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Not to be confused with Mystery Gift Box in Plants vs. Zombies 2.

A present

The present is an item, depicted as a red box laced with a white ribbon, which may drop after defeating a zombie in any level or be given as a reward randomly in Plants vs. Zombies. Presents drop very rarely and they may give the player Zen Garden plants or unlockable games. It will make a dinging or chiming sound when it is dropped, which is the same sound that chocolate and diamond make. They often are plants for the player's Zen Garden. Usually whenever the player gets a present, the plant that will grow from it will be the plant unlocked in that area (e.g. Puff-shroom at Night). It is possible to find more than one present in a level. After beating Adventure Mode, the player can still earn presents, but they will not unlock any more modes.

What is earned

For information on how to acquire Zen Garden plants, see Zen Garden.

How to get

They are nearly earned in the same way as money, though more rarely.




  • Survival Mode levels will not appear from a present. Instead, it is locked until the player beats Adventure Mode. Similarly, Quick Play(IOS, Android, & Nook only) is unlocked the same way as you would unlock Survival, as well as Adventure 2 on the IOS/Android versions of the game.
  • Bonus Game on IOS/Android is also not unlocked from a present but is unlocked after finishing Level 1-5.
  • In the Xbox Live Arcade version of Plants vs. Zombies a present also drops in Level 2-1 containing Versus Mode and Co-op Mode.
  • Presents may have a higher frequency of dropping once ten chocolates have been collected, since no more chocolates will drop.
  • It is the rarest item that can be dropped from a zombie, dropping in a one-tenth rate.
  • There is a glitch in the Nintendo DS and Game Of The Year version of Plants vs. Zombies where, at the end of a level, if the player clicks on a present with a Zen Garden plant in it, then touches the money bag, the player will get two plants, and both will be the same plant.
  • In the PlayStation Vita version of Plants vs. Zombies, zombies drop a noticeably higher amount of presents carrying Zen Garden plants.
  • The PlayStation Vita version of Plants vs. Zombies has an occasional glitch where the player earns two sprouts from a single present and both Sprouts are the same plant facing the same direction.
  • Once the player's Zen Garden is full, presents will no longer appear until the player sells their plants. If their Zen Garden has only 1 slot left and there are 2 presents, or they used a glitch to get the 2 same plants in one present, a message will show up and say "Oh no! Your garden is too full!"

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