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A portal is an environment modifier used in pairs in the mini-game Portal Combat in Plants vs. Zombies. Whenever a zombie or projectile enters a portal, it teleports to the other one of the same type. There are four portals in the mini-game (two rectangular, two circular) that switch places when an notification saying "Portal Relocating..." appears on-screen.


See Portal Combat.


Sound Description
Portals relocating



  • The blue portals may be a reference to the Portal series, in which portals are used to complete test chambers.
  • The inside of the black portals resemble outer space.
    • They also resemble black holes.
    • This may also be a reference to Portal 2, whereas in the final battle, the protagonist Chell shoots the blue portal at the moon, causing the yellow portal to suck her and Wheatly into outer space.

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