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In Plants vs. Zombies 2, portals are the main environment modifiers of Modern Day. They appear on any tile of the lawn and spawn special zombies from the respective world they are showing. The placement and the zombies spawned are fixed and never change. There is never any indication on whether they are going to appear on a level, nor the zombies they will spawn.

If a plant is planted on the tile on the left of where the portal appears, it will be bounced to a free tile on the lawn. An instant-use plant and tombstones can prevent a portal from appearing if placed where the portal is supposed to appear a little before they show up. However, this relies on timing.

On Highway to the Danger Room, Piñata Party, and Inzanity levels, they spawn different zombies from the ones of the normal levels. Those can be seen below.


Portals are deployed at half of the player's lawn. On this note, the portal will stay and summon a zombie, based on its corresponding world. When a zombie arrives via portal, it appears in a same way as how Dr. Zomboss summons zombies using his first four Zombots. Furthermore, their appearance is limited and will close after a definite period of time.

In Highway to the Danger Room, the behavior is further observed. On levels 1-10, only a single portal from each world will be opened and will mostly summon one zombie, ocassionaly it may spawn three random zombies. On levels 11-20, two random portals will appear and two random zombies will be summoned. From this level onwards, portals will appear very frequently and will behave erratically and can have portals of same type appear. For example, there can be three Jurassic portals appearing and can deploy Jurassic Imp, Jurassic Bully, or Jurassic Fossilhead at once. At levels 31-40, three portals will appear and their durations are extended. As the player goes higher and higher, the number of portals appearing increases, the duration of portals opening also increases, as well as summoning up to three powerful zombies representing each world.

Portals in certain Piñata Parties may sometimes summon different zombies, depending on their current level appearance. The zombies summoned are programmed specifically by party.


Far Future: Piñata Party

Lost City: Aloe, Salut! Epic Quest - Steps 4 and 8

Modern Day: Days 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 10, 17, 19, 21, 35, 40, 41, Highway to the Danger Room and Rescue the Gold Bloom Epic Quest - Step 1

Spawned zombies


PortalAE.png: Pharaoh Zombie2.png1x Tomb Raiser Zombie2.png2x Ra Zombie2.png1x

PortalAE.png2: Explorer Zombie2.png3x

PortalPS.png: Seagull Zombie2.png2x Pirate Captain Zombie2.png1x Barrel Roller Zombie2.png1x

PortalWW.png: Poncho Zombie2.png1x Pianist Zombie2.png1x Prospector Zombie2.png1x

PortalFF.png: Shield Zombie2.png1x Robo-Cone Zombie2.png1x Mecha-Football Zombie2.png1x

PortalFF.png2: Jetpack Zombie2.png1x Future Conehead Zombie2.png1x Robo-Cone Zombie2.png1x

PortalDA.png: Jester Zombie2.png3x

PortalBWB.png: Surfer Zombie2.png2x Octo Zombie2.png1x

PortalFC.png: Weasel Hoarder2.png1x Hunter Zombie2.png1x

PortalLC.png: Excavator Zombie2.png2x Parasol Zombie2.png1x

PortalNMT.png: MC Zom-B2.png2x Breakdancer Zombie2.png1x

PortalJM.png: Jurassic Imp2.png2x Jurassic Bully2.png1x

Highway to the Danger Room/Inzanity Levels

PortalAE.png: Pharaoh Zombie2.png Ra Zombie2.png Explorer Zombie2.png

PortalPS.png: Seagull Zombie2.png Pirate Captain Zombie2.png Barrel Roller Zombie2.png

PortalWW.png: Pianist Zombie2.png Poncho Zombie2.png Chicken Wrangler Zombie2.png

PortalFF.png: Jetpack Zombie2.png Shield Zombie2.png Robo-Cone Zombie2.png

PortalDA.png: Knight Zombie2.png Jester Zombie2.png Wizard Zombie2.png

PortalBWB.png: Snorkel Zombie2.png Surfer Zombie2.png Octo Zombie2.png

PortalFC.png: Blockhead Zombie2.png Dodo Rider Zombie2.png Weasel Hoarder2.png

PortalLC.png: Excavator Zombie2.png Bug Zombie2.png Turquoise Skull Zombie2.png

PortalNMT.png: 8-Bit Conehead Zombie2.png 8-Bit Buckethead Zombie2.png Boombox Zombie2.png

PortalJM.png: Jurassic Fossilhead2.png Jurassic Imp2.png Jurassic Bully2.png

Time Travel Piñata Party (China only)

PortalJM.png: Pilot Zombie2.png1x Conehead Pilot Zombie2.png1x Buckethead Pilot Zombie2.png2x Flying Imp Zombie2.png1x Zombie Fighter2.png1x

Other known combinations

Blank Portal 1: Brickhead Zombie2.png1x Newspaper Zombie2.png1x Balloon Zombie2.png1x All-Star Zombie2.png1x

Blank Portal 2: Roman Zombie2.png1x Centurion Zombie2.png1x Healer Zombie2.png1x Roman Shield Zombie2.png (triad) 1x


Modern Day levels

Portals are with no doubt a very hard gimmick to deal with. They can easily spawn the most hard to defeat zombies into the heart of your defenses, like MC Zom-Bs and Surfer Zombies, so the best counter for them are Chard Guards and Hurrikales to instantly push them backwards.

On the other hand, it can be easy to prepare for the upcoming zombies, as the set that comes out never changes, but they do appear in a random order. Ready your Blover if a level has a Pirate Seas portal. Immediately place area effect plants once a Dark Ages portal appears. Use E.M.Peach for the Far Future portal. Another strategy is to place a Celery Stalker behind the portal, as it will attack zombies that spawn from the portal for heavy damage without the threat of retribution from them. Use stunning plants like Iceberg Lettuce to deal more damage.

Highway to the Danger Room

Portals here are worse than in Modern Day levels, as the portals can now summon more dangerous zombies like Chicken Wrangler Zombies, Boombox Zombies, and Wizard Zombies. Because one cannot retry a level, only one can guess if a portal type will appear in a level and bring certain plants to hope for the best that the portal will appear, else a seed slot is wasted. Later in the Endless Zone, more dangerous zombies will be spawned, and the portal density will greatly increase to the point that portals can be stacked on top of others. However, you need to atleast bring one plant that doesn't use solid objects because there is a high chance Jester Zombies may appear.



  • In the Chinese version, zombies that are summoned from portals are not seen to have level upgrade icons. However, they are still upgraded.
  • In the Chinese version, there are no portals for China-exclusive worlds. Unlike the international version, Wild West and Lost City portals appear in normal levels.
    • Also, Jurassic Marsh portals do not appear in the Chinese version.
  • In the development diary for Part 1, a Parasol Zombie is seen coming out of a Lost City Portal. However, this is only possible in Arena.
    • Alongside this, Relic Hunter Zombie is seen coming out of a Lost City portal and a Disco Jetpack Zombie is seen coming out of a Far Future portal in the Modern Day Part 1 trailer, though this is also not possible in normal levels or in Highway to the Danger Room.
    • Also, in the Modern Day Part 2 banner, a Lost Pilot Zombie is shown coming out of the portal, despite the fact they do not appear from them in the game as they can only appear from the Parachute Rain ambush attack.
  • Although portals bounce plants to the immediate left of them, plants can still be replanted there.
    • The plants are probably bounced back because of a gust of wind from the world behind the portal when it is made. After that, the wind disappears, and plants can be replanted there.
  • If there is a tombstone where a portal will spawn, the portal will go to a different spot on the lawn.
    • This also applies to if there are Bombegranate seeds near the portal.
  • If a portal bounces an Infi-nut after the Infi-nut in question created a barrier with Plant Food, the barrier will not go down even after the Infi-nut is destroyed.
  • Ancient Egypt and Far Future portals are the only ones which have two variations in Modern Day levels.
  • The blank portal is the only portal to summon a veteran zombie.
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