Plants vs. Zombies 3 was first soft-launched onto certain app stores on Februrary 25th, 2020. This is a list of all the updates through its development period.

March 10th, 2020

New Content:

  • Events are now available in-game!
    • Starting from this update on wards, you’ll be able to participate in Events.
    • By earning points by doing tasks every day, you can unlock rewards that become available to you. The more points you collect, the better the rewards
    • Events can span multiple days, with the objective list updating daily
      • Note: You’ll need to download the latest update (15.1) in order to see and start participating. If you do not see Events in your game, make sure you update your game from your app store.

Fixes and Improvements: 

  • Fixed an issue where the Town map would be visible in the background during Break Outs and other battles
  • The game will no longer soft lock after skipping watching an Ad to lure more Zombie Break Outs in a block
  • Fixed another soft lock that would happen when entering the Arena and a pop up text box would appear
  • If you access Devour Tower before the tutorial glove appears, it no longer soft locks the game
  • Daily Deal timer has been fixed and no longer displays a 7 digit number
  • Daily Deals now correctly display the appropriate deals across all player levels
  • Players are no longer able to change team line up once the first battle of Floor 5 has been completed
  • Score no longer obscures the Stage progress indicator when doing battle
  • Various Art and Audio fixes
  • Various UI Improvements and fixes across the game
  • Text and font adjustments for better readability

March 16th, 2020

On the menu today is:

  • Improved text when unlocking the Premium side of the Star Tree to better communicate to players when the premium pass will expire
  • Movie Theater no longer has a strange white background when tapping on the building
  • The Close button (X) is now visible on the Movie Theater building screen
  • Sunflower’s dialogue box no longer overlaps with other dialogue boxes during the tutorial on 4:3 ratio device screens
  • Changed an Event objective so players only need to win Breakout Battles in general using plants, not at a specific location
  • Balance changes for Snapdragon
    • Sun cost has increased from 6 to 7.
    • Base damage has been reduced by 20%
    • Range has been reduced to stay fully within the two columns in front of him. 
    • Snapdragon’s Taco’d range has been reduced to stick precisely to a 0.5-tile increase when promoted.
    • Promoted plant food area has been changed from a 3x4 area to a 3x3 area, to match his VFX.
    • The damage boosts that Snapdragon gains at higher Tacobility upgrade levels have been halved.
    • Snapdragon's plant food damage has also been significantly reduced

PopCap Note:' We realized as a result of player feedback and internal testing that Snapdragon was far more powerful than anticipated, especially when using their Tacobility. The balance changes to Snapdragon are significant, but should put the plant more in line with other units. One Snapdragon alone can't hold the line any more, but you'll find that the classic strategy of three Snapdragons backing each other up is just as effective as always!

March 24th, 2020

Today we’ll be going live with the following changes:

  • Fixed a crash being caused by an interaction between Brainiacs and Caramel Popcorn’s caramel attack
  • Added more Events
  • The way Stars are being calculated at the end of battles is being evened out to encourage more effective strategy development
    • PopCap Note: Across all games played, we aim to have a bell curve of star scores with the peak at a 3-star win. Three stars is what we believe a typical battle should achieve. Based on that, we're seeing far more four-star and five-star wins than intended, so we've adjusted star thresholds to hit our score targets.
  • Balance Change: Devour Tower
    • Reducing the amount of coins earned in Devour Tower, as part of overall balancing. No other rewards related to Devour Tower are being changed.
      • PopCap Note: The number of coins available from Zomboss tower has been reduced. This is part of ongoing progression balance tuning. Please explore events as an additional ongoing source of coins.
  • Balance Change: Kernel-pult , Butternut Squash and Buttercup
    • Base butter effect duration has been reduced from 8 to 5 seconds
    • Tacobility butter duration per upgrade level has been reduced slightly across all levels
    • Tacobility butter chance per upgrade level has been reduced slightly at higher levels [applicable only to Kernel-pult]
      • PopCap Note: The length of time that zombies were stunned when hit by butter has shown to be a significant factor in reinforcing the stalling strategies that many of you have communicated are not fun. We agree with you on that! We've reduced the base duration that butter stuns zombies across all butter-producing plants. Kernel-Pult was shown to be stronger than intended as well, and so has seen additional changes to reduce the effectiveness of the butter stun slightly.
  • Balance Change: Potato Mine
    • Taco’d Potato Mine now has a base 25% to spawn another taco’d Potato Mine after it explodes
    • Damage boost it gains per level of Tacobility has reduced by ~50%
    • New Potato Mines spawned by other Potato Mines can appear anywhere on the lawn and no longer restricted to the first 5 columns
      • PopCap Note: Potato Mine's Tacobility, when combined with stall tactics that let players fill up their entire board with plants, made for a strategy that let promoted Potato Mines perpetually bounce around the right-most column. This trivialized game difficulty in a way that wasn't intended. While we work on ways to discourage excessive stalling, in the meantime Potato Mine has had his Tacobility tweaked to make this strategy less reliable.
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