As we all know, on pages for various levels and achievements, we can publish our own strategies on how to beat the game/achievement/wave number. Here are some requirements and rules before you add your own strategy.


  • No abstract titles or names. These will be moderated.
  • No inappropriate wording in the title.
  • No boldfacing, italicizing, or caps locking strategies.
  • Strategy names do not have to be unique to the page, but it makes it more interesting. Numbered strategy names should be placed in numeric order. (1, 2, 3...)

Strategy contents

  • Make it realistic. No crazy reasons for bringing a certain plant.
  • Strategies should not insult other strategies on the page (no "All other strategies FAIL. Use this one!")
  • No cussing or just plain inappropriate words.
  • Don't caps lock the entire strategy.
  • Avoid confusion! Be clear and use proper grammar. Diagrams should not use the same symbol for two or more plants.
  • Please do not use image templates to display required plants. Use text instead.
  • Do not use strategies requiring hacking.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 specifics

  • Strategies should not rely on spending money for Plant Food or Power Ups.
  • Premium plants and/or boosts should be noted at the top of the strategy, or put in a separate section.

Heroes specifics

  • Each Card must have 1 to 4 quantity, as the game does not allow more;
  • The sum of all cards must not exceed 40, as it is not possible to do that in-game;
  • You are not obligated to use the PvZH Deck Builder template, as you can also post an image or write just text, but you need to mention the following:
    • The user who posted the deck;
    • A description for the deck;
    • A name for the deck. Try to be unique;
    • The name of the hero who uses the deck.


  • Do not remove a strategy just because it does not work. It may not be for you.
    • It is, however, fine if the strategy is impossible to use in future updates if there are changes in the plants (e.g Spring Bean + Blover strategies not being usable in Plants vs. Zombies 2 since the 6.6.1 update).
  • No destruction or changing of strategies by other users without their permission. Only your own.
  • Do not add duplicate strategies on the same page. This is spam, and is confusing to readers. These will be deleted.
  • No making a page just for your own strategy. This is spam and will be deleted.
  • Always put the newest strategy (your one) at the bottom of the section, not the bottom of the page.
  • Some game modes have separate pages dedicated exclusively for strategies to prevent larger page load time. If you are placing a strategy on any of these game modes, please use the game mode's strategy sub-page.
  • You are welcome to comment on how the strategies worked, suggest improvements, or point out flaws, but don't post these onto the page itself.
  • Finally, have fun and enjoy adding your own strategies to the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki mainspace!
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