These are the chat commands available in this wiki:


Note: The functionality of this feature may change at anytime and in case that happens, it will be announced at the moment chat is loaded and this page will be updated according to the update.



  • These tags are meant to only work when the beginning tag and ending tag are added.
    However, it currently also works even without the ending tag.
  • When using multiple tags, tags must end in the order that they start.

[c="red"]Red Text[/c] [u]with Underlined Text[/u] -> Red Text with Underlined Text

[c="#FF0000"][code]Hexadecimal Red Code Text[/code][/c] -> Hexadecimal Red Code Text

[bg="gold"]This text with a gold background.[/bg] -> This text with a gold background.

[small][b]Small Bolded text[/b][/small] -> Small Bolded Text

[font="Desoto"][big]Big Text in Desoto[/big][/font] -> Big Text in Desoto

List of available tags

Note: The color codes can either be HTML color names (e.g. red, tomato, firebrick), hex color codes (e.g. #00F, #8A7FFF), or RGB(A) color codes [e.g. rgb(0,128,255), rgba(255,215,0,0.5) ].

Text color

  • [c="<color code>"]<message>[/c]

Background color

  • [bg="<color code>"]<message>[/bg]


  • [font="<font name>"]<message>[/font]

Code tag

  • [code]<message>[/code]

Bold text

  • [b]<message>[/b]

Italicize text

  • [i]<message>[/i]

Big text

  • [big]<message>[/big]

Small text

  • [small]<message>[/small]


  • [sub]<message>[/sub]


  • [sup]<message>[/sup]


  • [s]<message>[/s]


  • [u]<message>[/u]

Placing a Youtube video

  • [yt="insert end of URL (after v=)"]


Note: This will only work with users with chat moderator rights and it should not be abused.

To send an announcement, simply start with "/announce" and a message of it after the first space.
The announcement will be sent in the format of <username>: <message>.