Plants vs. Zombies Wiki:Polls is a feature of Plants vs. Zombies Wiki. Here you can create some polls such as "What is your favorite plant?" This page is for us being more active and get different users' opinions. Don't make spam polls or copy other polls!


You can make your polls here. Good polls will be moved to Plants vs. Zombies Wiki mainspace. Don't worry, they will not be restarted if they are not edited.



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<poll> What league are you in? (Battlez) Soil - You gotta practice more, mate. Git gud. Wood - Improving, but you still gotta practice. Brick - Got a few wins. Maybe a BIT more practice? Iron - Almost halfway to becoming the Battlez master! Bronze - You are getting better! You should be proud of yourself! Silver - You have pretty much wiped out every Soil League user. Gold - Wow. You pretty much mastered this mode. Jade - OMG! NO WAY! YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE! YOU ARE NOW THE ULTIMATE KING OF BATTLEZ!

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