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The following is a list of all the found glitches in Plants vs. Zombies 2. Feel free to add one if you discover one that is not written here.

Note that any glitches that can be done on both this version and the Chinese version should be placed here. Any glitches that can be done only on the Chinese version should be placed here instead.


The Sprite Invasion of Doom

This glitch happens when you fail a level, get an interactable ad, go to their app multiple times, and finally close the app. As a result, this broken, ugly, version of the map is created. It is stopped by closing the app and returning.

Lava Guava glitch

If you put a Lava Guava next to a Parasol Zombie, it will not kill the zombie instantly, unlike other zombies.

Squash Glitch

It is possible for plants to appear on a Squash. While the Squash is squashing a zombie on another square, place a plant on the tile the Squash is about to land on. When the Squash goes back in its position, the two should be on the same tile. This glitch only occurs if the Squash is level 3 or higher.

Glitch coins ad background

if you watch an ad to win gems, coins or any or resource and immediately go to the Store, after the video ends, your background will show the message that you won coins/gems.


Favoring and Unfavoring for Cloning Glitch

As demonstrated in the video below, Imitater can be used to duplicate the same plant multiple times by using the favorite plant feature that is introduced in version 7.0.1.

A possible reason for the glitch is due to favoriting and unfavoriting Imitater and then unselecting him messing up a flag in the game data that determines whether the cloned plant is currently in the plant's arsenal.

Note: If you attempt this glitch in Arena, you might get banned. The wiki is and will not be responsible for such cases.

This has been patched in the following update.


7.0.1 Cloning glitch of PvZ2

Obnoxious Zombies

Go to any Far Future level and wait for at least 10 zombies to come. Suddenly, all of the zombies cause a great lag. This is caused by lots of overlapping audio files. For better performance, turn your sound effects all the way down, so you can't hear the zombies moaning.

Invulnerable Zombie

In rare cases, a zombie can become invincible, being unaffected by almost anything. It is unknown how invulnerable they are in actuality, since Power Zap and common projectiles failed to work against a Frostbite Conehead that was affected by this glitch.

Pinata Party Glitch

In some cases, after completing a Pinata Party level, the level may still be playable, allowing the player to replay it as many times as they want. This can help you to get free coins and free seed packets. It is not known why it happens.

Gauntlet Glitch

There is a common glitch with the Gauntlets that makes their icon turn into a pink square with a black X on it, which is the placeholder image. It usually appears when the player does not have access to the internet.

Stay there. 

Whenever you play an Endless Zone, Epic Quest, or leave a Piñata Party, the app will somehow freeze, forcing you to close the tab and open it again. Circumstances like these are pretty rare to happen.

Zombot Sharktronic Sub Glitch

When facing the Zombot Sharktronic Sub, if the player uses Tangle Kelp at the last second when the Zombot's using its suction attack, it will freeze in place instead of moving away. Its health will not exceed the following phase, making the fight impossible and forcing the player to retry the level to beat it.

Backwards-facing Imp Glitch

Go to any level with a Gargantuar. Then, plant Sweet Potato or Hot Date and feed it with Plant Food behind of the Gargantuar. After that, use a Jack O' Lantern or any other explosive plant except for Explode-O-nut. The Gargantuar should throw the Imp backwards to the lane closest to the Player's House and the Imp will then face rightwards and walk away from the Player's House.

Pirate Seas Day 22 Glitch

Sometime, when you complete the level, the Imp Cannons will remain where they are and will not be destroyed. It is currently unknown how to get the glitch to work.

Screenshot 2016-12-25-12-38-26.png

Coin Buying Music Interference Glitch

Strangely, as of version 5.5, clicking on the coin buying menu during a level will stop the level's music completely. The only way to fix this is to click the coin purchase menu again, though this doesn't always work. Alternatively, exiting the level also works.

Note: This doesn't happen in boss levels though when you click on the coin menu during those levels.

Swashbuckler Glitch

If a Swashbuckler Zombie is about to land on your lawn and you use a Blover, when he lands he can still be blown into the water.

No Peas For You

If you complete the tutorial before Ancient Egypt with no Sunflowers, you will then have no Peashooter when you arrive at Ancient Egypt. This is not reversible but there have been no glitches that have been found from effects of this glitch.

Bombegranate in Zen Garden Glitch

It is unknown what causes this to occur. It is possible for Bombegranate to be placed in the Zen Garden. It does not have a watering animation and if you try to boost it, the dialogue box asking if you want to boost it will appear blank. If you use it in a level, it won't count as using the "boost" and Bombegranate will remain in the Zen Garden. This is most likely an oversight, seeing as instant kills have no plant food effect.

Bombegranate in Zen Garden.jpg

In-Air CRAZY Gargantuar glitch

If you plant a boosted Stunion right before Hair Metal Gargantuar being killed by shockwave, Hair Metal Gargantuar will become stunned while it is being pushed. This also works with Glitter Zombie.

Un-completed Level Glitch

Sometimes, when you finish a level (killed all zombies in the last wave), the game simply does not give you a reward, and the stage cannot be completed. You still receive sun, and you can still plant, but no zombies come since the stage technically ended. The level can go a long while before the reward finally comes.

This was discovered in Modern Day, Day 2. (Bluestacks, version: 5.1.1)

The stage Un-completed

Battery Kills Your Data

If your battery dies while the game is open and playing, sometimes all your data will be erased and you will have to start all over from the beginning. Also, if you check your save file (pp.dat), it will have 0 bytes and it will be empty. To prevent this devastating glitch from happening, you should never play Plants vs. Zombies 2 when your phone/tablet has less than 10% battery, or be RIGHT next to a functioning charger.


If this glitch ever happens, go to the Backup guide page or watch this video below on how to possibly get your progress back. The solution is beating Player's House - Day 4 and find in your old accounts to bring your old progress back


Restore plants vs zombies 2 progress

Modern Day Music Glitch

Sometimes, in Modern Day, the music will loop at the wrong time, and the same theme will be playing twice at different intervals. This also happens in Jurassic Marsh and very rarely in the World Map.

Not Recharged Yet

If you rapidly tap a sun-producing plant in the beginning of the stage other than Sunflower, the game will say its usual message of plants needing recharge time, even though those plants are instantly available. This is most probably caused by plants actually starting their recharge timer before the level even begins. It would also explain the Jump-start Recharge glitch.

Two-in-One Glitch

Infi-nut is sharing its tile with Cold Snapdragon

It is possible to end up with two plants on the exact same tile at once if a plant is pulled by a Fisherman Zombie that is then killed at the right time. In order to trigger the glitch, the Fisherman Zombie must be killed while the plant it is reeling in is being pulled over tile occupied by a surfboard. If the Fisherman Zombie is killed while reeling in a plant, the plant is question will be placed on the tile it was on when the Zombie died but since there is a surfboard on the tile the plant was supposed to go on, and you cannot plant on surfboards, the plant will end up on the next closest eligble tile, which includes tiles already occupied by other plants

This also happens to Squash (by level 3-10) after smashing a zombie, going back to his spot.

Get over here!

A glitch that only occurs with Caulipower and Toadstool.

Toadstool will wrap its tongue around a zombie in order to eat it, but if Caulipower hypontizes the zombie before Toadstool can eat it, the zombie will still be dragged to Toadstool's mouth, but will not be eaten.

iPhone GUI In-game

Apple, please explain why your GUI is spying on us?

When finishing an Epic Quest level, the iPhone GUI could appear, adding at the top the time, signal, Wi-Fi signal, battery, and additional settings. It can be helpful to know what time it is or if your battery is low, though it increases difficulty of placing plants in conveyor-belt levels or giving Plant Food as the Notification Center or Control Center is pulled down much more easily. This lasts until the game reloads.

Octopi Set Ablaze by Jack O' Lantern

When an Octo Zombie throws an octopus on a burning Jack O' Lantern, the flame remains visible in front or behind the octopus.

This has been discovered in the Piñata Party of the 17th of March, 2016.

Teleporting Barrel Imps

Oops! Wrong lanes. (animated)

When using Grimrose on Barrel Roller Zombie's barrel, it will break and release two Imp Pirate Zombies as usual. However, this will trigger an animation glitch where the Imps seem to fly off the screen and then teleport back to their respected lanes.

Mold Texture Glitch

Sometimes, when you enter any level that has "Don't plant in Crazy Dave's mold colonies" objective, click Home button, and click games icon again, all molds will have a black square texture. This can also happen to plants and zombies. 

This has been tested in Big Wave Beach and in the Modern Day part 1 update. This only happens with an Android emulator on Bluestacks.

Oh no you don't!

Note: This is tested in Modern Day - Day 25.

This requires crucial timing. If an Excavator Zombie shovels up a plant and the plant is then tackled by an All-Star Zombie at the same time, it will cause the game to freeze and then crash.

Endurian on Ice block

In Modern Day - Day 34 (Zombot Tuskmaster 10,000 BC battle) sometimes when the Zombot is creating iceblocks with an Endurian in the way, the Endurian will sometimes stay as if it were in a normal tile. It is unknown how this happens.

Healing leg

This glitch was encountered in Modern Day - Day 33 when the Zombot Tomorrow-tron is fought. This glitch is a graphical one. To attempt this glitch, degrade the robot into the 3rd phase, then wait for the charge attack. You may notice the legs will be in a normal condition. The reason for this is probably because the Zombot uses the same animation no matter what phase, causing the leg to revert to the 1st phase appearance.

Tongue Glitch

If a Toadstool was bound by an octopus just as it was about to devour a zombie, the octopus will appear to have Toadstool's tongue sticking out.

Loading assets: Black hole

This glitch can be obtained by following these steps:

  • Wait for a zombie to come.
  • A few moments before the zombie steps into the 8th column, plant a Grimrose on the 9th column. If you look, the black hole sprite will not appear, causing the line to extend while the zombie stays alive.
  • To kill the zombie, make the zombie walk in contact with a plant. Grimrose will now work properly.

Moonflower aura glitch

Note: This is only a visual glitch.

After reviving any Moonflower with Intensive Carrot, the shadow field disappears for a short while. It still powers up shadow plants normally.

Hallucination/Physical Newspaper Zombie

Occaisonally, when a Newspaper Zombie's newpaper is destroyed and he becomes enraged he can sometimes run straight through the lawnmowers without triggering them, run past the Player's House (while completely ignoring your brains) and then run off-screen without causing a Game Over at all.


When a Gargantuar is smashing an Escape Root and the Escape Root is spawning an explosive plant, the Escape Root will wrap around the plant, and spawn it again until the Gargantuar is defeated.

Last Survivor Zombie

When a Zombot of any kind is defeated, a single solitary zombie may still persist despite all other zombies dying upon the Zombot's defeat. So far the only zombies affected are the Dodo Rider Zombie (flies over lawnmowers, cannot die), the Adventurer Zombie (can be killed with Boulder Tiles), and Blockhead Zombie (can be killed with lawnmowers, if available). This can also happen in normal levels.

Slanted Zombie

This glitch can only occur on La Brainsa Tarpits.

In order to trigger this glitch the zombie in question (in this case a Jurassic Gargantuar) must be hit by a set of dinosaurs in the right order. First, an

A Jurassic Gargantuar that got slanted by an ankylosaurus, a raptor and a stegosaurus

 ankylosaurus must hit the Jurassic Gargantuar towards the plants, then a stegosaurus must snare the Jurassic Gargantuar, then a charmed raptor must kick the Jurassic Gargantuar while the stegosaurus is about to fling it, and then the Jurassic Gargantuar will get slanted on its side. This glitch can also happen if an ankylosaurus hits a zombie toward a blue plasma ball from Citron's Plant Food effect.

Zomboss stole my plants!

Sometimes, premium plants don't appear on your plants selection screen after purchasing them. To fix that, you must go over to the Far Future and defeat the Zombot Tomorrow-tron, you will then receive the plants in question as level rewards.

Last Stand: The Flying Potato Mines


Potato Boost Fly Glitch

Planting a boosted Potato Mine and Primal Potato Mine in a Last Stand level will cause their clones to loop and start flying up and down until they fly off-screen. Repeating this glitch enough times will make it impossible to plant anything at all, since the clones are occupying every tile on the lawn, just that they are invisible. Pressing the Let's Rock button will make them appear and arm themselves.

Note: This also happens with Chili Bean.

Electric Blueberry zapping Swashbuckler Zombies


If Electric Blueberry targets a Swashbuckler Zombie while the zombie is still swinging, it will place the cloud on the block where it will land and the cloud will continuously zap that tile. The Swashbuckler will die in midair, drop its head into the water, and then land on the player's ship and fade there.

Frozen Jetpack Zombie on Jade League (Solar Tomato)

If a Jetpack Zombie is blown away by Blover at the same time that it is hypnotized by Caulipower, it will simply freeze in mid air and then remain stuck there until the end of the battle. However, he can still be damaged by other zombies and lose his head normally, but his headless body will also remain in mid-air until the end of battle.

Frozen in mid-air

Note: This also happens to Relic Hunter Zombie in Lost City.

Blind Electric Blueberries

When using Electric Blueberry in Jurassic Marsh, there is a tendency that Electric Blueberry cannot "see" the last zombie remaining, preventing her from attacking it.

Perfume-shroom/Thyme Warp Last Stand Glitch

During Last Stands, the player can plant Perfume-shroom and Thyme Warp even though they are instant-use plants. They cannot be dug up once planted, they will also not activate unless the player starts the level.

Jurassic Bully Glitch

Whenever a Jurassic Bully dies, the sound heard from a Troglobite pushing an ice block can be heard. It is unknown whether this is intentional or not, but this could be possible that this zombie has the properties of a Troglobite and the developers forgot to remove the sound a Troglobite makes.

Jaw Glitch

2015-12-10 21;17;08.png

Sometimes, when zombies are suddenly killed, their jaws or shields will appear and disappear.

Zombie out of Water

Sometimes in Big Wave Beach, when a Primal Peashooter pushes a zombie to the water, it goes all the way to the right. When it does go there, it returns to its original place.


Around the 6.8.1 update, there is a glitch that randomly occurs in the Zen Garden where right after pollinating one of the plants, Bernie the Bee will fly over to his bed and fall asleep and will not wake up at all after that. If the player leaves the Zen Garden and goes to the level selection or Adventure/Arena selection and returns, Bernie will disappear completely. Going to the main menu and returning to the Zen Garden or restarting the game will fix the issue. Version 2: For some reason, if you press "Save and Exit" on the same frame a zombie appears, it will be invisible and invincible. This will softlock you if you're playing an Endless Zone.

Walking-on-water Imp

If you stun an Imp that has been launched out of an Imp Cannon, then push it back with Primal Peashooter, it will walk on the water. This happens to Swashbuckler Zombies as well. This happens because they are set to land on a certain tile. When the Imp gets shot out, and is set to land on a certain tile but gets pushed back it, the data gets overwritten and the tile it lands on becomes solid no matter what

Haunted Tile

If an Excavator Zombie digs up a Jack O' Lantern, the Jack O' Lantern's fire will be on the tile Jack O' Lantern is going to land while the Jack O' Lantern is still being thrown.

Frozen Arcade Zombie

Rarely, if you destroy an Arcade Zombie's arcade machine, the Arcade Zombie will just stop moving and wait for the plants to kill it. This is probably due to several Arcade Zombies pushing several arcade machines just as all of the arcade machine were destroyed.

Chili Faint glitch

If a Chili Bean is used on a zombie protected by the rainbow by Glitter Zombie, the zombie will get glitched, and will just stand on where it is with its fainted color, unable to move nor perform any other actions. It will not die by the Chili Bean but it can be killed by other plants. It is the only way to get a chilled and fainted zombie and this can make the level go on forever.

A similar result can happen if the player times using Thyme Warp right when the zombie faints before its head and arms fall off. When returned back to the rightmost column, the zombie will stand still and remain idle until it is killed, the only difference being that it won't have the fainted color. The only zombie that cannot affected by this is Punk Zombie because it uses no idle animations when normally killed by a Chili Bean.

Bonk Choy Uppercut Glitch

It is unknown how this occurs, but sometimes, Bonk Choy will not stop doing uppercuts until any obstacle or zombie has been defeated/destroyed. This was tested in a day in Ancient Egypt.

Zombie Transformation glitch


In Piñata Parties, during a theme-based event, e.g. Summer Nights, Sneak Peeks, if a Zombie Bull or a Gargantuar throws an Imp from a different theme, the Imp will turn into the "correct" theme-based Imp instead of the supposed Imp upon landing. This also happens with the Bug Zombie.

Planting on the unplantable

There are a few variants to this glitch. It involves planting on something you wouldn't be able to otherwise.

Plants on plankless squares

Note: You can only do this in Pirate Seas.

  1. At the final wave select a plant.
  2. When you complete the level do not collect the reward, instead plant the plant on water.
  3. The plant will be on water!

This is because when the reward is given, all tiles are considered solid, as the developers never expected anyone to be able to plant after the reward is given. (Attempting to plant something just after the reward is given will not be possible unless you were holding onto a plant beforehand). As of version 3.00.1 it makes a splash sound as well.

You can also do this with planting underground plants on planks, allowing you to plant Potato Mine, Celery Stalker, Primal Potato Mine, or Escape Root on planks.

Frozen blocks and Arcade Machine

If a new Spore-shroom is about to spawn when an Arcade Zombie or Troglobite is pushes their Arcade machine on top of the location where the Spore-shroom will spawn, the Spore-shroom will be on top of the blocks/arcade machine.

It is much easier with Primal Potato Mine, since you just need to plant the plant in front of the blocks/ arcade machine. It will act as if nothing was on it even if they were pushed on it and it will explode normally.


"There is an icicle on your lawn" glitch

If you kill the Zombot Sphinx-inator while there are zombies frozen on the lawn, the zombies will die, but there will be icicles left on the ground.


No Flag on a Level

Some Piñata Parties and Jurassic Marsh levels do not have flags on their progress bars. This is likely a coding error. Some levels in Ancient Egypt that where changed in 7.1 also have this glitch.

This level never ends because there is no flags (it really has a flag but it is invisible)

Missing Forearm and Wrist

He's eating the brains anyway with no concerns about his arm

Section 1 This happens on any device. If a Summer Zombie, Neon Zombie (before the Neon Mixtape Tour Side A update) or Wizard Zombie loses its arm and manages to get past your defenses, and eat your brains, his forearm goes missing and his hand will float as he eats the brain. The hand will disappear and will appear like the zombie ate his hand, too. This also applies to Parasol Zombie, except the fact that her "floating hand" is still holding her parasol and only disappears during her dying animation.

Section 2

Pvz2 neon zombie glitch.jpg

The basic variants of Neon Mixtape Tour have a glitch with their hand. When they die, you'll notice the hand without the other part of the arm. It is like a Flag Zombie's hand or hand of any zombie that carries something. This glitch is probably because EA and PopCap used Summer Zombie's animation (Summer Zombies always carry things) and used them for NMT basics. (It can also be due to them decomposing from being killed.) This is only obtained by hacking the early period of Neon Mixtape Tour side A to achieve the Summer zombies' sprites or playing a Piñata Party with these zombies before the Neon Mixtape Tour Side A update.

Marigold texture glitch

Screenshot 2015-07-21-21-51-29.png

This glitch is unknown. However, it has been noticed that it appears sometimes after the zombie drops a black square, similar to the one that causes the Mirror Background glitch. It is more likely to be in the same categorized glitch as the error causing to plants, from the strange message.

No Zombies for You

While fighting the Zombot Tuskmaster 10,000 BC, pause the game, save and quit the level, and then exit it. Relaunch the game and make sure it shows the booting splash (the one with the loading bar). Now, open the battle and then resume it. Destroying ice blocks will not spawn any a zombies out of them. When the Zombot summons more ice blocks, it will have zombies in it.

Recharge your Seeds in Special Delivery/Zomboss Battle

Your seeds will take forever to recharge. (It is a Special Delivery level where seeds never recharge)

After you win a Special Delivery level, tap on a seed packet while the prize is on the screen. It will say you will need to wait to recharge your seeds.

No Camp Glitch

When the Imp Porter is trying to set up a camp (while falling down), quickly plant a Stallia on the Gold Tile. The Imp Porter will be slowed down, and no tent will appear. It also works with Lava Guava and Blover.

Imp Cannon Glitch

Rarely, using Ghost Pepper on an Imp Cannon, the Cannon will launch the Imp, but the Imp after landing (almost) will freeze and stay on the same spot until it is defeated.

Cannon Stun Glitch

The player can stun zombies permanently using a boosted Coconut Cannon, but the player must plant it on the 9th column, otherwise it wouldn't work, this is most noticeable on Gargantuars or any zombie that can survive the giant coconut bomb.

The Travel Log Glitch

If you are on a level in Dark Ages where you have already updated the game to the Travel Log update, it will say, "Unlock Sun-shroom on Dark Ages Day 1!" rather than "Dark Ages Night 1."

Tongueless Toadstool

A toadstool that opened up its mouth without its tongue

A glitch can occur where if one starts the Piñata Party with endangered Toadstools but then saves and exits the game, it will crash the game. Loading the game up again and resuming the party will result in all the endangered Toadstools not doing their job and just having their mouths open all the time for no reason! If you use plant food on one of these glitched Toadstools it won't attack anything and the plant food effect won't end. This will render her invulnerable to zombies.

More than one World Key

At your starting screen, sometimes you'll see an advertisement about fighting Dr. Zomboss or Gargantuar. If you see it, create a new account. After you choose the new account, the previous advertisement will still be there, click on it. You will have the map and a free World Key without playing Ancient Egypt - Day 1. Now go to Lost City and unlock it, the World Key number still remain in one. Then unlock Frostbite Caves, the World Key still remain in one. However, unlocking other random world actually "spend" that said Key, therefore back to 0.

Note: Because you didn't play Player's House - Day 4 you won't get coins. To fix it, just back to the start menu and click on Play button then play Player's House - Day 4.

Hidden Imp Glitch

Sometimes when the Gargantuar throws his Imp, then the Lightning Reed/Power Zap or the Cherry Bomb/Jalapeno kills him and turns him into ashes, you should still see a burnt Imp with the Gargantuar. This is because the Gargantuar only has one burning animation, and even if the Imp has already been thrown, the same burning animation is still shared.


Gravestone On The Lava

2015-06-06 19;23;00.png

If the player plants a Lava Guava on a spot where a tombstone is rising in Dark Ages, and the Lava Guava erupts, then there will be a grave on the lava puddle. Note: The gravestone will not be harmed by the lava.

Lost City Texture Glitch

When starting level 11 on Lost City, rapidly go to the Zen Garden, and then to Almanac. When you come back, there is a chance that all tiles except for Gold Tiles will become pitch black. 

The glitch.

Pushed Burnt Zombie Glitch

You need a Cherry Bomb, a Coconut Cannon, and Plant Food. Use Plant Food on Coconut Cannon then use Cherry Bomb just before the Coconut Cannon's big explosive coconut touches the zombies. When timed it right, the zombies may still be pushed away by the said coconut while they're still burnt by Cherry Bomb.

Free Gems Glitch

This glitch is similar to the infinite reward, but instead if a player earns gems from piñata or Gem Jam quest then immediately shut down the game after they get the gems then turn on the device again, they will receive another reward which is equal to the first. This is likely because the game does not realize the player already collected the rewards.

Guacodile Glitch

This glitch is unknown. What happens is, if you plant a Guacodile in the water of Big Wave Beach, it will sometimes spit seeds, where it normally doesn't in the water.

Plant Texture Glitch

Rotobaga texture glitch

Same glitch, but with Sunflowers.

This glitch occurs randomly after switching to the phone's desktop and then returning to the game. The frequency of the glitch is unknown. It also happens when a notification appears if using the Bluestacks emulator.

Frozen Disappearing Puff-shroom

To do this glitch,you must:

  • Plant a Puff-shroom and don't feed it Plant Food.
  • Once the Puff-shroom is fading away, a Hunter Zombie or the freezing winds could freeze the Puff-shroom even when it hid inside.
  • The same thing happens when a Boombox Zombie plays its music. You will see hearts floating above the Puff-shroom's shadow.

Still Alive

When finishing Zombot Tuskmaster 10,000 BC, make sure that there is at least one ice block left. When Zomboss is defeated and while he is doing the defeat animation, make a plant to remove the ice block, and when the Zombot is dead, the zombie in the ice block appears, and will eat your plants. It will also go past the lawn mower without triggering it. When it reaches your house, nothing happens, and it will just walk off the screen. This problem is also present with Zombot Multi-stage Masher. However, you have to make sure when Hair Metal Gargantuar is about to throw their Imp, stun them with Stunion if you want to do the glitch. This has been fixed in the Chinese version.

Close-up of the glitch (notice that the Zombot is defeated)

Speed-up Reward and Dialogue

After you defeat the last zombie on the lawn, the prize is there. Before you collect the prize, press the Turbo Button. Collect the reward and it will speed up. This is also true for any animation or scripted event until you tap "Continue", "Next Challenge" or enter the Zen Garden, but not by visiting the Travel Log.

Music Glitch

When you go to the Almanac and exit and come back, the Almanac and world music will play at the same time. Version 2: If you press pause repeatedly in a way to where the pause screen is still up, you can hear the level music (this glitch can be done with Pianist Zombies and the sound effect for a Citron as it's charging its attack).

Balloon Zombie Arm Glitch

When a Balloon Zombie is eating a Tall-nut or plant-made force field, a bone will poke out of its elbow even if it has not lost its arm. This is only a visual glitch and will not directly affect gameplay.


Overlapping Music

On rare occasions, music may overlap with each other, like the map music overlapped with the same map music or map music with a level music. Going to your Zen Garden fixes this.

Days Glitch

Rarely, in Frostbite Caves, or any other time period, a few levels will turn green, The list of completed levels will even say that you did not complete those levels yet, the plants by those levels will be also locked. The glitch can fix itself if you quit the app a couple times.

Corpse Statue Glitch

A Seagull Zombie that got stunned as it was about to die

If you use a Stunion on a zombie right before it dies, it will become stunned, however the gas cloud is not visible, making it some sort of corpse statue. It is especially noticeable with the Seagull Zombie.

Plant on Ice Block Glitch

When you are battling Zombot Tuskmaster 10,000 BC and you have a boosted plant (Chard Guard, Pepper-pult, etc.). If the Zombot creates an ice block (before being fully created), quickly put a boosted plant in front of Zombot (or ice block if there is one or more ice block). Your plant is now on an ice block. (It works with Plant Food, but requires coins.)

Fire Peashooter Plant Food Glitch

A glitch with Red Stinger's Plant Food effect. You can see the red laser is still there.

Note: You need Fire Peashooter to perform this glitch.

When you give Plant Food to Fire Peashooter before the Piñata ends, the fire and its sound effect is still there when you open the Piñatas. The same glitch happens with Red Stinger's Plant Food effect and Jalapeno.

Unlimited Reward Glitch

When in the Zen Garden, the ability to earn free coins by watching ads will not disappear.

  • The player can use this to get lots of coins, but it is a very time-consuming task.
  • As of an uncertain update, this has been fixed.

Ghost Imp Cannon glitch

This glitch requires:

When two Imp Cannons stack on each other in a lane with planks, place an Iceberg Lettuce on them. This will cause the plants in that row to shoot at the ghost, now invincible and invisible Imp Cannon to no end. You can try all you want, and it cannot be removed in any possible way - not even instant kills or lawn mowers. You can get rid of it with a Plant Food on a Citron.

If this happens in Piñata Party, as soon as you quit the game and reload it, it will not say Resume Event but instead Start Event. You will then have to do the Piñata Party again from the start.

Instants don't need a lily pad

Hurrikale in the pool

This glitch can occur with any Big Wave Beach level. By making this glitch appear, plant any instant use plant on a Lily Pad just when a Deep Sea Gargantuar is about to crush the Lily Pad or when a zombie is about to eat the Lily Pad. You will see the instant plant appear on the water.

Shovel and Plant Crash

When you shovel a plant and quickly plant another in the same space sometimes the game will crash

Note: This happens in the 3.2.1 row soft release, and was only confirmed on Days 10 and 11 of Frostbite Caves. It this possible this glitch occur because the game doesn't have enough time to remove the ice-data about the tile in which these actions happen.

Breakdancer Zombie Still Dancing Glitch

Sometimes when you kill a Breakdancer Zombie, its body will still breakdance until it dances off the screen. This works on any Neon Mixtape Tour level with Breakdancer Zombie.

Haunted plants Glitch

  1. Go to a level of Frostbite Caves with a frozen plant. (For example, Day 2)
  2. Pick Ghost Pepper as one of your plants.
  3. Use the Ghost Pepper to unfreeze the plant.
  4. The ghosts that Ghost Pepper uses to attack will surround the plant, even if the Ghost Pepper has exploded.
  5. Note: When you dig up the plant on that tile, the ghosts will still surround the area.

Citron freeze glitch

When a Citron is on the lawn before the level actually starts, and it becomes fully charged, it freezes in the position it's in on its seed packet, with a little bit of light surrounding it (like it does normally). This glitch can occur in a Last Stand level before "Let's Rock!" is pressed, and in Far Future - Day 15, where some Citrons are endangered, before the level is started.

Wrong Lane

Screenshot 2014-12-24-12-41-09-1-.png

In The Daily Treasure Yeti event (level 2 Pirate Seas'), a Conehead Zombie will appear in the bottom lane of the screen and will just walk over the edge, fall into the water and die. Killing him will not give a special reward. This also works on Pirate Seas - Day 8 of the international version, but chances of this happening are unknown.

Puff-shroom is just blind

Screenshot 2014-12-23-19-38-54-1-.png

When a Puff-shroom is still attacking a dead zombie after killing it, the spore will not disappear instead it will fly out of the lawn. In the Chinese version, it also works with the level 2 and 3 upgrade of Iceberg Lettuce.

White digits

2014-12-22 00.17.33-1-.png

If there are a large amount of free Power-ups in use, particularly with 5 digits, the letters will turn white, becoming almost unreadable. This is usually obtained with hacking, but can also happen with a duping glitch. The reason this happens is because the shadow on the text disappears when the text gets below a certain size. Because the text is white but has a black shadow, removing the shadow results in the text being almost invisible on the lightly colored background.

Jump-start Recharge Glitch

Sometimes the plants will start recharging from the middle of the seed packet. This was tested in Arthur's Challenge.

Double boosted plant

This glitch only appears when you pick a boosted plant and pick it on multiple levels.

  1. Pick a boosted plant
  2. Go to a level
  3. Save and exit and go to another level with the boosted plant
  4. Close the game instantly
  5. Open the game and beat both levels and go to another level
  6. The boosted plant will still be there and still boosted

Note: This glitch will only work on Android.

Mirror Background glitch

Note: This glitch doesn't work on iOS devices, exists through updates on Android.

This glitch is triggered when a the 'ALWAYSLOADED' textures load, but don't load at the same time. The game tried to load the textures and thinks it's found the file, but it hasn't so it 'loads nothing', resulting in this creepy broken mirrored background. This causes the Sun texture for missing animations to do the same thing, and also effects the pink square for missing sprites, as well as the texture for Sprouts, as those are all in the 'ALWAYSLOADED' texture. Sun that is encountered in levels uses an identical texture stored in a different file, so it isn't affected at all. The same thing happens when you get the glitch that makes the background black. (the missing Marigold Loading Circle glitch) What happens there is a lot more simple, the game just fails to load the texture completely, and so it ends up with a transparent texture, which defaults to black since there's nothing behind the actual background.

If this glitch happens, your background is going to get very strange, showing a reflection of the object in the middle of the screen.

It is unknown what triggers a zombie to drop this square, and the occurrence of this glitch is very rare. It has something to do with locking the device while the game is still running, and happens frequently more when a sun has just dropped, being near the plant which will be the mirror image. The only guaranteed way to stop this glitch is to force-close the game and open it again.

Shop icon mirror Petals glitch

There are a few instances where there is a shop icon mirror background glitch that serve as petals whenever your game loads instead of the usual Marigold image that tells that your game is loading.

The Yeti is a lie!!

Since the 3.0.1 update this bug appeared on the game.

Basically when you finish a level killing a Treasure Yeti, the game will crash.

It also happens in the Chinese version, on the 1.3.0 update, whenever you finish an event.

Alpha and Beta vrs.

The occurrence of this glitch is very rare.

When this glitch happens, all the HUD elements disappear, even the buttons in menus and events. Also the lunch box from the Treasure Yeti will appear as a sun instead.

Zombies Spawned in Wrong Boss Battle Stage

Note: This was tested on the 3.0.1 version of the iOS version of the game, on iPad, and on the first playthrough. It is unknown whether this occurs in other versions or other playthrough.

  1. Play Big Wave Beach - Day 32. (or any other boss fight level, except Frostbite Caves - Day 30)
  2. Survive until the start of third stage (the Zombot's health bar is less than 1/3 of starting health).
  3. Then the glitch: sometimes the Zombot Sharktronic Sub (or any other Zombot from particular level) will start the stage by spawning zombies, and sometimes zombies that are exclusive to other stage(s) get spawned (e.g. Deep Sea Gargantuar) which could ruin the level and cause the player to fail or force the player to restart if the issue is serious enough.

The Lily Pad Replanted

To do this glitch, you must:

  1. Plant a Lily Pad (or skip this part if you see pre-planted Lily Pad).
  2. Save and exit.
  3. Enter the same level. And then, plant a Lily Pad on a Lily Pad.

Your sun will be spent, but no effect will happen. It is just a replanted Lily Pad.

Tangle Kelp Glitch

Note: This glitch was tested on Android, iPhone, and iPad.

When Tangle Kelp is grabbing a zombie, exit before the Zombie is killed by Tangle Kelp. After that, enter the same level. The glitch will do the following:

  • The zombies that were grabbed by Tangle Kelp will be immobilized and immortal, but the zombies don't move.

After you finish the final wave, you will be stuck with the immobilized zombies (meaning that the level will never end). This is because the zombies that were grabbed by Tangle Kelp act like the background. So it can not be hit by projectiles. The only way to fix this is restart or use a Plant Food on a Tangle Kelp.

No Chomper or Ghost Pepper

Chomper and Ghost Pepper not in shop.png

  1. Play a Piñata Party with a premium plant that is before Chomper in the almanac.
  2. After beating the party, the ad for the premium plant being on sale will be seen.  Tap the ad to enter the store.  
  3. All premium plants except the later ones are there.

Explorer Zombie eating Spring Bean Glitch

  1. Pick a level with Explorer Zombie in Ancient Egypt.
  2. Pick Spring Bean and Iceberg Lettuce.
  3. As soon as Explorer Zombie comes, freeze him, then ignite torch.
  4. Now plant spring bean in front of him so he can eat infinite times.

The Explorer Zombie will continuously eat the Spring Bean until another zombie makes it spring a zombie back.

Diamond Exit Audio Glitch

Occasionally if you click "Save and exit" it will make the diamond noise.

Note, this was done on level 16 of "Big Wave Beach", and this also can be done on any level (even on an Endless Zone).

This also happens in Plants vs. Zombies.

Floating Wall

This occurs when an Infi-nut's forcefield is active and then it gets shifted to another location or later removed. These are the ways to activate the floating wall glitch. All these requires an Infi-nut upgraded with plant food.

Tombstone method

Place the Infi-nut on a location where you know a tombstone will pop up. This is easily done on a Dark Ages - Night 17.

Fisherman method

You need to play the Infi-nut right in front of Fisherman Zombie. He will toss the plant out of the lawn.

Explorer method

If you time it right, Explorer Zombie's death trigger or Excavator Zombie's shoveling trigger will activate on the Infi-nut just as it got its forcefield ready.


If done correctly, the Infi-nut will be shifted but the forcefield remains where it is.

My Peashooter is Gone

  1. Open Wild West - Day 1 for the first time.
  2. After they tell you to move the minecart where the Peashooter is, go to the Zen Garden.
  3. When you come back the Peashooter is gone.

This glitch works on some other levels when a plant is already on the lawn unless the plant is frozen; for example, Far Future - Day 1.

Final Wave glitch

It says final wave and the flag is raised but the zombie head is not there.

Note: This glitch was tested on Android and iPad. It may not happen on other devices.

  1. Sometimes when playing a level, the zombie on the progress bar will not move and it will say final wave. After that it will start moving.
  2. Another version of the glitch is when playing a level, the zombie's head suddenly move back to the beginning. And when it is Final wave, the head moves again like the 1st version.

Last Stand sound effect Glitch

  1. Open any Last Stand level. This glitch works on the Last Stand setup, or when playing.
  2. Listen carefully as you press the pause button.
  3. If you did not hear it, press the pause button again on the top right. But do not press "resume".
  4. The glitch is that when the pause button is pressed, it will make the sound effect when pressing "Lets Rock!" and the normal record scratching.

The sound glitch (only the Let's Rock sound effect) can also be heard when the player drags something (like a plant or Plant Food) and puts it back.

Cannot move Glitch

Sometimes, when the player loads up the game, he or she cannot move. The player can just restart the game.

Hypno-shroom Can Be eaten Twice Glitch

  1. Plant a Hypno-shroom.
  2. Wait until a zombie comes to it.
  3. When the Zombie takes a bite, quickly put Plant Food on the Hypno-shroom.
  4. The Zombie will be hypnotized, and the Hypno-shroom will still be there.
  5. Now, when another zombie bites it, it will turn into a Gargantuar.

Wizard Zombie hand eating animation Glitch

  1. Attack Wizard Zombie until it reaches its first degrade.

    The hand is floating even though the arm is gone.

  2. The Wizard Zombie can only eat hypnotized zombies and Infi-nut's force field (Plant Food ability)
  3. When the Wizard Zombie has lost its visible arm and starts eating the force field or a hypnotized zombie, the player can see that the arm is gone, but once it raises its arm to eat, you can see the hand even though the arm is gone. As of now this glitch has been fixed.
  4. This also happens with the Flag Zombie. A floating hand can be seen although it has lost its arm, and this glitch has not been fixed with this zombie.

A similar glitch has happened to Parasol Zombie, and Neon Flag Zombie.

Zombie Shadow Glitch

There are two shadows on the water.(Note: These is also an another glitch that makes plants be planted on water.)

There is a glitch that the zapped zombie shadows will not go away until the game is finished.

Note: The chances of this happening are very low, because of predicting when a Lightning Reed zaps a zombie and a Spring Bean bounces back a zombie. If attempting to do this, you likely won't get it on your first try.

  1. Start Pirate Seas - Day 19.
  2. Choose Lightning Reed and Spring Bean.
  3. Plant the Spring Bean near water.
  4. Zap a zombie while it is on the Spring Bean. The Spring Bean will bounce the zapped zombie to the water, but for some reason, the zombie will not get into the water. Instead, it leaves a boneless black shadow.

Dialogue Reset Glitch

Occasionally, if playing on a mobile device, accidentally quitting the game mid-level or if the Zen Garden Sunflower tutorial is triggered it will reset initial level dialogue if a level has it.

This specific glitch depends on the device used as well as what causes the accidental shut down. There is no known way to do this intentionally and the chances of this happening are unknown.
This glitch applies only until the level has been completed for the first time, and multiple occurrences to the same level are rare.
This only partially applies to endless zones. So long as you press quit, Crazy Dave's dialogue will always reset until you start playing for the first time.

Losing the boost

There is a glitch where Plant Food Boosts can be lost.

This glitch occurs in the same way as the Dialogue Reset glitch. An accidental shutdown of the game will reset the level, deleting selected boosts in the process.
This will occur to any level, seeds or conveyor, new or previously completed, main, endless or Piñata Party.
As mentioned on Dark Ages - Night 20, Big Wave Beach - Day 32, and the Sharktronic Sub battle on Modern Day - Day 33, this does not apply to the Magnet-shroom or Lily Pad while fighting the Zombot Dark Dragon or the Zombot Sharktronic Sub. The Magnet-shroom is permanently boosted to the Dark Ages - Night 20 level, so this glitch will not affect a boosted Magnet-shroom in the Zen Garden. The Lily Pad is always boosted in the Zombot Sharktronic Sub fight, so the glitch will not affect a boosted Lily Pad in the Zen Garden.

Not in Almanac Glitch

(Note: This glitch was found on a Wi-Fi device. It is unknown if this occurs on 3G/4G devices.)

There is an occasional glitch in the Almanac where previously-encountered zombies are removed. Here's how it happens:

  1. Encounter new zombies while the device is offline.
  2. Enable Wi-Fi and re-enter the game. Zombies encountered offline are no longer there.

This glitch may not apply to all devices, but if it does occur, it can be fixed. You must be online to resolve the issue.

  • If it's one or more of the Zombots, you will need to re-defeat the missing Zombot(s).
  • If it's any other zombie, simply play any level after their initial encounter. This applies to multiple zombies at once, even to those not in the level chosen.
  • Occasionally, a Piñata Party or Endless Zone can resolve the issue as well.

This glitch used to be more severe with the Zombot Dark Dragon. It will be removed every time the app is closed, even if completed while online, but this is now patched.

No Achievement Glitch

This one is very similar to "Not In Almanac" glitch, and also must be done on wi-fi devices. It was tested only on Android.

To obtain this, basically do the same thing as above but with an achievement for beating a level. You won't get the achievement until redone for Gargantuar levels. To obtain those like "Nut Un-Common", beat the level before the one needed to be beaten. Also, another account may solve the problem.

Lags benefits your game actually

Note: These glitches were found in the Android version of the game. It may not work on other devices.

To do these glitches, either the device must be lagging or you are using a mouse the double clicks automatically. To do the glitches, go to any level besides Bulb Bowling levels (attempting to do the glitch on those levels crashes the game). Then place a plant or feed a plant plant food. If the lag still remains, feed a second plant plant food or place a second plant. Repeat as necessary. Note that doing this on a level that is not Special Delivery (such as the final day of each world) will deplete the sun balance. This is beneficial on levels that are very tricky or on higher levels of the Endless Zones, such as level 130 of Terror from Tomorrow. these plants benefit from from the duplication glitch.

When the lag is over and you used plant food on any of the plants, they will all unleash their plant food effect at once. This is more useful if you have a limited supply of plant food or when the plants are on Power Tiles.

Mower Launch saves your Lawnmower Glitch

This must be done on an Endless Zone. Make a lawnmower go away manually by tapping and holding. You can see that the lawnmower is present in the next level.

You need the Mower Launch upgrade to do this glitch, and it may not work all the time.

Squash lands on a Grave Glitch


This glitch only works on Piñata parties filled with graves. If you use Plant Food on a Squash, and a Tomb Raiser Zombie creates a grave on the space the Squash was on, the Squash will land on the grave. The grave will not be harmed by the Squash.

Change zombies with the Zen Garden/Almanac

Note: It only works on Endless Zones.

  1. Go to any Endless Zone.
  2. Enter the Zen Garden or Almanac.
  3. Exit it.
  4. And now the zombies will be changed.

This can be used to get your high score!

Bernie the Bee Glitch

There is also a glitch where Bernie the Bee sleeps between the third and fourth Zen Garden pots or over the pipe or sometimes it sleeps inverted or backwards.

Grave Buster busting nothing Glitch

Note: This must be done in Ancient EgyptDark Ages or a Pinata Party level if there is the presence of graves and a Grave Buster.

  1. Plant a Grave Buster on a grave.
  2. Destroy the grave quickly (such as planting an instant kill near the grave, or using Plant Food on an offensive plant near the grave).
  3. Your Grave Buster is now busting nothing!

This is not really a glitch, but nothing was programmed into the game when the grave was destroyed but the Grave Buster still sounds like it is removing the grave.

Stationary Plant Glitch

This occurs when you hold onto an instant use seed packet after the all the zombies have been defeated.

  1. After the zombies have all been defeated, click on an instant use plant.
  2. Once the reward has been given, plant the instant use. It should stay there instead of disappearing like it normally would.

Proof of the glitch - Gold Bloom is stationary!

Re-spawned Zombie Chickens; Hypno-shroom not Eaten

  1. If you go into a level with chickens, select Peashooter and Hypno-shroom. This can be done with any level plant tier.
  2. Once the Chicken Wrangler Zombie has released his chickens, hypnotize the zombie.
  3. He should release more hypnotized chickens than he normally would as a regular zombie.

A glitchy way to lose the level

These glitches involve you losing in a way that seems impossible.

Bull Rider method

For this method you have to have in the level:

  • A Zombie Bull;
  • Only one plant on at least one row in the back tiles.
  • At least one lawn mower missing on said row.

When the Zombie Bull launches its rider over the one plant, the Zombie Bull Rider will fly onto the house's property. Once it gets up, the "The Zombies Ate Your Brains!" screen will appear, but the imp will just walk off of the screen instead of doing its eating animation.

Killed zombies eating brains Glitch

If you time it right, you can kill the zombie just after it has stepped into your house.

Brains eaten at the wrong location

If you plant a Hurrikale at the split second the screen goes black on a zombie that managed to get to the player's house and is chewing, it will be pushed back but still eat the player's brains.

You stole my turnip!

(As of 2.7.1, it can still be planted. But when stolen its sun cost decreases.) Note: This glitch was only tested on an iOS device.

  1. Go to any level with a Pirate Captain Zombie.
  2. Wait until its parrot tries to steal a plant.
  3. Once the parrot is about to steal the plant, plant a Tile Turnip on the tile where the parrot is.
  4. The parrot will steal the Tile Turnip.

It will get glitched and it won't recharge or can't be placed.

The Yeti lost its lunchbox Glitch

Note: This glitch occurred in the International version.

When you are fighting a Treasure Yeti, if you kill it with a boosted Sun Bean, the Yeti will drop nothing. This may not work with other plants.

Double treasure drop

There is a glitch where you can kill the Treasure Yeti twice in one level, without the Treasure Yeti appearing twice.


  • A boosted Citron
  • A Last Stand level with a Treasure Yeti on it.
  1. Pick the boosted Citron in the last stand level, and then other plants that can fill the other slots.
  2. Plant the boosted Citron on the lane or nearest place where the Yeti is.
  3. The zombies and the Yeti will get flung away with the plasma, so then the Treasure Yeti drops the lunchbox!
  4. Play the level again and kill the Treasure Yeti again, Treasure Yeti drops another lunchbox!

Dark Ages Tombstones spawn at the extreme right Glitch

There is a glitch in Dark Ages where gravestones spawn at the right end of the device's screen. The frequency of this glitch is unknown.

Flying plants

This must be done on Pirate Seas.

  1. Let a Zombie Parrot steal a plant.
  2. Plant a Blover when it is flying up.
  3. The Parrot will leave the plant on the screen.
  4. After some time, the plant flies up by itself.

No rewards for you.

The frequency of this glitch is very rare. It is done on both Android and iOS devices.

Sometimes when playing normal levels, the game doesn't give the player the plant as the reward, so the player cannot get the plant. Sometimes replaying the level can solve this problem.

A view of the Dark Ages map after the glitch occurs on the Sun Bean.

Flying Imp ate your brains Glitch

When a Barrel Roller Zombie's Barrel is destroyed while it is bounced back by Spring Bean, the Imps will fly forward towards the left end corner, and the player will lose.

Invincible Imp Glitch

There is a glitch when a Zombie Bull is killed first after launching Zombie Bull Rider, sometimes the Zombie Bull Rider becomes invincible and will not get damaged while eating a Tall-nut. It can be fixed by digging up the Tall-nut or just by waiting for it to be eaten.

Sheep on Tombstone Glitch

This glitch happens when a Grave Buster turns into a sheep while it is removing a grave. This is how to carry it out.

  1. Choose a level where Grave Buster and Wizard Zombie can meet, such as Dark Ages - Night 13.
  2. Try to make sure there are no other plants on the lawn.
  3. When the Wizard Zombie appears, plant the Grave Buster on one of the graves.
  4. The Wizard Zombie will turn the Grave Buster into a sheep and it will be on the grave. It's possible that this could be intentional.

Hitting a zombie behind in the selection Glitch

This can be done on Wild West - Day 4.

  1. Open Wild West - Day 4.
  2. Plant the first Peashooter at whatever lane the zombie is in. 
  3. When the zombie falls down, the Peashooter will shoot 1 to 2 extra peas. One pea will pass the dead body completely.
  4. When the pea is still going forward, the zombies in the next wave will show.
  5. The pea will hit a zombie in the selection!

Zombies are butter-fainted.

This can be done on any level where Chili Bean and Kernel-pult are chosen.

  1. Plant a Chili Bean near a zombie.
  2. If timed correctly, a Kernel-pult could butter the zombie while it is eating it or right after it just ate it.
  3. Sometimes after the butter wears off, the zombie will stay alive and continue to move on instead of fainting and dying.

Prospector Zombie loses his head Glitch

If you kill a Prospector Zombie right as the dynamite blows up, when the zombie lands, its head will pop off.

  • It's just a visual glitch. Right before the Prospector Zombie jumps, and you kill it, it shows the animation after it lands and its head falls of backward and dies.

Background swap Glitch

This background glitch can occur rarely, but can happen by exiting levels and such. Backgrounds show the night background (which is supposed to be in Dark Ages and Neon Mixtape Tour), and the day one in Dark Ages (which is supposed to be in other worlds). This glitch can also occur if the player switches to worlds with a night background (Dark Ages and Neon Mixtape Tour) and switches back to any other worlds fast enough. The frequency of this glitch is unknown.

Zombot Plank Walker and Spikeweed

Dr. Zomboss will spawn zombies right in front of your house. This was tested on Android and iPod Touch devices.

  1. Glitchz.png
    Start Pirate Seas - Day 25.
  2. Place a Spikeweed in front or near your house.
  3. Wait until Dr. Zomboss is on the same lane as the Spikeweed.
  4. Place Plant Food on that Spikeweed.
  5. Dr. Zomboss will stay there and spawn zombies!

Note: The frequency of this glitch is ALWAYS rare on iPhone and iPad versions, so it's not recommended to test it when you want to beat the level.

Flying Imp Cannon glitch

  1. Go to Dead Man's Booty. (Or a Pirate Seas level that features it.)
  2. When you hear an Imp Cannon, save and quit.
  3. Go back to the level.
  4. The Imp Cannon will fly up in the air and eat your brains. However, this may not always happen. Only occurs in Piñata Party.

Double boost Glitch

  1. Plant any Sprout
  2. After bring the boost, play any level and do not finish it.
  3. Save and exit the level.
  4. Plant the exact plant which is used.
  5. Wait until you get the boost for it.
  6. Now you have double boost for that plant.

Plant Background not being loaded Glitch

Note: The rarity of this glitch is unknown.

Sometimes, in the seed selection screen, the background of the plants (for example, Peashooter uses the Player's House background and the Winter Melon uses the Wild West background) will become a pink square with a big black X under the plant, meaning the texture was not loaded it also happens when the device screen is turned on and off while the game is loading.

Hidden sprout Glitch

  1. Go to any level.
  2. When a huge wave of zombies appear, use a Power Toss.
  3. Kill every zombie on the lawn.
  4. Sometimes, a sprout will drop from a zombie.
  5. The sprout has a chance of being hidden on the right side of the screen.
  6. The only way to get the sprout is to finish the level.

It also works without Power Toss, but kill them quickly before they reach a tile.

Floating Skeleton Glitch


  • Spring Bean or Power Toss
  • Lightning Reed or Power Zap

NOTE: Power Zap and Power Toss won't work together

On any level with water in the Pirate Seas, bounce a zombie into the water. A split second before this, a zombie has to be zapped. If done correctly, a floating sprite of the zapped zombie will appear where the zombie would've landed.

Unplantable space glitch

This extremely dangerous glitch occurs when a Wizard Zombie transforms a plant into a sheep. If the Wizard is killed, and a zombie eats the plant right when it's been transformed back, (or the player digs it up) you won't be able to plant on the space the plant was on. This is likely caused by the game not having enough time to register that a sheep is no longer on the space. This glitch can be fixed by killing any other Wizards on screen.

Flashback Glitch

  1. Plant two Tile Turnips on the same spot
  2. Do the same as before.
  3. The cost will go from 1000 to 500.
  4. You can do this as many times as you want and it will always halve.

Game Over/Death Screen Glitch

Brainy Glitch.png
Iasdfmage 2.jpg

Occasionally, after the zombies eat your brain and you press the "Retry" button, all the elements of a game over screen (which includes the brain, the "Exit to map" button, the "Retry" button and the Zen Garden button) will remain, once you restart the level.

Zombie sounds while viewing world map

When using the "Save and Exit" button to go to the world map, rarely, zombie growls can be heard.

Imp noises when paused

  1. Play a Level with Imps in it.
  2. Pause the game when there is an Imp on the lawn, or if there is an Imp in Last Stand before the onslaught.
  3. Exit the level and go back.
  4. When you return, do not resume.
  5. If you listen closely, the Imps will make noises, but this only lasts for a short while.

Disjointed Surfer arm


There is a glitch that if you plant a Kernel-pult in front of a Surfer Zombie and it butters it at the right timing, the Surfer Zombie's elbow seems to have split. It is wrong coding of the wrong animation of the wrong sprite.

Fainted Jetpack Zombie


This works in both versions (Chinese and international). 

  1. Choose a level with Jetpack Zombies.
  2. Plant an Infi-nut and put Plant Food on it.
  3. Let the Jetpack Zombies eat the Force Field and wait for some more zombies to help eat the force field.
  4. While they eat it put a Chili Bean on a Jetpack Zombie's place.
  5. When they eat it, the Jetpack Zombie will eat the Chili Bean and it will faint.

Imp Outside The Lawn

This happens when Gargantuar is outside the lawn in Pirate Seas and fires an Imp.

  1. Put Plant Food on Spring Bean when Gargantuar reach 9th column on upmost or downmost lane in Pirate Seas.
  2. Gargantuar will land on the zombie ship. Use Cherry Bomb or Grapeshot on him before it falls into water.
  3. It will fire an Imp onto 3rd column. The Imp will walk forward normally causing troubles to player.

Frozen Plant Glitch

Here's how it works:

  1. Go to a level with Octo Zombie.
  2. Quickly right before its octopus lands on a plant, feed it Plant Food.
  3. Your plant food will be spent, but not take effect because the octopus is preventing it.
  4. When the octopus is defeated, the plant's Plant Food ability will take effect.
  5. After it is done, the plant's animation will freeze and do nothing. It cannot be defeated, because it is still in its Plant Food state and is invincible. It is unknown how the glitch can be fixed.

This was tested on the January 17, 2015 Piñata Party with the Pea Pod.

Piñata Party crash Glitch

When playing a certain Piñata Party, there is a chance that the game crashes upon placing a plant. Once reopening the app, it will say that you have lost the Piñata Party and have to pay to play again from the beginning.

Strange frozen stuff

These glitches involve freezing a plant via the effect of the freezing wind or Hunter Zombie. It's completely visual though except for one. Hence, the glitches can only be done in Frostbite Caves, Modern Day, or any Piñata Party that feature the above following.

Banana Launcher

This is more serious since Banana Launcher can never give a new banana to fire.

  1. Drag the Banana Launcher to aim.
  2. Wait until the Banana Launcher is just about to be frozen, then release your finger to fire.
  3. The banana should fall from the sky, but Banana Launcher will not play its animation (because it's frozen). The banana won't do anything.
  4. Unfreeze the Banana Launcher. It will play its shooting animation and stop with a green body and smiling face. However, it will never give new bananas to shoot.

You can fix it by giving Plant Food to the Banana Launcher.


When the Dandelion is about to be frozen, use a Hurrikale (Blover can also be used but it's less accurate) with the soon-to-be frozen Dandelions. When you unfreeze the Dandelion after using Hurrikale, the seeds blow off.


If Nightshade gets frozen while one of its petal are drifting off, the petal will stay in mid-air until the Nightshade is unfrozen.


On the Tombstone Glitch

Use a boosted Bonk Choy in any level that has Tomb Raiser Zombie. If you're lucky when placing Bonk Choy, the Tomb Raiser Zombie will create a tombstone at that Bonk Choy when it is using its boost animation. This also works with the Repeater.

Bonkchoy gravestone glitch.jpg

A Repeater on a grave (pay attention to the third row)

Zen Garden Growing Period Glitch

Zen garden glitch.png

Sometimes, the time for waiting for plants to grow is insanely long.

  • This may be caused by changing the date.

Double Seagulls

This glitch must have 3 criteria in order to occur:

  1. You must be playing a Pirate Seas level with Seagull Zombies.
  2. The said zombies must be the bottom lane above water.
  3. The Blover is one of your chosen plants.

When you kill those zombies with the Blover, occasionally, there will be double the amount of seagulls flying off than there were zombies killed.

This glitch does not seem to occur in any other lane, even if you're killing them in multiple lanes at once. Also, it tends not to occur above 3 zombies, which result is 6 in total.

Far Future Day 17

This glitch requires going into Far Future Day 17 for the first time. Go through the dialogue, then a Magnifying Grass will appear. Fire all 100 sun to defeat the Conehead. Then, the glitch will occur. Even if you have a sun upgrade, (it is going to be at least 50 sun for everybody) the sun bank will say "0."

Catching Moby Dick

Plant a Citron behind a plant. If a Fisherman Zombie catches the plant in front of the Citron, use Citron's plant food before it reels the plant. The hook will stay on the plant.

Kill screen

Sometimes when exiting an endless zone or a premium plant quest, you may get stuck at the marigold loading screen, or during there, the marigold appears but disappears quickly. Nothing will happen, forcing you to kill the game and relaunch it.

Pending Glitch

If one has parental approval turned on and purchases a plant in the shop, a request will be sent to the parent. If the parent deletes all notifications from that day, the request disappears, leaving you with an ever-lasting gray pending sign in place of the price. The only way to fix this is to wait for a new update.

This glitch only works on any iOS platform.

Camel Zombie Second Head Glitch

When poisoning Camel Zombies with Shadow-shroom, an animation glitch happens when it dies.

  1. The zombie's head and arm pop out after dying and the ceramic sign breaks.
  2. But at the same time the ceramic sign breaks, it appears that the zombie has a second head. Zombie stands for a few seconds.
  3. After a few seconds, the second head disappears without popping out and the zombie dies as usual.

    When Camel Zombie dies, it appears to have a second head.

This glitch is apparent in Ancient Egypt - Day 18.

Disappearing/Reappearing Chickens

As of the 4.8.1 update, go to any Wild West level that features Chicken Wrangler Zombies and at the seed selection screen, focus on the zombie standing among the others. At every three seconds or so, both its Zombie Chickens and its baling wire will continuously disappear and reappear altogether. This also occurs in its Almanac entry.

Never-Ending Level

When you kill the last zombie with Grimrose and then dig up the Grimrose just before the zombie gets killed, the level will never end, forcing you to restart the level. This can occur in any level where you can plant a Grimrose.

Uprooted King Zombie

During one of the Lawn of the Dead Piñata Parties, you can encounter Zombie King, Thyme Warp and Spikeweed. After a Zombie King is on the field, use the Thyme Warp to reset all zombies back to the start of the lawn. Proceeding this, use Plant Food on Spikeweed in the lane of the Zombie King, and it should be dragged out of its fixed position.

Hiding Toadstool

Enter a Lawn of the Dead Piñata Party, use Witch Hazel to transform a zombie into a Toadstool. Save and exit it, and continue playing, you'll see the Toadstool hiding behind a black square.

The Early Ending

If a Bonk Choy is about to destroy a gravestone, and a zombie walk on its range, Bonk Choy will punch just like defeating a zombie even its damage won't change.

No Level Music

If you tap a specific area near the pause and turbo buttons, It will open the shop. This may be because in the world map, the shop button is located there, and only its sprite is removed when a level is entered. when the shop is exited from, no music will play in the level. Only the ambient sounds, zombie sounds and wave music (when a huge wave attack) will remain.

Screenshot 2016-10-31-20-07-46.png

Random Lag

On some devices, there are sometimes random severe lag spikes that last for a few seconds. It is unknown why it only happens on some devices.

Zombies still go to your house after completing a level

At the final wave, if you plant a well-timed boosted Iceberg Lettuce many times and manage to destroy the on-screen zombies extremely quickly, the level will automatically be completed but the zombies will still head for your house. These zombies can still be killed but will ignore the lawn mowers and the player's brains. Some of the plants might be active but most of them will do nothing and get eaten or used by the zombies. If the zombies eat any endangered plants or trample the flowers, it will not cause a loss of the level. If the level reward is collected, the zombies can still drop coins and sprouts.

The reason for the glitch is that once the flag for the level completion is triggered, all conditions that can cause you to lose that level is disabled.


Black Pianist Zombie

When you use Plant Food on a Shadow-shroom with a Pianist Zombie on the screen, its piano may go black at random intervals. It is unknown what causes this glitch.

Your plants will take longer to be watered again glitch

In very rare occasions, there is a chance that when new-grown plants will need to take longer time than usual to get watered again. This glitch has been discovered by

Sorry for bad quality. This image shows a newly planted Snapdragon, a Lightning Reed, a Chilli Bean and a Bloomerang with extended time to be watered again. It's unknown why it happened.


  • This may be how the new Zen Garden works in the 6.3.1 update.

Boosted PVZ 2 glitch

On the 22nd of September, a glitched Boosted Zombie Bash was present. The Epic Quest did not only keep the plants at their normal level but also allowed power ups. It is unknown what caused the glitch.


This glitch is a serious glitch and involves lag. It happens in Pinata Parties and stops the player from choosing reward pinatas.

Zombies Chickens released after Beghouled Pinata Party

There's a glitch after completing a Beghouled Pinata Party in Wild West. If you match enough while the Chicken Wranglers are there, this happen. The Zombie Chickens appear and eating the plants (except Kiwibeast).

Upside Down Zombie Glitch

There's a glitch when you used Citron's Plant Food ability on a zombie being knocked by Ankylosaurus, it will cancel the throw and leaves a zombie spark and walks upside down. If the upside down zombie dies, the body floats downwards. This will work on Jurassic Zombies but not Jurassic Gargantuar.

Flowers above waters

Sometimes when entering Inzanity! quest, one of its Pirate Seas level has flowers placed on the water areas. However, parrots crossing them won't make the player lose that level. Swashbucklers swinging over them won't either.

The flowers in Inzanity! level were placed on waters

Completed Incomplete Quest Glitch

Sometimes, a quest will be deemed complete although it is only partially so, or not at all. This happens mostly with the 'Collect Seed Packets' quest. It is uncertain why this glitch occurs.

Only 3 seed packets have been collected, but the quest is complete

Arena Leaderboard Display Glitch

If the player holds his finger a little to the right of the middle of the screen while Arena is loading, the leaderboard will be shifted to the left when loaded, so that the names of the players will be invisible. When the player removes his finger, the leaderboard will spring back into place.

Leaderboard Glitch

Escape Root is rendered useless.

Sometimes, when the player touches a fully charged Escape Root to switch places with another plant, Escape Root will freeze and will become an useless plant and be vulnerable to any zombie. What the player can do is only shoveling up that plant.

Double burn

If well timed, a thunder cloud from Electric Blueberry can zap a Super-Fan Imp at the same time it explodes. If it happens, an animation of that Imp desintegrating twice will be seen. It is not known with other plants with zapping/burning effect can do the same

The Frozen Law of Aviation

When the dodo rider flies over an ice floe, and someone uses hurrikale to blow it back, it won't fly back over the ice floe, instead the ice floe will trigger and send dodo rider up or down to the next lane.

You got a Plant in Vasebreaker

If you complete a Vasebreaker level with the seed packets of that plant, if you collect it, it plays the animation when you get a new plant but it will disappear afterwards. It can also happen with the same seed packets or collected at the same time.

Closed but playable

In version 7.7.2, after you save and quit in any Endless Zones, notice the Endless Zone being locked but the text can be visible and you can touch the invisible button to continue your progress. This can be fixed by visiting other Endless Zones but it will happen the same way as before. This was fixed in version 7.9.3.

Where are my plants gone?

Play any Beghouled level in Modern Day. When you finish the level, some plants will appear to fall out of the screen (but no holes are made on the empty tiles).

Useless Zomboids?

Plant a boosted Zoybean Pod during the defense-planning time in any Last Stand level, and it will summon a Zomboid Gargantuar instantly who will go to the zombie side and trying to smash them. However, the zombies, in this case, will become invincible because they are considered to not appear on the lawn.

Messed-up Travel log task glitch

When you finish a Travel log task, keep on clicking on the bottom of the completed task, and then when the reward box pops up, the continue button will be all the way above the reward box.

Screenshot 2020-09-19-20-35-59 (1).jpeg

Tiny Chickens?!

Unlike Gargantuars, when a Chicken Wrangler Zombie is shrunken via Shrinking Violet, he will not lose the chickens from his body. Despite this, they are not spawned and do not disappear until the zombie dies. NOTE: Not tested on Weasel Hoarder

Purchasing softlocks the game

When the player somehow skipped the Restoring Purchasing pop up, the Marigold will pop up randomly when you purchased something or a costume, resulting the player got softlocked by the loading icon. Even if you tried tapping the continue button or waiting, you can't do anything but to force close the app.

Parrot took an Endangered Plant, but the level is still going on

During Prenium Quest: Draftodil, there's a level includes an endangered Red Stringer and a Sweet Potato, when a Zombie Parrot took an endangered Sweet Potato, the level won't let you lose for some reason. However, if multiple Zombie Parrots attempt to steal one of the endangered Red Stringers, you lose the level.

And lastly the screen can radomly srink after exiting a call.

List of fixed glitches

  • Giving a Twin Sunflower Plant Food after exiting and entering a level gave 600 sun instead of 250 before the 2.7 update.
  • Exiting and entering a level could also make Spikerocks have an extremely high amount of health, though it could degrade and die normally eventually. This was also fixed in the 2.7 update.
  • In Endless Zones, the fourth card could be obtained for free by selecting a revealed card and then selecting the fourth card and then accepting the same revealed card, but it gave the player the fourth card. This was also fixed in the 2.7 update.
  • The cropped spawned zombies glitch above previously affected zombies coming out of Dark Ages tombstones.
  • Entering the Zen Garden in an Endless Zone could previously give all possible plants, such as Grave Busters and E.M.Peaches, even if they would be absolutely useless in that world.
  • There was a glitch where the Blover's recharge speed was much longer than intended.
  • Plant Food was unable to refresh a seed packet in the 2.7 update.
  • In the 3.0 update, Banana Launcher could be used when a level is complete or in the choose your seeds screen for Big Wave Beach - Day 23.
  • In the 3.0 update, Banana Launcher could be used when it gets sucked in by the Zombot Sharktonic Sub.
  • In the 3.4 update, Fume-shroom could attack in a 1x5 area instead of 1x4 and deal splash damage in the lanes above and below. Its Plant Food ability remained the same.
  • In the 3.4 update, zombies' sound effects or the music cannot be heard, although pausing and unpausing the game fixed this.
  • Occasionally, when you go to Zen Garden, plant a sprout, then water it, and use Bernie the Bee, then exit and go back, you will find the time after the first growth to incredibly long, like 1,926,378 hours, same goes when you change the time of your device. Although, changing the device time to a long time in the future, going back to the game, then reverting the time back to normal will fix this.
  • Prior to the Neon Mixtape Tour Side A update, there was a strange glitch of the inability of ice floes to redirect zombies to other lanes in Frostbite Caves.
  • Prior to the Neon Mixtape Tour Side A update, playing a Piñata Party with an objective, player can see that the level is called "Day 0". It's because the game programmers didn't code the game to use level name for Piñata Parties.

    404 - Day not found! (It says Day 0)

  • In the 3.9 version, when Punk Zombie is warped back by a Thyme Warp and had Magnet-shroom steal its head, it will appear as a headless Punk Zombie and will continue to walk when warped back to the 9th column. this was fixed in the 4.0.1 version.
  • A surfboard in the 3.9.1 version only absorb 2 normal damage before being destroyed. This was fixed in the 4.0.1 version.
  • Before version 4.1.1. the Almanac's Entry of Neon Flag Zombie showed instead a basic Neon Zombie.

    Is Neon Flag Zombie a Neon Zombie with a different almanac entry?

  • When there's a zombie with Plant Food, and you use Thyme Warp at that time, you won't get Plant Food if you kill that warped zombie. This glitch was fixed in 4.1.
  • The seed packets/conveyor belt were shifted down in the iPhone version. This glitch was also fixed in 4.1.1.
  • Before version 4.6, when a Spikerock was stepped on by a zombie, its costume would disappear.
  • Until the 4.7.1 version, Shadow-shrooms remained powered-up in Last Stands without Moonflower.
  • On update 4.6, the Zombot Tuskmaster 10,000 B.C did not spawn zombies, causing no difficulty to the player.
  • On update 4.6, it was possible to lose both Dandelion and Gold Bloom. For the former, the player had to buy it again although it was reported that switching off the device's Wi-Fi and then turning it back on also recovered Dandelion although it did not work all the time. If Gold Bloom was lost, there was no way to recover it other than hacking.
  • On version 5.4.1, sometimes, the projectile's visual splash didn't disappear after they hit a zombie such as peas in this case. Instead, it remained at the point of contact. This has been discovered in Heroes Piñata Party.

    Plants vs. Zombies 2 - Too much Glitch here!

  • In version 5.6.1, a graphical glitch involving the cabbages thrown by Cabbage-pult looked bigger, looking similar to the big cabbages it lobs out in its Plant Food effect. The cabbages, however, still dealt normal damage.
  • In version 5.5, the projectiles from Winter Melons did not rotate when being hurled at zombies.

    Winter Melon Glitch

  • After the 2015 Lawn of Doom Event Update but before the 2015 Feastive Update, all of the planks in the Pirate Seas disappeared and was replaced by a double x. Zombies could still walk on the invisible planks while you could still plant some plants (Cherry Bomb, Spikeweed, etc.).
  • The RNG (random number generator) for the Zombot that Dr. Zomboss would use in Modern Day did not work on the 5.0 update, meaning that the Sphinx-inator was always spawned in Day 32, Tomorrow-tron in Day 33, and Tuskmaster in Day 34. This only happens once the update is installed; if the game was rebooted, the RNG will work.
  • Before ??? version, the Deep Sea Gargantuar used the sun sprite instead of the gargantuar burnt animation if it was defeated using anything that burnt or electrocuted it.
  • Before version ???, the travel log quest was glitched where certain quests were automatically cleared. Points and rewards earned this way was kept by the player.
  • In version 2.7 of the international version, it was possible to view all the plant's almanac even if the player did not unlock that plant's world yet. There was also some placeholder slots for plants that had coding in the game but were not released yet.

    Note the seed pack is not showing the plant

  • In versions 4.4.1 and 4.5.1, there was a glitch that made Blooming Heart broken. Zombies that were hit by its projectile would have either instantly died or less likely, became invincible which would have made the player lose a lawnmower. Should the player used Hypno-shroom on the invincible zombie or let Jester Zombie reflect the projectile back at the plants, it would have allowed the player to easily win the level.
  • Before version 5.9.1, completing a level without collecting the reward and then force closing the app will result in the level not being completed at all; as if it was never attempted at all. Boosts and coins spent were not refunded.
  • Before version ???, the music for Lost City - Day 15 would only have played once instead of looping. This didn't occur in other Lost City levels.
  • Before version ???, the app would crash if on iOS, the player turned the screen around just before the EA logo popped up. This was possibly due to an error in initializing the game as the game never expected the player to turn the screen around. This did not happen on Android.
  • Players who installed the Modern Day Part 2 soft release and finished a Piñata Party before the end of the Valenbrainz event all had Sun sprites, which were used as a placeholder sprite should the actual sprite be missing from the game. In this case, the missing sprites were the Valenbrainz assets (the zombies, background, and the piñatas) as they were deleted from the game. The resulting Sun sprite could not be interacted with, forcing players to kill and relaunch the game.
  • Before version 5.9.1, it was possible to plant a second Tile Turnip on top of the first one if it was done on a Last Stand level.
  • In version 4.1.1, saving and exiting, and then re-entering the following levels: Any Big Wave Beach levels, Neon Mixtape Tour - Day 32, and Frostbite Caves - Day 30, removed certain sprites. This made gameplay look weird but the level still functioned as normal, thus making it a graphical glitch.

    It's the all new Zombot Multi-land Masher! (the Stage is missing and only Dr. Zomboss is visible as part of the boss)

    Tuskmaster on land!

    The glitch in action

  • Before version 5.9.1, pressing the power button twice on Ancient Egypt - Day 18 would caused the screen to not scroll to the zombies.
  • Before version ???, it was possible for Imitater to be the first selected plant by moving the original plant out just before the Imitater was in the Seed selection.
  • Before version ???, Power Lily could give two Plant Food if she was turned into a sheep provided that Wizard Zombie was just about to transform a plant when she was planted at that moment. The first Plant Food was given normally just before she was transformed. The second Plant Food was given when the Wizard Zombie that turned her was killed.
  • Before version ???, it was possible for Celery Stalker to be immune to being transformed by Wizard Zombie if it was about to attack a zombie.
  • Before the Lost City part 2 version update, all the levels in Lost City had no music. Changing the settings did not do anything.
  • Before the 3.6.1 version update, boosting a plant that the player did not have would not have allowed them to use the boosted plant until they unlocked them, wasting their gems.
  • Before the version 5.9.1, it was possible for the Neon Mixtape Tour victory music to be played alongside the defeated Zomboss sound effect.
  • Gem Jam, if you just unlocked the Travel Log and started to play Step 1, you would be able to have Sunflower due to lack of plants.

    Sunflower and its seed packet in Gem Jam Last Stand.

  • Before version ??? (latest before version 7.1.0), if Day 32, 33, or 34 was cleared, instead of the Conehead Zombie Head Piñata, a sun sprite was used.

And your reward is sun!

  • In version 7.5.1, having a Mecha-Football Zombie push an Infi-nut force field would crash the game. This was fixed in 7.6.1.
  • In version 7.6.1, Gold Leaf could not be planted ontop of other plants. This was fixed in 7.6.1.
  • In version 7.5.1, if a Guacodile was planted on a Barrel Roller Zombie or have an ice block or arcade machine pushed on it, the game would crash. This was fixed in 7.6.1.
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