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Not to be confused with Vase Weed.

Porcelain Vase Weed is a Spawnable Plant and a Weed variant in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. ​Like the Vase Weed, it is a standard Weed that supposedly has grown upside-down into the Vase it was planted into. The main difference is that the Vase in question is made out of porcelain, making it tougher than the Vase Weed. It is the plant counterpart of the Outhouse Zombie.

Its melee attack while in the vase is named the Weed Bash which deals 25 damage and its melee attack when out of the vase is called the Weed Whip which deals 15 damage. Its long range attack is called Seed Spit which deals 25 damage.

​Stickerbook description


​This Weed totally meant to grow into a porcelain vase. Why wouldn't he?


Easy: 102 HP

Normal: 136 HP

Hard: 170 HP


The porcelain vase can substain 445 damage before being destroyed


  • It has a very similar description to Vase Weed in that both Weeds have supposedly grown upside-down into the vases they were planted into.
    • This can actually happen in real life (upside-down plants), as evidenced by experiments conducted in zero-gravity aboard the ISS (the International Space Station).
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