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These Pool Cleaners add an extra line of defense on levels with a pool!

Crazy Dave

Pool Cleaners are Lawn Mowers for pool lanes. They can be purchased from Crazy Dave in Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies for $1000. Otherwise, regular Lawn Mowers only stop zombies that are out of the pool, as they will only destroy the zombies in front of them for a short distance due to the lack of waterproofing that would have otherwise rendered the pool cleaner redundant. When a zombie tries to exit the pool to enter the player's house, the Pool Cleaner will activate and destroy all the zombies in the way.


The sound a Pool Cleaner makes when it moves across the pool.

A Pool Cleaner moving


  • If the player looks closely, they can actually see that this item swallows zombies.
  • It resembles a Polaris 360 model.
  • The reason it costs $2000 less than the Roof Cleaner is because there are only two pool lanes.
  • Due to being a defense item, the Pool Cleaner can't suck plants.
  • The "trickedout" code will not apply to this item, as they are not Lawn Mowers. It shares this trait with the Roof Cleaner.
  • Unlike the lawn mower and the roof cleaner, it doesn't simply destroy the zombies. As it sucks them in, the machine will be unlikely to have such a large capacity to hold whatever matter consumed, so most likely after being processed they'll sink to the bottom of the pool.
    • Additionally, the pool cleaner indicates that the pool's depth is very shallow due to it's size and the fact that it has wheels - A floating pool cleaner will not need these.

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