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This page lists for Plants vs. Zombies 2. Please note that things change over time and that some things listed now might become scrapped later. For these reasons, the concepts page serves as an archive of past features.

Blastberry Vine

An upcoming plant found in the code. He appears to be similar to Pumpkin's ability, with an added lobbed shot attack. He will be available in "Blastberry Vine's Big Boom Season!", after "Electrici-tea's Shocking Season!".

Almanac entry

  • Sun Cost: 175
  • Recharge: 10
  • Toughness: 200
  • Range: Lobbed
  • Damage: 15
  • Plant Food Power: Damage
  • Family: Arma-mint

Blastberry Vines can be planted on top of other plants to provide increased defense and an additional attack in the form of lobbed projectiles that break into explosive bomblets.

Blastberry Vine snickers to himself. He imagines lobbing bomblets. He’s been reading up on it and he knows it’s gonna make a big splash when it happens. “Soon,” he whispers.


Imp Pear

An upcoming plant found in the code. Imp Pears will turn the zombies that eat it into Imps. It will be available in the seventh season after "Pokra Party Season!".

Almanac entry

  • Sun Cost: 0
  • Recharge: 5
  • Toughness: 300
  • Imp Indigestion: 10
  • Plant Food Power: Zombies Imped
  • Family: Ail-mint

When zombies eat Imp Pears, they become Imps.

Imp Pear impairs zombies. Of course, Imps don’t appreciate this characterization, but who cares?



An upcoming plant has been found in the code. She delivers piercing jabs that speed up over time and slow down zombies, eventially releasing a powerful spike that forces her to rest momentarily and recharge. She will be available in "Pokra Party Season!" after "Blastberry Vine's Big Boom Season!"


Pokra is based on the real life Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) , known in many English-speaking countries as ladies' fingers or ochro.

Short description

Piercing stabs that speed up.

Almanac entry

  • Sun Cost: 175
  • Recharge: 7
  • Toughness: 300
  • Damage: 60
  • Plant Food Power: Damage
  • Family: Spear-mint

Pokras deliver piercing, zombie-slowing jabs that speed up to a crescendo and a powerful spike launch, then they rest momentarily before starting again.

Pokra's scrappy, she's a fighter, she's not afraid to jab below the belt to get job done. She won't, because that would be cheating, but she's not afraid to. "Just so we're clear," she says with a resolute glint in her eye.


Dark Ages' Expansion

Dark Ages will have expansion in later updates, which features Night 21 - 30. It also features the Brickhead and Rally variant and an upgraded Wizard Zombie with a root-based scepter. It is currently unconfirmed. 


Wild West's Ultimate Battle and Demonstration Mini-game Soundtrack

For some reason, the Brain Busters' music for Wild West will be added back to the game in later updates.

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