The name's Power Cora, and I put the "power" in the *YAWN*. Buh? Cora doesn't "yawn". This un-zombie infection is the bads!

Power Cora is a character in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. She is an Electric Slide that caught the un-zombie infection and can't dance like she used to, and therefore can't lead a parade to distract the plants and get the Ancient Fartifact for the Stink Bomb, so the player needs to do so.


Parade Gloat

Distract Plants with a Parade to Steal the Ancient Fartifact

Plants are guarding a centuries-old stink at the museum. The only way to steal it is to distract the plants. But how? With a HUGE distraction, obviously!



  • She is mentioned in the gameplay trailer when the narrator says "Lead a zombie parade!"​​​​.
  • Her quest icon doesn't include her mouth accessory.
  • She mentions she has a dance group called "Funk 4 Brainz."
  • Her signature dance is called "Exploding Superstar of All Time."
  • Some of the Heal Zombies in her mission are displayed as Browncoat Zombies.
  • Her favorite song is called "Dr. Zomboss is Strong and Nice."
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