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This article is about something that is no longer available. Therefore, it is archived.

Plants vs. Zombies Web Version is a free online version of the game that was available at the PopCap Games official website. There were three modes: Adventure Mode, Survival and Puzzle. In the Adventure Mode of this version the player could only progress until they finish level 2-4 before they must start again as a new player. However, if one unlocked the Survival and Puzzle modes on one computer previously, they will be able to continue playing those modes. Survival Mode on the web version was a modified version of Survival: Endless which took place during the night, and the player could only choose four plants at a time. Puzzle Mode consisted of a modified version of Vasebreaker. The player's progress was lost on the Survival and Puzzle modes if they quit, unlike the full version.

As of September 1, 2018, the game is no longer playable on the PopCap website.


There were 12 plants obtainable in the Adventure Mode of the Web version.


There were 8 zombies in the Web version.

Adventure Mode Levels

There were 14 Adventure Mode levels in the Web version.

Survival: Night (Endless)

This was a unique version of Survival: Endless only available for this version. It had quite unique features, such as not being available to select more than four plants, limited kinds of plants available, and the Giga-Football Zombie. The Giga-Football zombie took the same amounts of damage as the Gargantuar (3000 damage), but was as fast as the Football Zombie. The presence of this zombie as well the large mass of zombies appearing (about 400 Giga-Football Zombies until level 15, about 3000 in total) makes this level extremely hard, being virtually impossible to get past wave 20. Chompers could devour the Giga-Football Zombie in one bite, which was a recommended way to combat it as it couldn't be killed by one instant kill.



  • The zombies in the online version would usually have no bone seen upon losing their arm.
  • There was a Survival: Night (Endless) instead of the pool here, because if it took place at daytime, mushrooms would not be able to wake up, since the player never gets the Coffee Bean.
    • Also, for the Squash, Wall-nut and Cherry Bomb, if the player did not select them in consecutive waves, they have to recharge even if it is not the first wave (unlike all other versions of Survival).
  • The zombies would not attempt to eat the instant kills (except Chomper), similar to Plants vs. Zombies 2.
  • There were two glitches with the Newspaper Zombie: when falling to die, a bone in his arm would appear, and his eyes would flash angry for no reason.
  • Unlike the full version of Plants vs. Zombies the Survival Mode and the Mini-games mode are on opposite buttons, since the Mini-games mode is not available on the web version.
  • If the player beated the game, the plants would reset, so they couldn't use mushrooms during the day.
  • Unlike the full version, instead of the Potato Mine the player would get the Squash in the Adventure Mode's Day levels.
  • One could see the silhouettes of the Ice-shroom, Doom-shroom, Lily Pad, Potato Mine, Threepeater, Tangle Kelp, Jalapeno, Spikeweed, Torchwood, Tall-nut, Cactus and Blover when the player had unlocked all the Online Plants.
  • The Snow Pea made a different sound effect when it shoots frozen peas on the online version than it normally does (a "jingle bell"-like sound effect).
  • The seed packets were much bigger in this version.
  • There was no shadow below the plants or zombies.
  • If the player put their mouse over the Giga-Football Zombie it would've said "Football Zombie". This is because there was no Football Zombie in this version.
  • Level 1-5 is the only mini-game level.
  • Level 1-10 is the only conveyor belt level.
  • Unlike the full version, instead of Level 5-10, Level 2-4 is the final Adventure Mode level in the web version.
  • When the player leaves an Adventure ModeSurvival Mode, or Puzzle Mode level, the progress will be lost instead of saved. 
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