short of Goal 3 by 6,974,923
Trial by Fire Get as many Vanquishes as fire variants as possible 14 - 18 Jul

Goal 1: 5,000,000 Goal 2: 25,000,000 Goal 3: 50,000,000

Goal 1 TBA
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