The rules in this list will instruct you how Plants vs. Zombies Wiki deals with trivia.

Why have this?

That answer is one which is best answered by explaining what was going on when this page was made. Trivia was essentially used as a place to mention whatever one wanted about the article. Most of the trivia being added was duplicates of already existent facts, or did not belong in the Trivia section because of assorted reasons.

Trivia rules

  • Trivia must relate to the article. 
  • Trivia must make sense, and be true.
  • Trivia must also bring up real-life facts.
  • Trivia is a collection of small, generally unimportant facts. Having major facts as trivia is odd and does not contribute to a clear article. In the exact same way, some unimportant facts are too unimportant to belong in trivia.
    • Bad fact: Peashooter, Repeater, Snow Pea... are the only plants which shoot peas. Too many plants shoot peas for that to be good trivia!
    • Bad fact: Sunflowers produce sun and should always be brought and used. Too important to belong in trivia! Take that to the Strategies section!
  • Opinions are NOT trivia. Facts and opinions are two different things, and trivia is always facts.
  • Trivia is not visual, such as "Wall-nut is one of the few brown plants in the game."
  • Trivia is ALWAYS about games, and never about the Wiki.
  • Trivia cannot be a duplicate of another piece of trivia.
  • Speculation is not trivia. Keep it on your blogs, forums, or user page.
  • Do not place concepts onto trivia areas; they go to the respective concepts page. Exceptions is if they were released by PopCap.

Good trivia examples

  • Article is part of a limited list of relatives which all share a common trait (one of few zombies which can get past a Tall-nut by themselves without eating it).
  • Unique odd facts relating to the article which does not effect the game (Power Lily is the first premium plant to not appear in the first game).
  • Specific interactions between the article and another entity (Infi-nut's Plant Food ability goes over Water lanes in Pirate Seas and Big Wave Beach levels).
  • Glitches directly associated with the article (Prior to an update, Fume-shroom did splash damage).
  • Concepts that was released by PopCap (Originally, Fire Rooster had 2/2 stats, which could be found in two PopCap Twitter posts).

A good trivia is made up of at least one of these.

Bad trivia examples

  • Wiki-facts (The plant is based on this user's idea).
  • Opinions (Don't use Small-Nut and quickly replace it! This plant is bad).
  • Speculation (It is unknown how Infi-nut can be eaten because it is a hologram).
  • Article is part of a relatively large group of relatives which share a common trait (One of x plants which does not shoot straight at zombies).
  • Common interactions (Kernel-pult's butter paralyzes zombies which hit it).
  • Glitches which cannot be replicated or reproduced (The Bellflower could have 2/2 stats when placed but it is unknown how it occurs, background bugs).
  • Concepts not released by PopCap (Blooming Heart is based on the scrapped Pult-shroom).
  • Trivia such as "This is the X plant to do Y" or "The others are Y, Z...".
  • Trivia for genders (This is the X plant to be female).
  • Article has a reference to something (Not OK Corral is a reference to the shootout at the OK Corral Bar in Tombstone, Arizona). This belongs in the "Origins" section.

Bad trivia should never exist on articles, and a bad trivia is made of at least one of these.

How to organize trivia

Single-game pages

  • Place Trivia in a list in order of priority. More noteworthy trivia is placed above less important, lower-priority trivia.
  • The list is all one list, with bullet points for each individual piece of trivia.
    • Some trivia is talking about another piece of trivia. These are indented below the original trivia.

Multi-game pages

  • Trivia is put in a certain amount of lists associated with how many games said article appears in. Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare articles, a few Chinese articles, and Plants vs. Zombies Heroes articles have their own articles because of how they are strongly different from the original games.
  • Order for trivia is based upon importance.
  • Ordered layout is the following, each a subheading and assuming said article is in every game:
    • General- Trivia always true about the article, regardless of which game.
    • Plants vs. Zombies - Facts true in Plants vs. Zombies
    • Plants vs. Zombies 2 - Facts true in Plants vs. Zombies 2
  • Each list is bullet pointed for each piece of trivia.


NOTE: You won't get blocked or receive any kind of warning if you don't follow this. However, it is recommended you do use it.

  • Trivia points must use U.S. English spelling, as Plants vs. Zombies is an American game.
  • Full stops must be used at the end of all sentences. No exclamation marks or question marks.
  • Only use capitals for the start of a sentence and proper nouns.
  • If you fix grammar or spelling errors, make sure you tick the "Minor edit" box. This is an exception if you are also doing an edit that isn't minor.
  • Don't use first-person or second-person language. That belongs in the Strategies section.
  • Do not bold any words as that is really showing an opinion and it stands out too much.
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