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List of upcoming and scrapped content for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.

Laser Goat

The Laser Goat is an unfinished character that is only obtainable through hacking. It is on both the plants and the zombies' side. It has green armor if it's on the plants' side, and dark purple armor if it's on the zombies' side. It can jump high and even has a double jump like the Imp. You can actually see this character in-game currently, but only when someone hacks it in. Its primary weapon currently has an unfinished name, reading "ID_CUS_H_WEAPON_LASERGOAT_PRIMARY" when vanquished by it. Its icon, sounds, and projectiles are the same as Hover Goat-3000's. Its primary weapon has infinite ammo and can overheat, and during the overheat penalty it uses the particle effect from Citron's Orange Beam.


  • Damage Buff Booster Beam - Same as Hover Goat-3000.
  • Healbelch - An ability that heals teammates and Laser Goat. It uses the Heal Beam of Science as a placeholder icon and data from the Mega Heal Bomb for the ability in gameplay. 
  • Impulse Grenade  - An ability that tosses a grenade that explodes and deals 10 damage. It uses both item and icon from the Gravity Grenade.


Game modes

  • Goat Vanquish - Game mode that was leaked a while ago. Its name exists in the code, but nothing else really is there. According to a tweet from Justin Wiebe, this mode for the two goats was supposed to be an alternate mode to Cats vs. Dinos.

Unused/Scrapped abilities

Unknown spike ability

It is confirmed to be a scrapped ability for the Cactus in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

Matrix Tallnut

It is an alternative ability to the Tallnut Battlement, only an icon and an unused buffing effect that would allow the Cactus to deal more damage whenever it got a cover assist. Confirmed to be scrapped.

Sprint Smash Weapon

An ability for the Torchwood that acts similarly to the All-Star's Sprint Tackle ability, Torchwood will rush forward and smash his hand on the floor, dealing 75 damage to all zombies within the radius. Confirmed to be scrapped.

Upcoming/Unused Abilities

Bling Potato Nugget Mines

Bling version of Potato Nugget Mines. They have a unique model and effects but have no icon.

Power Peach

Unused alternative EMPeach. It doesn't stun, but it deals 40 contact damage.

Bling Heal Station

Bling version of the Zombie Heal Station. It has a unique model and effects but has no icon.

Impflier drone

It seems to be a scrapped ability for the Imp. Its primary weapon is a laser and can call in a Cone Strike like Zombot Drone. It had appeared in the E3 trailer for Garden Warfare 2.



Imitater is an unused plant Boss Hunt boss in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. It has the unique ability to transform into various zombie bosses.


  • Unlike other games, the characters it transforms into keep the Imitater's color scheme, face paint, and beret.

Wolf and Pup

Z-Mech that is also identified as a boss. It comes with its own Imp called Renegade Imp in the coding. It would have had 500 health and had 3 abilities:

  • Cluster Cannons: Same effect as the Missile Madness of the regular Z-Mech, seems to home in a lot more.
  • Smokey Motors: It would summon an airstrike the rains down 5 Zombie Stink Clouds.
  • Gravity Missile: It would launch 5 Gravity Grenades at its target(s).

Super Chili Bean

Unused Variation of the Super Bean, in a similar fashion to Giga Gargantuar. Its attacks have red effects instead of blue effects. Has an icon as well. He has his own abilities as well, and they are:

  • Chili Laserbean - A more powerful version of Super Bean's Laserbean ability.
  • Chili Teleport - A teleport ability, although it does not actually work due to the boss' unfinished nature.
  • Explosive Teleport - A teleport ability that also launches Chili Bean Bombs.
  • Chili Warp - Its warp ability, similar to Super Bean's warp ability.
  • Chili Charge - Similar to Super Bean's Overbean ability, except it does way more damage.
  • Chili Twirl - Very unfinished, seems to do no damage at all.

Other Scrapped Bosses

Beet Boxer - Only has an icon.

Orange Juice Robot - Only has an icon.

Crab Machine - Only has an icon.

Wishing Well

Scrapped Well

The Wishing Well

The Wishing Well was part of a scrapped donation system featured in the game, where players could travel to different Backyard Battlegrounds and leave Stars in other players' wishing well. However, this was removed due to cheating and exploit issues that might have occurred.


Unused Story Mode Music

Unused story mode music can be found in the files. It is unknown what they would have been used for, but it is probably there because the story mode background music was going to have two versions.


Sound Description
Plant version
Zombie version

Unused Great White North music

Great White North has 3 unused music tracks, all of which are for the zombies. They would have been used for the zombie takeover tracks, but only one of them was used.


NOTE: Names for these tracks are based off of their filenames. Version 2 is the used version.

Sound Description
Version 1
Version 3
Version 4
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