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Not to be confused with Plants vs. Zombies AR Trading Cards.

The playing cards' box, along with some of the cards.

Plants vs. Zombies Playing Cards is a set of playing cards that are designed after the Plants vs. Zombies series. They were first produced on April 6th, 2016, and cost $4.99 to purchase from Darkhorse.com.[1]

Shop description

"This set of playing cards with designs from the team behind the megapopular game Plants vs. Zombies. Features powerful plants and fun-loving zombies.

This deck has fifty-two cards plus two unique jokers: Nutter and Imposter."


One pack of Plants vs. Zombies Playing Cards include:

  • 52 cards divided into four suits, plus 2 joker cards
  • 1 box to hold the cards


The club and spade suits are designed after the Plants, while the heart and diamond suits are designed after the Zombies. The Jack, Queen, King and Joker cards are designed after plants, zombies or characters related to one of those groups.


  • Coincidentally, the Zombies' Joker card shares its name with a zombie from Plants vs. Zombies Heroes and Plants vs. Zombies Adventures.
  • On some of the zombie cards, there are words and sketches of plants drawn onto the cards.
    • Also, some of the pips on the zombies cards have a bite mark on them, seemingly from a zombie.


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