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Preserve Pastures Loading Screen

Preserve Pastures is a Turf Takeover map in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. The map seems to take place in farmland a river across from Weirding Woods and the Funderdome (Behind the initial zombie spawn), in a supposed secret plant base.

In this map the plants are on the defense and the zombies are on the offense. The zombies must use the GPS (Garg Position System) to locate the plants' secret base: an area where they can rejuvenate, where there is a Bitter Dill taking a brine bath in a Pickle Booster.


The plants are making super-strong pickles in their secret base Preserve Pastures. Zomboss sent Gargs to find the base and stop the plants, but they haven't returned. Track the Gargs and finish what they started!


  • Village
  • Windmill
  • Barn
  • Plant Rejuvenation Center


The zombies must capture the village in the farmlands.




The zombies must enter the plants' farm and capture the windmill.




The zombies must capture the farm's barn.



Plant Rejuvenation Center

The zombies must summon and escort Gargantuars that carry bombs to blow up the brine bath machine, where inside there is a Bitter Dill preparing for brine bath in the Pickle Booster. The plants must either destroy the Gargantuars, or prevent them from reaching the Pickle Booster machine in time.



End Victory

Plant Victory

If the plants win then the Bitter Dill in the Pickle Booster will grow monstrously huge and chase the zombies out of the barn, squash one of the Gargantuars, and then celebrate with the rest of the plant team while the rest of the zombies hide for cover.

Zombie Victory

If the zombies win then the Pickle Booster will fail disastrously, and the Bitter Dill will shrink down to a comically miniature size, a Gargantuar will pick it up, and all the zombies will point and laugh at it.

Update history

February 2020 patch

  • Changed map description. Was originally: "Some Gargs snuck into the quaint farmland of Preserve Pastures to find a secret plant base that's making super strong pickles. Plants caught them immediately. But this gave Dr. Zomboss an idea: find the Gargs, find the base... "
  • Fixed in-game dialogues for Zomboss and Crazy Dave.



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