For the version in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, see Pogo Bouncer.

Pogo Zombie is a vaulting zombie in Plants vs. Zombies that jumps over multiple plants. He is the 19th zombie encountered in Adventure Mode. Tall-nuts can prevent these zombies from jumping over, and Magnet-shrooms will steal their pogo sticks.


The sound when a Pogo Zombie jumps using his pogo stick.

Pogo zombie

Suburban Almanac entry

Pogo Zombie
Pogo Zombie hops to bypass your defenses.
Toughness: medium
Special: hops over plants
Weakness: magnet-shroom
Sproing! Sproing! Sproing! That's the
sound of a powerful and effective zombie doing what he does best.


Pogo Zombie absorbs 340 damage per shot. His appearance changes upon absorbing 170 damage per shot before dying at 340 damage per shot.



Tall-nuts will prevent the zombies from pogoing over them (causing them to ditch their pogo sticks) and Magnet-shrooms will take away their pogo sticks, causing them to act like normal zombies. Squash is a good final line of defense, as it will take the Pogo Zombie out even as he tries to jump over it.

Split PeaStarfruit, Squash, Chomper, and Gloom-shroom are also useful against Pogo Zombie, as Split Pea and Starfruit shoot behind themselves after Pogo Zombie jumps over them and two Gloom-shrooms deal enough damage to kill them while the zombies are attempting to jump. Squashes and Chompers can kill this zombie too, but Chompers will only work if the pogo stick is removed. This can be more effective than Tall-nuts or Magnet-shrooms, as Magnet-shrooms must recharge before being used again, and Tall-nuts will be eaten after enough zombies bite it. When Pogo Zombies lose their pogo stick, their movement will be very similar to a regular Zombie. However, they move slightly faster than a normal zombie would walk, approximately the same as a Flag Zombie.

Chompers will attempt to eat Pogo Zombie if he has his pogo stick, but the Pogo Zombie is able to jump first. However, it causes a glitch where the Chomper eats a zombie behind itself (though occasionally it messes up and does not eat said zombie).

Note that Kernel-pult's butter does not stop a Pogo Zombie if he is on his pogo stick, but it will still damage him normally.

Pogo Party mini-game

Pogo Party is a mini-game set on the Roof where there are a lot of Pogo Zombies that the player will have to defeat. Due to the difficulty, there is an extended preparation time (the time before the first zombie comes). You will probably need Tall-nuts and Imitater Tall-nuts, and possibly Squash and Jalapeno, but just use a regular roof level strategy aside from that.



  • He is one of the four zombies (along with Dr. Zomboss, Zomboni, and Balloon Zombie) that is immune to any kind of immobilization including Ice-shroom and butter. This only applies if he still has his pogo stick.
  • Like Balloon Zombie when midair, he cannot be frozen by Ice-shrooms while he has his pogo stick, but can be slowed down. He can also be slowed down by Winter Melons and Snow Peas.
  • He is the only vaulting zombie that can jump over plants more than once and will continue on (unless he hits a Tall-nut or his pogo stick gets stolen by a Magnet-shroom).
  • He is one of seven zombies to have a mini-game exclusively about them, as he is featured in Pogo Party, with the other six being Dr. Zomboss in Dr. Zomboss's Revenge, Zombie Bobsled Team and Zomboni in Bobsled Bonanza, Snorkel Zombie in Zombiquarium, Bungee Zombie in Bungee Blitz, and Balloon Zombie in Air Raid.
  • Before Pogo Zombie enters the screen, the player can hear the sound of his pogo stick. This sound will continue after Pogo Zombie enters the player's house, except in Roof levels.
    • He is one of the few zombies that make a sound before making an entrance. The others are Digger Zombie, which makes a digging sound, Dolphin Rider Zombie, which is the sound of its dolphin, Balloon Zombie, which is the sound of his balloon inflating, and Zomboni, which is the sounds of its engine.
  • When a Pogo Zombie is slowed down, his bouncing rate will still be the same, but his speed will become slower, and he also has to bounce two times to jump over a plant when he is frozen. However, for a Cob Cannon, he will have to jump four times due to the larger size.
  • If timed correctly, on the roof's slope, Pogo Zombie might have a chance to jump over a Squash and escape without being squashed.
  • Pogo Zombie will lose his pogo stick upon climbing a ladder placed on a Tall-nut.
  • If a Pogo Zombie gets hit by a catapult plant on the Nintendo DS version of Plants vs. Zombies and he still has his pogo stick, he may get hit at the bottom of the pogo stick instead of his head.
  • The pogo stick is the only vaulting equipment that can be damaged by projectile plants.
  • Spikeweeds and Spikerocks will damage Pogo Zombies while they are still on their pogo sticks, unless the plant is inside a Pumpkin.
  • He cannot be blown away by a Blover when in midair.
  • His Almanac entry is a reference to one of the quotes of the character Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.
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