Plumbing Gig is an activity in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. The player can start it in the plant Town Center by interacting with a picture of a lady at the sewers. This activity can only be performed after collecting all secret invoices in Town Center. Completing this activity for the first time will award the player the Clog Day Afternoon medal.


The picture of a lady you need to interact with

This activity begins with the player having to collect a plunger named "Plunjolnir." After it is collected, multiple Yeti Zombies, Yeti Imps, and Super Brainz will spawn and the player will need to kill 15 Yeti Zombies in order to complete the challenge. The game will give the player a 40x damage boost which allows them to kill them easily as well as a 10% XP boost, making the Leveling Up upgrade redundant.

XP and prize bulb farming

This activity can be exploited to easily farm XP and prize bulbs. However, it requires you to have at least 1000 tacos as you need 75 tacos for every Plumbing Gig attempts. It's highly recommended, that you do this in the Casual difficulty, as there are no penalties for starting free roam within that difficulty, and you can get up to 75% damage reduction on low health, but this isn't required. Start the Plumbing Gig, kill all the Yeti Zombies and Super Brainz on sight, making sure to collect any dropped tacos to slow down the taco depletion. Because the game gives you 10% XP boost in this challenge, and every boss kills will award you 110 XP, you can easily get 1650 XP for every attempt that only takes 30-60 seconds to complete. You can also try to lure some of the last Yeti Zombies once the counter reaches 14/15, and kill them all with an ability such as Husk Hop or Roll for Damage, and get 16 or 17 kills in a single attempt, and this will net you at least 1850 XP. Unlike most other farming strats, this can be performed with any classes, thanks to the 40x damage boost the game gives you after picking up the Plunjolnir, which means that you can also master any classes easily with this strategy.


  • On some occassions, the Plumbing Gig attempt will complete abruptly before the player manages to kill 15 Yeti Zombies. When this happens, multiple Yeti Zombies will sometimes spawn, but the player can't kill them because the damage boost will be taken away before.
  • Using Garlic Drone while attempting this will immediately cancel the challenge.


  • The name of the plunger, Plunjolnir, is a pun on Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor the Norse god of thunder.
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