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This article is about content that is no longer available. As such, it is archived.

Plants vs. Zombies Web Version is a free online Adobe Flash version of the game that was available at the PopCap Games official website and There are three modes: Adventure Mode, Survival and Puzzle. In the Adventure Mode of this version, the player can only progress until they finish level 2-4 (level 2-2 in the Pogo version) before they must start again as a new player. However, if one unlocked the Survival and Puzzle modes on one computer previously, they will be able to continue playing those modes. Survival Mode on the web version is a modified version of Survival: Endless which takes place during the night, and the player can only choose four plants at a time. Puzzle Mode consists of a modified version of Vasebreaker. The player's progress will be lost on the Survival and Puzzle modes if you quit.

As of September 1, 2018, the game is no longer playable on the PopCap website, and was removed from Pogo on December 1, 2020 due to the discontinuation of Flash. The game was still playable on unofficial reuploads of the game's SWF file, such as on 4399 and MSN Games, until January 12th, 2021, which is when Flash was officially blocked from running on the internet. The game is still available on BlueMaxima's Flashpoint. (However, some Chinese browsers still has flash installed due to Flash's popularity in China.)

Pogo Description

Zombies are invading your home, and the only defense is your arsenal of plants!

In this free online version of Plants vs. Zombies, you're armed with 11 zombie-zapping plants like peashooters and cherry bombs. You'll need to think fast and plant faster to stop 5 different types of zombies dead in their tracks.

Plants vs. Zombies is a Flash-powered game that can no longer be played due to discontinuation of Flash.


There were 13 plants usable (only 11 in the Pogo version) in the Adventure Mode of the web version on PopCap's site, 12 of which are obtainable:

* = Only available in the online version on PopCap's site.


There are 8 zombies in the web version.

Adventure Mode Levels

There are 14 Adventure Mode levels in the web version.

* = Only available in the online version on PopCap's site.

Pogo Challenges

On the Pogo page for the game, there are 8 different challenges. All of them require to reach a obtain or reach a certain amount of something, such as sun collected or zombies defeated. Each challenge resets after a week and your progress towards the challenges will reset, letting you complete the challenge again that week. Completing each challenge for the first time will reward you with a badge on your Pogo profile and a chat icon. A Club Pogo membership is required to unlock the challenges.

Name Badge Image Chat Icon Acquisition
Solar Powered Solar Powered.jpg Solar Powered Chat Icon.jpg Collect 2017 suns this week!
Walnut Stuffing Walnut Stuffing.jpg Walnut Stuffing Chat Icon.jpg Plant 180 Wallnuts this week!
Plants Rule Plants Rule.jpg Plants Rule Chat Icon.jpg Defeat 750 zombies this week!
Zombie Crush Zombie Crush.jpg Zombie Crush Chat Icon.jpg Defeat 500 zombies this week!
To Arms To Arms.jpg To Arms Chat Icon.jpg Collect 1000 suns this week!
Brains vs. Frond Brains vs. Frond.jpg Brains vs. Frond Chat Icon.png Win 10 levels in Adventure Mode this week!
Zombie Die-centennial Zombie Die-centennial.jpg Zombie Die-centennial Chat Icon.png Defeat 300 zombies this week!
Star Power Star Power.jpg Star Power Chat Icon.png Collect 1000 suns this week!


  • Despite not appearing in the original Plants vs. Zombies or the web version, Bonk Choy appears in the badges of Plants Rule and Brains vs. Frond.
  • Spike, Pogo's mascot, appears in the To Arms badge.

Survival: Night (Endless)

This is a unique version of Survival: Endless only available for this version. It has quite unique features, such as not being available to select more than four plants, limited kinds of plants available, and the Giga-Football Zombie. The Giga-Football zombie takes the same amounts of damage as the Gargantuar (3000 damage), but is as fast as the Football Zombie. The presence of this zombie as well the large mass of zombies appearing (about 400 Giga-Football Zombies until level 15, about 3000 in total) make this level extremely hard, being virtually impossible to get past wave 20 without hacking. Chompers can devour the Giga-Football Zombie in one bite, which is a recommended way to combat it as it cannot be killed by one instant kill.

Modifying the game

By downloading the necessary game files from the website hosting the game, and saving them all in one place, with the right file structure, one can use an offline flash player to play the "pvz.swf" (or similarly labeled) file. By using an SWF (Shockwave Flash) decompiler, one can edit the code within "pvz.swf" to make plants deal instant kill damage, be invulnerable, shoot different projectiles (i.e. Puff-Shroom shooting peas) and Chomper can be made to eat and swallow zombies instantaneously. By editing "resources.swf", one can change the appearance of plants, zombies and other objects in the game. In data.xml, editing the use of in-built cheats from "false" to "true" allows you to change the speed of the game, the recharge speed of plants, whether you want sun to not be needed to plant a seed and lets you spawn any zombie in the game.  

Hacking the game

In the same 4399 website, there's a version of the game that lets you hack it. Here are the codes:

  • 4 = Automatically recharge the seed packets you have selected.
  • 5 = Win the level. If you do this on 2-4, the game gives you an empty seed packet.
  • 6 = Get free plants and no recharge.
  • U = Unlock Vasebreaker and Survival early.
  • Z = Spawns a Zombie.
  • C = Spawns a Conehead Zombie.
  • B = Spawns a Buckethead Zombie.
  • N = Spawns a Newspaper Zombie.
  • S = Spawns a Screen Door Zombie.
  • F = Spawns a Giga-Football Zombie.
  • P = Spawns a Pole Vaulting Zombie.
  • G = Spawns zombies from Graves, if there are any.
  • , = Goes to the previous level. If you do this on 1-1, the game simply restarts the level.
  • . = Goes to the next level. If you do this on 2-4, the game will simply restart the level. This effect is similar to when 5 is pressed.
  • / = Forces the next wave to spawn. This affects the level's progress.

NOTE: When spawning zombies, they will appear in random lanes. In levels 1-1, 1-2, or 1-3, the zombies can appear on the unsodded lanes.

According to tcrf, this is a hidden debug and cheating function. 


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  • The zombies in the online version will usually have no bone seen upon losing their arm.
  • For the Squash, Wall-nut and Cherry Bomb, if the player did not select them in consecutive waves of Survival: Endless, they have to recharge even if it is not the first wave (unlike all other versions of Survival).
  • The zombies will not attempt to eat the instant kills (except Chomper), similarly to Plants vs. Zombies 2.
  • There are two glitches with the Newspaper Zombie: when falling on death, a bone in his arm will appear, and his eyes will flash angrily for no reason.
    • Another glitch with Newspaper Zombie is if he loses his newspaper while eating a plant, he will be walking in place eating the plant.
  • Unlike the full version of Plants vs. Zombies, the Survival Mode and the Mini-games mode are on opposite buttons, since the Mini-games mode is not available on the web version.
  • If the player beats the game, the plants will reset, so they cannot use mushrooms during the day.
  • Unlike the full version, instead of the Potato Mine, the player will get the Squash in the Adventure Mode's Day levels.
  • One can see the silhouettes of the Ice-shroom, Doom-shroom, Lily Pad, Potato Mine, Threepeater, Tangle Kelp, Jalapeno, Spikeweed, Torchwood, Tall-nut, Cactus and Blover when the player has unlocked Fume-shroom.
  • The Snow Pea makes a different sound effect when it shoots frozen peas on the online version than it normally does (a "jingle bell"-like sound effect).
  • The seed packets are much bigger in this version.
  • There is no shadow below the plants or zombies in this version.
  • If the player puts their mouse over the Giga-Football Zombie, it will say "Football Zombie". This is because there is no regular Football Zombie in this version.
  • Level 1-5 is the only mini-game level.
  • Level 1-10 is the only conveyor belt level.
  • When the player leaves an Adventure ModeSurvival Mode, or Puzzle Mode level, the progress will be lost instead of saved. 
  • If you keep doing the beat level command and do not pick up any seed packets, then in the next levels, you will be stuck without plants on the seed selection screen.
  • There's a seed selection screen glitch that allows you to select a different amount of plants than just 6, and it is even possible to select none. However, it is not possible to select more than 6. You need to select 6 random plants (Do not pick Sunflower or Sun-shroom) and the game will show up the "No Sunflower" warning. You need to click the plants in the bar (without closing the warning) to remove or select them. You can still click "Continue anyway" to start the game. This only works in Adventure Mode.
    • Another seed selection screen glitch is if you do the beat level command after the game shows the zombies, but before the plant selection can fully load up, then the game will pan to the street again, and there will be no zombies in the seed selection. The zombies will still come when the level starts. This only works in Survival Mode.
  • This is the only known version of a PvZ game where the game provider explicitly allows hacking.
  • If one were to spawn additional zombies in Level 1-5 (The Wall-nut Bowling game), then the following zombies would act like so: