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Plants vs. Zombies Comics is an app that has a collection of multiple comic books and graphic novels of the Plants vs. Zombies series. So far, 31 books have been released:

Each book costs a certain amount of real-life currency in order to purchase them. However, the first book of Plants vs. Zombies: Lawnmageddon is free.



  • Crazy Dave - An inventor who does whatever crazy thought comes to his mind.
  • Dr. Zomboss - The leader of the zombie horde, wanting the power to rule over Neighborville.
  • Patrice Blazing - Crazy Dave's 11-year old niece and the only one who can understand Crazy Dave.
  • Nate Timely - An 11-year old adventurer and a friend of Patrice, Crazy Dave and the plants.
  • The Plants - Crazy Dave, Nate and Patrice's line of defense against the zombies.


  • Mr. Stubbins - Dr. Zomboss' pet zombie hedgehog who originally belonged to Zomboss' college rivals.
  • Frogpantz, Nigel and Tugboat - three major zombies appearing in the comics and the only zombies (besides Zomboss) with names.
  • Chestbeard - A pirate.
  • Twister - A truffle snuffle rare Guatemalan pig dog/dog pig in which Crazy Dave won at a Bard Game.
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