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I haveta admit, Professor Brainstorm is smarter than your average Zombie. He uses Science Zombies to his advantage...and Tricks to your disadvantage.

Crazy Dave

Professor Brainstorm is a zombie hero in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes and the leader of the PvZH Brainy Icon.pngBrainy and PvZH Crazy Icon.pngCrazy classes. His signature superpower is Eureka, which Conjures 3 random zombie cards from the entire game.

It is unclear which exact zombie he is a hero version of, but he bears a close resemblance to Scientist.


Professor Branestawm.jpg

His name is based on a book called Professor Branestawm written by Norman Hunter. He has the word Professor in his name, clearly meaning he is a professor. The word "brainstorm" also means "a sudden impulse or idea," also referring to the fact he is a professor. The word "brains" is also included, due to the fact that he is a zombie.


Hero description

His countless years of research revealed that E=MCraaazy!

Update history

Update 1.16.10

  • Superpower change: Electrobolt → Dance Off

Strategies strategy

This prof specializes in Science Zombies. He loves using Bonus Attacks to win fights, making the Plants look positively uneducated.


Professor Brainstorm is one of the harder zombie heroes to play as, but once you master him, he will be a pain in the neck for his opponents. He is mainly aggressive with Crazy zombies that do high damage, supported by Brainy cards which work really well with the aforementioned Crazy zombies. But what helps Professor Brainstorm is the master of his science zombies, with Zombot Drone Engineer to help raise their attack and Gadget Scientist to do massive damage to plants and the plant hero with the boosted science zombies. Crazy zombies and tricks can help damage and remove plants quickly to allow vital science zombies to stay alive. A dancing synergy deck can also work, as he has Drum Major from the Brainy class, which is a quite formidable dancing zombie for his cost, as well as Moonwalker. Disco-Tron 3000 will work in either of his synergy decks and is a great pickup, so if available, use it. Professor Brainstorm also has many tricks to use to his advantage, including tricks that let zombies do bonus attacks or give him extra cards.

His classes allow for Valkyrie to become very useful and lethal. Simply put, Professor Brainstorm has the ability to use Teleport or Mustache Monument on Valkyrie to surprise the opponent. Glass cannons like Cuckoo Zombie and Tennis Champ work best with him, as they'll pressure the plant hero, and he can make them do bonus attacks. After the battle has been dragged for long enough, he can finish the plant hero off with Teleport or Mustache Monument and Valkyrie.

His signature superpower, Eureka, is also really useful as you can get three free cards from the entire game, ranging from powerful zombies to useful tricks, which can potentially turn the tide of the battle in your favor. Professor Brainstorm can also make use of Gentleman Zombie as a support for his tricks.

One of Professor Brainstorm's flaws is that he has very few means of instant-kill, the only one being Rocket Science. However, he does have many damaging cards to make up for that; Cakesplosion and Exploding Fruitcake can remove individual threat with high health, while The Chickening and Fireworks Zombie can be used on swarms of low-health plants. Still, Professor Brainstorm has no efficient way to handling plants with 3StrengthPvZH.png or less without having to hurt them, making him weak against a horde of such plants.

Also, without the help of superpowers, Triplication, or Portal Technician, his main drawback is the lack of Amphibious zombies. The water lanes will be untouchable in these cases by zombies, but the help of tricks and Eureka can help give Amphibious zombies or tricks to combat Amphibious plants. In addition, Professor Brainstorm will have difficulty against Guardian heroes due to a lot of their plants having lots of health. As mentioned above, Professor Brainstorm lacks efficient removals that work on high-health plants, as he cannot normally use the vast majority of instant-kill cards, let alone PvZH Deadly Icon.pngDeadly zombies. As such, Professor Brainstorm can easily lose a match against a nut deck if he cannot take out the nuts. Black-Eyed Pea, Sportacus, and Dark Matter Dragonfruit are also big problems for Professor Brainstorm, as usage of tricks is important for him to win the battle.


Professor Brainstorm can be a hard zombie hero to hit, as he has many means of destroying plants, and many tricks to aid his zombies. However, his weaknesses are usually the water lane, and the lack of methods to deal with 3StrengthPvZH.png plants or plants with high health. Using these to your advantage can help spell doom to Professor Brainstorm. However, he does have access to Cakesplosion, which can take out some vital 3StrengthPvZH.png plants such as Metal Petal Sunflower or Briar Rose, or at least significantly damage plants like Wall-Nut.

Due to his overall strategy, it is crucial to know that Professor Brainstorm also relies heavily on tricks, so play Black-Eyed Pea or Sportacus to pressure Professor Brainstorm into not using tricks, as he has difficulty in taking both of these plants out at his own. Smarty heroes can play Brainana to sap Professor Brainstorm's ability to play tricks. The most important thing when against Professor Brainstorm is his signature superpower, which gives him three zombie cards from the entire game. Expect the unexpected, and try and work around his zombies. Also, refrain from playing your strongest plants as he will be able to take them out with his tricks and possibly cheaper Tricksters. Instead, wait until he doesn't have enough brains to play anything threatening, then rush him.

If Professor Brainstorm uses a deck consisting mainly of dancing zombies, try and take them out as fast as possible before he has a chance to play Flamenco Zombie and deal massive damage. Although, this could turn against you if Professor Brainstorm packs a Valkyrie, which could almost end the game if used at the right time. As for science decks, try and get rid of the Zombot Drone Engineer as fast as possible, as it'll only make the science zombies even harder to combat. Pay attention to what he is planning when he skips the Zombies Play phase as well, as he has such a good habit of doing so, which in turn allows him to play tricks, such as Beam Me Up or Hail-a-Copter, to put some science zombies into play easily, then retaliate with Gadget Scientist.

Strategy decks

Main article: Community-built decks/Professor Brainstorm
Professor BrainstormH.png Scientific Exploration

PvZH Brainy Icon.png PvZH Crazy Icon.png
Zombie Science has uncovered the power of equations! Zombot Drone Engineer + Gadget Scientist + a vectored pyramid of Science Zombies = a 0 Health opponent!
Bungee PlumberH.png x3 Interdimensional ZombieH.png x4 Beam Me UpH.png x3 Cosmic ScientistH.png x4 Lurch for LunchH.png x1
Meteor ZH.png x2 Zombot Drone EngineerH.png x4 ElectricianH.png x2 Kite FlyerH.png x4 Rocket ScienceH.png x2
Zombot's WrathH.png x1 The ChickeningH.png x2 Gadget ScientistH.png x4 Hail-a-CopterH.png x4

Professor BrainstormH.png Fast and Furious

PvZH Brainy Icon.png PvZH Crazy Icon.png
A legion of super-aggressive Zombies take on all opposition. When enough Zombies have shuffled off to the afterlife, Teleport in a 20 Strength Valkyrie and use Lurch for Lunch for an instant win!
Bungee PlumberH.png x2 Chimney SweepH.png x3 Quickdraw Con ManH.png x4 TeleportH.png x4 Tennis ChampH.png x1
Cosmic ScientistH.png x2 Final MissionH.png x2 Lurch for LunchH.png x4 Quasar WizardH.png x4 Teleportation ZombieH.png x2
Regifting ZombieH.png x4 ValkyrieH.png x4 Wormhole GatekeeperH.png x3 Shieldcrusher VikingH.png x1

Professor BrainstormH.png Tricks of the Trade

PvZH Brainy Icon.png PvZH Crazy Icon.png
Clear waves of Plants with waves of crushing sweepers: Barrel of Deadbeards, Fireworks Zombie, and The Chickening. Humble big Plants with Rocket Science. Draw extra cards. Then Teleport Tricksters in for an unexpected fatal blow.
Bungee PlumberH.png x4 TeleportH.png x4 Barrel of DeadbeardsH.png x4 Beam Me UpH.png x4 Cryo-BrainH.png x2
Lurch for LunchH.png x3 Quasar WizardH.png x2 Teleportation ZombieH.png x1 Fireworks ZombieH.png x3 Fun-Dead RaiserH.png x3
Rocket ScienceH.png x3 The ChickeningH.png x2 Shieldcrusher VikingH.png x1 TricksterH.png x4

Professor BrainstormH.png Dancing Among the Stars

PvZH Brainy Icon.png PvZH Crazy Icon.png
Professor Brainstorm's got moves, and he's hypothesized that Disco-Naut * Binary Stars * Flamenco Zombie = Funkadelic! Flows of direct damage furnish a fatal finale.
Bungee PlumberH.png x4 Disco-NautH.png x4 Aerobics InstructorH.png x4 Disco Dance FloorH.png x4 Disco ZombieH.png x1
JesterH.png x3 Moon Base ZH.png x1 MoonwalkerH.png x2 Rocket ScienceH.png x1 Cosmic DancerH.png x2
HeadhunterH.png x4 Binary StarsH.png x4 Flamenco ZombieH.png x4 Disco-Tron 3000H.png x2

Professor BrainstormH.png Train of Brains

PvZH Brainy Icon.png PvZH Crazy Icon.png
The Professor has discovered that Medulla Nebula also makes Brains when Zombies transform there! Play a Mystery Egg or Interdimensional Zombie there for 1 Brain, then transform it for a total of 6 Brains. Incoming Bad Moon Rising!
Interdimensional ZombieH.png x4 Mystery EggH.png x4 Barrel of DeadbeardsH.png x4 Evolutionary LeapH.png x2 Teleportation ZombieH.png x3
Brain VendorH.png x4 Fireworks ZombieH.png x4 Medulla NebulaH.png x4 Rocket ScienceH.png x2 Zom-BlobH.png x3
Bad Moon RisingH.png x4 Gargantuars' FeastH.png x2


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In other languages

Language Name Description
United States of America English Professor Brainstorm
China Simplified Chinese 僵点子教授
Traditional Chinese 腦力激盪教授
France French Professeur Remue-Méninges
Germany German Professor Brainstorm
Italy Italian Professor Cervellidee
Japan Japanese ブレインストーム教授
South Korea Korean 브레인스톰 교수
Brazil Brazilian Portuguese Prof. Miolo-mole
Russia Russian Профессор ""Мозговая атака""
Spain Spanish Prof. Tormenta Cerebral


  • If Professor Brainstorm wins a battle, he will put on a hat similar to the cone hat on Unlife of the Party's head.
  • Professor Brainstorm has the longest animation when he plays a legendary zombie or a plant hero receives 4 damage or more. It features him pulling part of his mustache off and then looking at it then reattaching it after a short while.
  • In the Plant Mission "The Mechanical Menace Rises," Professor Brainstorm can play Browncoat Zombies normally, despite them being tokens and him not leading the Hearty class.
  • If he is damaged, one can see that he has no eyes under his glasses, and that his pupils are connected to his glasses.

    Note the lack of eyes

  • Brian Lindley, creator of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, says that Professor Brainstorm's design is between the Scientist and Dr. Zomboss.
  • The comic strip that appears when Professor Brainstorm is received is a reference to the Phineas and Ferb episode "Unfair Science Fair", as there is a science fair project of a portal losing to a baking soda volcano in a science fair.
    • The "-ator" suffix on "Zombie Teleportation-ator" may also be a reference to Dr. Doofenshmirtz, the main antagonist of the series, who builds inventions with names that almost always end in the suffix "-inator."
    • This is the second time a Phineas and Ferb reference is made in the Plants vs. Zombies series. The first time is when the Zombot Sphinx-inator has the suffix "-inator", referencing the running gag and habit of how Doofenshmirtz names his inventions.
  • Professor Brainstorm's description is a reference to the mass-energy equivalence.
  • He has the same battle music as Rustbolt and Z-Mech.
    • Coincidentally, their signature superpowers are all in the science tribe and all three lack Amphibious zombies.
    • Out of the three, Professor Brainstorm is the only one that doesn't lead the PvZH Hearty Icon.pngHearty class.
  • Professor Brainstorm is the only hero whose superpowers cannot affect enemy fighters.
  • Professor Brainstorm has the most number of party cards, at 12.
  • The name of his super-rare strategy deck, "Fast and Furious," is named after the racing and action film franchise Fast & Furious.
  • Its the hero with the most PvZH Truestrike Icon.pngbullseye cards, with 13.
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