For the free version of the game available for Android, see Plants vs. Zombies FREE.

Plants vs. Zombies Android was released on May 31, 2011. It contains the unique Quick Play feature from the iOS versions. It is a lot like the iPhone and iPod Touch game modes. There is also a similar edition available for Kindle Fire.

On August 18, 2017, this game was removed from the Google Play Store due to issues relating instability in newer versions. However, it can still be purchased on Amazon. If you uninstall this game, your progress will be lost. But the Survival Mode does not include the Hard Levels.


In 2010, there was an unlicensed and somewhat limited clone of Plants vs. Zombies available, called "Plant Guard," however it was soon removed from Android Market. On May 31, 2011, the official version was released exclusively on the Amazon App Store, and on December 14 the same year it was released on Android Market. Feature-wise, it was the same as the Nook and Kindle Fire Editions.

Note: It is incompatible with Androids lower than 2.1 (Eclair Operation System), Motorola DROID series devices, and with Androids of a screen smaller than 3 inches (7.6 centimeters). There's a special version of Plants vs. Zombies for the Kindle Fire. The link on the Amazon Appstore is here.

On June 20, 2013, an update was released adding 17 mini-games, I, Zombie, Vasebreaker, Last Stand, SurvivalZen Garden, and new Achievements to the Android and Kindle Fire editions. The Amazon App Store, however, has only recently given the Kindle Fire edition its update.

On October 31st, 2014, the game was available for free on Kindle Fire devices for a day, in order to celebrate Halloween. The offer ended on November 1st, 2014.


There are a total of 48 achievements for the Android version.



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  • Buttered Popcorn's description is the same as the one for Beghouled Twist.
  • There is a glitch when the player, in the middle of a level, force-exits the game (mirror it) and restart it, the game will respond normally, but the stage music will be Crazy Dave (intro theme).
  • Though this is a fix of a glitch that occurs in the original PC/Mac version, hypnotized Peashooter, and Gatling Pea Zombies will shoot in the right direction, though this was scrapped like the Ice Level in the newer versions.
  • There is also a glitch when the player picked up one seed packet the game will crash.
  • On the Amazon version, the game crashes shortly after launch (approximately 10 seconds), making the game unplayable.


  • The zombies in this version are slightly shorter, have much bigger heads, and have more strands of hair.
  • This version of the game is compatible with vibration.
  • Even though most Android devices can support multi-touch, this version of the game is not compatible with multi-touch.
  • The Zen Garden music is different from the one in the original PC version. The music in the day and water gardens is Grasswalk (Day theme) and the one in the mushroom garden is Moongrains (Night theme).
  • There are only nine seed slots obtainable, instead of ten in the original version. But this is balanced by the existence of mallets.
  • If the player pauses the game and resumes it, the coin count will appear.
  • There is a seperate Android version that has some notable changes such as the usage of the proper Zen Garden music, the removal of the Popcorn Party achievement, the removal of the buttered popcorn minigame, adding multitouch, having glitchy music, and having stretched graphics.
    • The mentioned seperate version will also be the basis of the free version for Android and iPhone.
    • The humble bundle release of this version is yet to be updated because of humble bundle's policy on not having in-app purchases on their published games.
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