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"The future's not what it used to be!
There's more of it!"
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This page lists for Plants vs. Zombies 2. Please note that things change over time and that some things listed now might become scrapped later. For these reasons, the concepts page serves as an archive of past features.

Season 11

Blooming Heart will be changed from a money costing premium to a Seed packet unlocked premium for Arena's 11th Season


A new plant that has been found in the code as an upcoming plant for the March Arena Season. It costs 225 sun and its ability allows it to fire artichoke spines at zombies, however it can only fire a limited amount and needs to recharge after firing the max amount of spines. Dartichoke's spines interestingly prioritizes curtain zombies in a similar manner to Witch Hazel prioritizing Wizard Zombies, these zombies are:

Shot description

Hits high-priority targets

Almanac Entry

Dartichokes fire high-damage darts down the lane, prioritizing especially dangerous zombies such as Wizards, Octo Zombies, and Healers

Special: each shot has a chance to do critical damage
Usage: has a limited supply of darts, then must recharge
Dartichoke Priority Targets:
All-Star Zombie
Explorer Zombie
Fisherman Zombie
Octo Zombie
Pirate Captain Zombie
Prospector Zombie
Roman Healer Zombie
Treasure Yeti
Wizard Zombie

"Why waste shots on foot soldiers when you can win the battle with one well-chosen dart to the dome?" wonders Dartichoke. "Why would you do it? Why would ANYONE do it?"



A new plant that has been found in the code as an upcoming plant for the April Arena Season, it is currently unknown what it does.


Penny's Pursuit

Penny's Pursuit is an upcoming feature to Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is currently unknown how it works. It appears to replace the rift at the end of the world select map.



  • It reuses the scrapped "Time Twister" World Map Icon
    • On this World Icon, Penny's license plate reads "Winnie", which was Penny's name early into Plants vs. Zombies 2's production.


A new set of zombies with the internal name group known as "roman". They will be used in Penny's Pursuit events.

Almanac Entries

Roman Zombie

Your basic Roman legionnaire zombie.

He's not sure what "decimate" means.

Roman Conehead

A traffic cone made of marble provides some protection.

Was there enough traffic in Ancient Rome to justify cones? Historians differ. It's a real debate.

Roman Buckethead

A fancy bucket with a bit of flair distinguishes this zombie.

They had buckets just like this back in Ancient Rome. Believe it.

Centurion Zombie

A higher grade of Roman Zombie.

Did you know that in Ancient Rome, a centurion commanded a century? Isn't that wild?

Bust Head Zombie

A bust head means this Roman zombie can take a serious beating.

Bust Head Zombie belongs in museum with a big sign that says something like, "WARNING: THIS IS A ZOMBIE!"

Roman Flag Zombie

The flag indicates more zombies are on their way!

In Ancient Rome, flags were often used on the battlefield to direct troop movements. Though come on: how much direction do you really need to shuffle leftward?

Roman Imp

Small. Impy. Wears a former lion.

Like all Zombie Imps, Roman Imp keeps turning up where you least want him.

Gladiator Gargantuar

Wears a helmet. Throws an imp AND a net. Just a real piece of work.

He's got a column and he's not afraid to use it.

Healer Zombie

Uses weird Roman magic to heal zombies.

Hot tip: take this one out as fast as you can if you don't want your life turned into a pit of abject misery and despair.

Roman Shield Zombie

A dull-witted, unusually shy Roman zombie who's also carrying a shield.

The shield protects him from bad reviews and hurtful remarks.

Roman Shield Pair

A pair of Roman shield zombies.

When three Roman shield zombies are too many, how about two? Two's a good number, right? It's even, it's prime... it's got everything!

Roman Shield Triad

Three Roman shield zombies in a row.

This number of shield zombies is three higher than zombies can count.



  • The roman_shield zombie resembles the Camel Zombies.
  • Unlike other zombies, the basic Roman zombies do not have any type of hair.
    • This is the second basic variant to not have any hair, with the first being the Monk zombies.


New tombstones inspired by Frostbite Caves and Lost City have appeared in the code of Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is currently unknown what they will be used for.


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