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Popcorn-pult (爆米花投手; pinyin: bào mǐhuā tóushǒu) is a Tier 2 lobbed-shot plant from Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars. It attacks zombies by lobbing popcorn at them. It resembles its downgrade Kernel-pult, but with a few differences, such as how it attacks with popcorn instead of corn kernels. Other differences include it having 3D glasses, a smiling mouth, and smaller eyebrows.


Popcorn-pult evolves from Kernel-pult, and evolves into Cob Cannon.

Tier 2 Effect + Anger Effect

Butter of Anger: Shoot butter on the enemies, cause more damage and stun them for 1 turn.




  • It holds its popcorn in a striped bag and wears 3D glasses, objects which are used in movie theaters.
  • In the new versions, it has an error with its 3D glasses, showing its beta look.
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