Potato Nugget Mine is an alternate ability for the Cactus' Potato Mine. It can only be unlocked through sticker packs. It deals 50 damage, which is less than a Potato Mine and has a smaller explosion radius. The player can plant five at a time, as opposed to three. They are smaller, but they can be disguised easier. Like most of the other alternate abilities, it was first introduced in the Garden Variety DLC. It takes 30 seconds to recharge one in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, and 20 seconds in Garden Warfare 2.

Stickerbook description

These little nuggets are small, have a great sense of humor and enjoy sitting around waiting to blow Zombies sky high. While not as damaging as their potato cousins, these little nuggets still pack a spudow!


A Potato Nugget Mine has less than or equal to 16 health.

Balancing changes

November 2016 Patch

  • Cooldown was lowered from 30 to 20.



Hiding them around corners, behind objects and sometimes in the middle of the garden is a good way to use them. They are not recommended to be used in groups since this ruins their camouflage, making them even less of a problem to the zombies. In some areas on nighttime levels, they are lethal since they are hard to notice and four of them can kill an All-Star.


While not much of a threat, Potato Nugget Mines can get quite annoying due to their small size, which makes them hard to notice (and to shoot if you are in the middle of a firefight). It takes two of them to kill a Scientist, and even if they fail to kill you, they still cause noticeable damage, so caution is advised.



  • The icon depicts it with two teeth, despite the actual appearance of itself in-game having one tooth.
  • If a Potato Nugget Mine is placed on an object that is able to be destroyed (like a Tallnut Battlement) and the object is destroyed, the Potato Nugget Mine will float in mid-air. It will still act like normal.
    • This also applies to its variants.

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