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The Zombatar is an amazing feature. As a community, we have interactive features in our articles, the most blunt being sharing your Zombatar.



The Zombatar is a feature available on the Plants vs. Zombies Official Website, the Plants vs. Zombies: Game of the Year Edition of Plants vs. Zombies, and the DS version of Plants vs. Zombies. You can customize your Zombatar with various ornaments. Your device can save your Zombatar as a JPG file, which is a low-quality but efficient file. Since JPG files are supported on Wikia, you can upload your Zombatar to Plants vs. Zombies Wiki with Special:Upload. Most Zombatars are allowed, but there are some strict rules to them.


These are important rules that govern the uploading of Zombatars.


  1. Do not create offensive Zombatars. This includes parodies meant to mock something, a prime example being the afro-suit combination characteristic of the 2006 Habbo raids, or using bushes, paths, or plant placement to create hate messages or symbols. Explicit Zombatars will be deleted upon discovery and may lead to a block on the grounds of harassment. Positive references made in good faith will be accepted.
  2. Do not upload a Zombatar modified by any drawing program, including Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop, or GIMP, to add a custom backdrop or custom ornaments. Using paint software to crop/resize images, remove blemishes, or increase picture quality is allowed. Be honest with your Zombatars.
  3. Do not upload copyrighted Zombatars, or a Zombatar referencing copyrighted material (with the sole exception of material extracted from PopCap Games). Offending pictures will be removed on the basis of copyright violation.
  4. Do not upload Zombatars that are a perfect carbon copy of another user's upload, even if the duplicate is an enhanced or slightly different version of its original. A different feature, like an extra monocle, will be accepted as an original creation instead of a mocking photo.


  1. Do not upload animated GIF files. JPEG and PNG files are tolerated, but an animated GIF may cause problems with the Zombatar articles.
  2. Follow the image rules on the image policy.


  1. Upload only one "main" Zombatar to add to the Zombatar article. You may upload multiple Zombatars for use on user pages, user talk pages, or user blog posts. However, uploading multiple Zombatars to display on the Zombatar article is classified as spamming for achievements and may be punished with a one year block.
  2. A maximum of 48 unofficial Zombatars combined can be uploaded per person. Creating multiple accounts on Wikia does not circumvent this rule. The limit is set to prevent the flooding of Special:NewFiles. The limit applies to active Zombatars only, as deleted Zombatars do not affect any logs.
  3. Mark your Zombatar with your own username. Do not describe your Zombatar without including your name ("My Zombatar"), write a very long description ("This is Mr. Rogers's very awesome Zombatar. Don't touch!"), or swear.
  4. There is no excuse for inserting two or more Zombatars to the article.


  1. To change your current Zombatar, go to the file's page and click "Upload a new version of this file". Do not upload a new one and abandon the other just because of laziness. This is allowed, however, during serious time constraints and other related emergencies.
  2. You may ask any administrator to delete your upload if you are not satisfied with it. There is no limit to how many Zombatars you may request to be deleted.
  3. Do not use offensive or rude language when requesting deletion. Strict or professional language is allowed, but no harassment please.
  4. Do not repeatedly and aimlessly ask for Zombatar deletion. Obvious upload abuse may be punished with a block for harassment.
  5. Do not request for the deletion of other people's Zombatars. Their intellectual property is not yours.


  1. Do not publicize your Zombatar on any regular article, redirect, template, unrelated file, MediaWiki page, article talk page, file talk page, or template talk page.
  2. Do not advertise your Zombatar to other users using their talk page, their blog posts, or their user pages themselves.
  3. Do not harass other users because of their Zombatars. Just because somebody has Peashooters for defense doesn't mean it's OK to harass them for using Peashooters for defense!
  4. Do not use polls to play with Zombatars.
  5. Zombatars should never be on the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki Main Page (unless the Zombatar page is a featured article).


  1. Do not add any categories to the Zombatar page. It should only include the category "Zombies" because all Zombatars are zombies. To those contemplating the "Headwear" and "Eyewear" categories, ask yourself this: are all Zombatars forced to include headwear or eyewear?
  2. Editors using visual mode may accidentally add "captionalign=left" to the gallery. (It is not their fault; the editor does this automatically.) If you are familiar with source mode, please remove the parameter if you discover it. The other parameters are intentional.
  3. Do not tamper with the Zombatars of other users.
  4. Refer to Zombatars by capitalizing the Z whenever possible.
  5. Do not vandalize the Zombatar article. This rule should be obvious.

Administrators/content moderators

  1. Do not delete Zombatars unless they are offensive, are classified as spam, or have been requested by their creator for deletion.
  2. Do not block a user for uploading their Zombatar or leaving their content in the data archives.
  3. If a user requests a deletion, then you or a fellow administrator or content moderator must delete the Zombatar or requested (with the sole exception of upload abuse).
  4. Do not change the protection settings of the Zombatar articles to "edit=sysop" because this is an interactive feature meant for the community, not for your personal enjoyment.


Tips do not need to be followed like rules, but they encourage originality and prevent future clashes.


  1. Try not to generate a Zombatar with a daunting similarity to actual zombies, like the regular or conehead varieties.
  2. Be original! Make a tribute to your favorite song, create an allusion to your favorite movie, or just play around with the controls!
  3. Share your Zombatar with your friends and family. Thank them for their praise and criticism.


  1. Spruce up your Zombatar with an advanced paint software to enhance its quality. Just don't create custom ornaments.
  2. Save your Zombatar in PNG format whenever possible to preserve quality!
  3. If you are uploading your DS Zombatar, remove the green border via a photo editing module to improve the quality of your Zombatar.


  1. Think of a witty gimmick for your Zombatar's description!
  2. Give your Zombatar recognizable traits to make it a star.
  3. Generate a creative file title for your your Zombatar, like "Zombatarrr matey" or "Ratabmoz."


  1. Think twice before deleting your Zombatar. It might be a masterpiece.


  1. Advertise your Zombatar on your user page, in a blog post or as your avatar!
  2. Use a friendly tone and eloquent writing to hook and entertain admirers.
  3. Tell others about your Zombatar through word of mouth, wikis, chat sites, websites and blogs!


  1. Spruce up the articles by adding information.
  2. Make some slight grammar and spelling fixes. Every little bit helps!
  3. Has a template, link, or gallery gone haywire? Fix it!
  4. If you help make the article become a featured article, more people would see your Zombatar!


  1. Remember that an interactive community project like Zombatars is beneficial to the wiki.
  2. Encourage users to add their Zombatar and progress to the article.

Final Words

Have fun with the Zombatars!

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