A plague has swept this era.
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The first area of the town

The Player's House in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

The Player's Town was the player's home in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, which consisted of multiple lots that were to be reclaimed from the zombies. Zombies occasionally attacked the player's town, which had a 30-second delay for preparing. The player was armed with various kinds of plants for protecting their buildings. Additional buildings could be built for extra Zombucks or other items. The player could use decorations and paths to decorate their towns.

Facebook description

Ah, home, sweet home. It’s so nice and comfortable… if only you didn’t have that pesky zombie problem! What plants will you use to defend your house?

- Plants vs. Zombies Adventures Facebook page


Music Description
Welcome To Town


Lots were different parts of the town. Before they were unlocked, they were covered in fog. The player would have to obtain a certain item, almost always at the end of a map stage.

Note: The player would obtain a new plant after they reclaimed a new lot.

Zombie Paradise

Zombie Paradises were locations which surround the Player's Town, and supposedly included multiple zombies. These lots were never officially released before the game shut down, and therefore, they could never be played, nor reclaimed.

Zombie Sneak Attacks

Main article: Zombie Sneak Attack

Zombie Sneak Attacks happened at random, caused by either the server or a Facebook friend, in which zombies attacked a lot. If the player successfully defeated the zombies, they would be rewarded with Zombucks. However, if the zombies got into one of the lot's buildings, that building would stop producing coins, and the player would have to repair it in order to make it produce coins again.

Town tips

  • Find a good balance between long paths and practical planting spots. Sure, having a long path is good, but having a long path adequately defended works wonders.
  • Using a longer path has its consequence in Zombucks. If you are always low on Zombucks, upgrade the plant defense rather than path length.
  • Prepare for everything. You never know whether or not the next sneak attack will have Conga Leaders or Buckethead Zombies.
  • Make the path suit to the plants' defense abilities, don't force the defense to match the paths. 
  • There is a maximum of four Beet or Beetboxers that can be placed on a single Wall-nut or Hard-nut. Adding two Peashooting plants or Bamboo Shoots behind the Wall-nuts provides a powerful barricade.
  • Place Aspearagus or Shamrocks in a central area providing the entire lot to be protected.
  • Aspearagus, Acespearagus, Shamrock, and Shamrockstar can defend multiple lots against Zombie Sneak Attacks when near the street. These plants only defend multiple lots for computer sneak attacks, Brainball or neighbor attacks will not allow these plants to attack multiple lots.


Many townspeople and characters such as Crazy Dave and Matilda always walked around the player's town. When they were clicked, they will say some tips or just sample sentences.


  • ABP. Always Be Planting!
  • All plants can be buffed in combat!
  • Be sure to guard our homes!
  • Help others and they'll help you.
  • I carry Sunflowers everywhere.
  • Lawnmowers add extra protection.
  • Make town paths longer, trust me.
  • More houses means more coin!
  • My brain hurts.
  • Planter Boxes are really important.
  • That tickles!
  • When traveling always take plants with you!
  • Where do zombies spend Zombucks?
  • You can never have too many plants.
  • You should place plants in town for defense.
  • You should pretty up the town.
  • You should try different plant combinations.
  • Zombie Zappers stop all zombies for 10 seconds.


Player's Towns

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