The following is a list of rules all image uploads must follow to be placed on Plants vs. Zombies Wiki mainspace.

Constant rules

These rules apply to all uploads, regardless of where they are being used.

  • Do not upload copyrighted or waterstamped photos. Only do so if you have express permission from the copyright holder. The only exceptions to this are all Plants vs. Zombies content or photos that properly abide by fair-use laws.
  • Do not upload images which have illegal contents in the United States. These images will be deleted upon discovery and will result in a block.
  • This is a family-friendly wiki. Mature topics (namely anything relative to pornography and violence) will be deleted upon discovery.
  • Photos cannot contain any form of discrimination or cyberbullying.
  • You cannot request another user to take a photo of themselves in real life and upload it to the wiki.
  • Images with a size of less than 40px will be removed unless a proper justification for such a small image is given.
  • If the image already exists, do not upload it again. That is spam and it will be deleted and may result in a block.
    • Also, do not click "Submit" more than once or you will make many copies of the photo uploaded.
  • Do not upload images under the following names, as they tend to be overwritten excessively or messes up templates. If you do this repeatedly, you will be warned:
    • Image.(file extension)
    • 1.png
    • 2.png
    • 2C.png
    • H.png
    • .(file extension)
      • Alongside, do not upload images under these names as they are wiki components, unless changing it is needed:
        • favicon.ico
        • Wiki-background
        • Wiki-wordmark
  • Try not to name anything too common, as it replaces files without permission from the previous author. You should not immediately click the "Submit" after an image has been made and uniquely name your image. A warning is posted that you are replacing an image before you upload should your image name match another image.

Non-article image rules

  • Images not used on articles can be about topics other than Plants vs. Zombies.
  • Things placed on the internet are placed there forever, even when deleted. Think before you upload a picture, especially if it is yourself.
  • Fan art is only accepted on non-article use.

Article image rules

For a picture to be used on the mainspace, all the stated rules have to be followed.


A perfect example of an article-worthy image

  • The image has to be about Plants vs. Zombies and other games.
  • The image has to focus on one subject, not multiple.
  • The image cannot be excessively blurry or out-of-focus. 
  • The image cannot be edited in any way, with cropping or ups along being the only exceptions.
  • No fan-art, hacked or unofficial images on mainspace. Only game and PopCap's uploads count. Only Plants vs. Zombies hacking images are allowed on mainspace.
  • No repeat images of the same instance (15 images of Pea Pod with its costume).
  • Do not upload images of vanity items seen in the background of worlds (the tricycle seen in Day is one example).
  • You can only make a gallery page if there are 25 or more images in the original page.
  • For Plants vs. Zombies Heroes galleries on cards (not heroes), the image that should be used on the Gallery template is the HD image, not the stat image. This is to prevent any reversed letters or numbers that can confuse some.
  • Gallery pictures of any Plants vs. Zombies game that are just "X boosted by Y" or "X being used on Y" can only be used once for each gallery. This is to prevent edit farming, and as it is pointless to have those.
  • Do not use images with swear words in their names or the image itself.
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