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The content and images in this article are not fake. They are either unused concepts or scrapped features.
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This article is about upcoming or scrapped features in the respective game. Do not add false information. If you do, it may result in a warning or even a block.

These are the concepts for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. These are not fake, but rather scrapped content and concept art.

Concept art


Gravedigger is an unused class which was an earlier attempt at Scientist. It had a shotgun and planted tombstones which were used as a shield and to raise AI zombies. It also had the Hand Grenade ability which was later considered for Scientist. One of the reasons for his removal was lack of ideas for variants of it. After being scrapped as a class it was planned to become a boss but was once again scrapped due to the developers liking the idea of Baron Von Bats more. Due to this Baron Von Bats is referred to as gravedigger in the files of Garden Warfare files. Its spotting icon and a placeholder Zomboss Slots icon were in the launch day build of Garden Warfare. It can be seen in both Garden Warfare and Garden Warfare 2 in easter eggs and as a zombie in Plants vs. Zombies 3.

Zomboss Factory

Zomboss Factory is an unused map which was was most likely going to be used in Gardens & Graveyards. It has 2 pages dedicated to it in The Art of Plants vs. Zombies. Multiple pieces of concept art related to the map show ZomBotany zombies, it is unknown what they were going to be used for. The idea was reused for the map Z-Tech Factory in Garden Warfare 2. You can see the Zombot assembly line used in the Garden Warfare 2 version in concept art. One of the cabinets from the concept art can be found in the zombie spawn in Driftwood Shores. Part of the map was possibly used in the Boss Mode trailer, as you can see some of the objects from concept art in it. Multiple references to the map can be seen out of bounds in the Garden Warfare 2 version.

Larger Maps

Originally some maps were larger in scale compared to the final version. The three known maps that were larger in concept art are Driftwood Shores, Cactus Canyon and Zomboss Estate. Driftwood Shores originally had 8 objectives, those being: Zomboss Lair, Suburbs, Marina, Docks, Beach, Market, Pirate Museum and the Lighthouse. It had another version which had some differences, that version had: Zomboss Lair, Suburbs, Marina, Docks, Beach, Heritage, Pirate Ship and the Lighthouse. The original version of the final objective had a longer version of the flying part which had the zombies dodge coastal rock formations and go through rings, in the end it was removed to improve the pacing and balance of the objective. Originally the final objective also had the Mega Flower fire a laser at the zombies while the zombies used a laser on-top of a shipwrecked ship to fire back, this was in the end removed due to feeling like the odds were stacked too high for the zombies and was in the end most likely replaced with the Flax Cannons. Cactus Canyon originally had 7 objectives, consisting of: Cemetery, Trailer Park, Motel, Suburbs, Golf Course, Resort and an Airport. In the final game the map was shortened to 5 objectives with the Golf Course being the final one. Originally Zomboss Estate was connected to Suburban Flats as a single map, in the end it was possibly split up into the two maps for being too big for a non Gardens & Graveyards map.

Unused/Scrapped abilities

Zombot Turret

The Zombot Turret was originally an ability for the Engineer. It was presumably the same as the buildable Zombot Turret, but able to be placed anywhere. It was replaced by the Zombot Drone later on into production. It can be seen in the Zombie Class Reveal trailer. Its ability icon can still be found in the files.

Hand Grenade

Hand Grenade was an earlier attempt at the Sticky Explody Ball ability. It would walk towards the enemy and explode once near it. It was originally going to be an ability for Gravedigger, then was considered for Scientist before ultimately being replaced by Sticky Explody Ball. Like the Zombot Turret, its ability icon can still be found in the files.

Sports Juice

The Sports Juice is a scrapped ability for All Star. After drinking the Sports Juice All Star would "hulk out" becoming more bulky. It was probably a limited lasting weapon that would make All Star attack at a close range. It was replaced by the Dummy Shield. The image for the Shield Decoy ability could be a reference to this ability.

Rock Peashooter


It was first seen in a Twitter message by EA. It was scrapped from the first game, but it later appears in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 as Rock Pea.

Dr. Zomboss

Dr. Zomboss was an unused boss. It was seen in the E3 trailer, concept art and multiple pieces of promotional art before ultimately being cut. Some of the assets related to it can still be found inside of the game's files, such as the model itself and the sound effect used in the E3 trailer. Together with the Zombot itself the model also has Dr. Zomboss and the van used in the original Dr. Zomboss boss fight in Plants vs. Zombies. Originally in development it had a level where you could see the Zombot from the neck up and it's arms would come down and hit the player. You would walk to a certain spot and the left arm would hit you. It was removed for overall feeling clunky, due to the animations and Al not working correctly. The Zombot itself later on appeared in Cactus Canyon, Z-Tech Factory and Zombopolis, while Dr. Zomboss himself appeared in the Boss Mode trailer. It was again considered for a boss in Garden Warfare 2, before being cut a second time.

Bungee Zombie

Bungee Zombie was going to be a part of Boss Mode, but was like the other flying AI removed due to requiring a 3D pathfinding solution. It could have also been planned to be a part of the Dr. Zomboss boss fight as the fight used multiple attacks from the Plants vs. Zombies level. Its model and textures together with some code are still in the files.

Mech Gargantuar

Mech Gargantuar is an unused boss. It is unkown why it was cut. The model, textures and Zomboss Slots sound can still be found in the files. It later on appeared in Garden Warfare 2.

Future Imp

Future Imp was a cut enemy. Like the Mech Gargantuar its model and textures can still be found in the files. Also like the Mech Gargantuar, it appears in Garden Warfare 2.

Design a Peashooter contest

These are the top 5 designs that PopCap was deciding to choose between when the Design a Peashooter contest was going on, Out of these, the Plasma Pea became the winner and was added to the game.

Bling Chomper

A possible image of the unused Bling Chomper variant.

The Bling Chomper was one of the original Chomper variant concepts, but it was scrapped for being too underpowered. No more details were shared about it, so it is unknown why it was considered weak. The Disco Chomper from Garden Warfare 2 is vaguely similar to it.

Differences from Plants in Garden Warfare (early) to Garden Warfare (currently)

There are many differences from the old version of Garden Warfare to the current Garden Warfare, such as:


  • The ammo count on the bottom right of the screen was black, along with the plant and zombie projectiles being shown.
  • The animations for the playable plants were different.
  • Scaredy-Shroom and Disco Zombie were originally supposed to be playable characters, but the ideas were scrapped. Instead, Scaredy-Shroom became a spawnable plant, while Disco Zombie became a zombie boss.
  • There were different sounds and audios for the plants and zombies, like Peashooter's voice being high-pitched.
  • The crosshairs for the plants were different.
  • In Garden Ops, there was a "life system". Supposedly, it can be assumed that the plants could instantly revive themselves when vanquished, at the cost of one life.
  • The health icon was a plus instead of a heart.
  • In E3 2013 gameplay, a Zombot appeared in the end and stomped on the Cactus. Afterwards, it never appeared, suggesting that it was originally an unused boss.
  •  You could only plant four Spawnable Plants, those being Peashooter, Gatling Pea, Bonk Choy and Scaredy-Shroom.
  • In Garden Ops, the wave counter was bigger, more darker and had more zombies.
  • Crazy Dave appeared on the top center of the screen. His animations and design were borrowed from the first Plants vs. Zombies, only sped up. However, his audio was borrowed from Plants Vs Zombies 2.
  • When characters used their longer abilities (Sunbeam, Burrow), the abilities were crossed out with an X mark.
  • When a boss appeared, words like "Zomboss Records"(for the Disco Zombie) or "Bring your Imp to Work Day" (for the Gargantuar) would be shown.
  • The death cam was different. It had purple coloring for the words and zoomed in on a plant or zombie.
  • Garden Warfare went under a different logo.



  • The Chili Bean Bomb had a sombrero that looks exactly like the Sombrero Bean Bomb. The bean also had a much more higher pitched voice and took longer to explode.
  • Hyper's icon showed a Repeater at full speed. The Repeater's look is from Plants vs. Zombies 2.


  • His zombie-eating length was shortened. 
  • Spawnable zombies actually attacked the Chomper as opposed to avoiding him.
  • Goop's icon was the same color as the projectile.
  • Burrow had Chomper's "fin" sticking out, making him look like a shark. Also when his "eating" animation was there, the "Dig Power" would continue to stay until he actually ate a zombie.
  • He had 200 health.


  • She had an unused ability where she would drop sunlight from her back. These sundrops would have healed Sunflower and other plants.
  • Heal Beam looked noticeably much larger. 
  • Sunbeam was originally called "Void Ray" and Sunflower would have had a red glow on herself when using it.
  • Heal Flower originally looked like Marigold, and would have had 2 uses, meaning you could plant 2 Heal Flowers.


  • She originally had 100 health.
  • At one point, her weapon was originally called "Semi-Auto Needle" and had 60 ammo.
  • Potato Mine would have had 10 uses.
  • Garlic Drone originally had text saying "Garlic Drone Ready!" when used, and "Corn Strike Ready" when deploying airstrikes, and had a different weapon name called the "Spike Needle". Corn Strike had more corns in earlier gameplay.


Foot Soldier

  • He originally had 33 ammo in his weapon.


  • He was originally called "Scientist Zombie."
  • His weapon had 5 ammo and was called "Zomboss Goo Blaster."