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The content and images in this article are not fake. They are either unused concepts or scrapped features.
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These are the concepts for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. These are not fake, but rather scrapped and upcoming content, and concept art.

Concept art

Rock Peashooter


It was first seen in a Twitter message by EA. It was scrapped from the first game, but it later appears in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 as Rock Pea.

Peashooter's and Sunflower's Rooted abilities


Initial appearance of Peashooter's and Sunflower's rooting ability.

In the first trailer, the rooted abilities of Peashooter and Sunflower looked different from after the game's release as there was no dirt surrounding their roots.



The Zombot was seen in an E3 2013 Demo of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. Its model was never used in the final game, and is likely an unused boss. It does, with a slightly different visual appearance, appear in the Z-Tech Factory and Zombopolis in Garden Warfare 2, as the Ultra-Zombot 6000.

Design a Peashooter contest

These are the top 5 designs that PopCap was deciding to choose between when the Design a Peashooter contest was going on, Out of these, the Plasma Pea became the winner and was added to the game.

Bosses in Gardens & Graveyards

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 6.21.20 pm

A Gargantuar in Driftwood Shores.

In one of the trailers, a Gargantuar is seen running to crush plants on Driftwood Shores. This might have been a mistake, or it was scrapped. There is also a Yeti Zombie seen near the tree garden on Main Street.

Bling Chomper

Garden Warfare Bling Chomper

A possible image of the unused Bling Chomper variant.

The Bling Chomper was one of the original Chomper variant concepts, but it was scrapped for being too underpowered. No more details were shared about it, so it is unknown why it was considered weak. The Disco Chomper from Garden Warfare 2 is vaguely similar to it.

Differences from Plants in Garden Warfare (early) to Garden Warfare (currently)

There are many differences from the old version of Garden Warfare to the current Garden Warfare, such as:


  • The ammo count on the bottom right of the screen were black, along with the plant and zombie projectiles being shown.
  • The animation for the playable plants were different.
  • Scaredy-Shroom and Disco Zombie were originally supposed to be playable characters, but the idea was scrapped. Instead, Scaredy-Shroom became a Spawnable Plant, While Disco Zombie became a zombie boss.
  • There were different sounds and audios from the plants and zombies, like Peashooter's voice being high-pitched.
  • The crosshairs for the plants were different.
  • In Garden Ops, they had a "life system". Supposely, it can be assumed that the plants instantly revive themselves when they go down, at the cost of one life.
  • The health icon was a plus instead of a heart.
  • In E3 2013 gameplay, a Zombot appeared in the end and stomped on the Cactus. Afterwards, it never appeared, suggesting that it was originally an unused boss.
  •  You could only plant four Spawnable Plants, those being Peashooter, Gatling Pea, Bonk Choy and Scaredy-Shroom.
  • In Garden Ops, the wave counter was bigger, more darker and had more zombies.
  • Crazy Dave appeared on the screen instead on the top center. His animations and design are borrowed from Plants Vs Zombies, only sped up. However, his audio are borrowed from Plants Vs Zombies 2.
  • When characters use their longer abilities: (Sunbeam, Burrow) the abilities were crossed out with an X mark.
  • Some plants had different sound effects and their projectile sounds were different.
  • When a boss appeared, words like "Zomboss Records"( for Disco Zombie) or "Bring your Imp to Work Day" (for the Gargantuar) would be shown.
  • The death cam was different. It had purple coloring for the words and zoomed in on a plant or zombie.
  • Garden Warfare went under a different logo.



  • The Chili Bean Bomb had a sombrero that looks exactly like the Sombrero Bean Bomb. The bean also had a much more higher pitched voice and took longer to explode.
  • Hyper's icon showed a Repeater at full speed. The Repeater's look is from Plants vs. Zombies 2.


  • Him eating a zombie was shortened. 
  • Zombies actually attacked the Chomper as opposed to avoiding him.
  • Goop's icon was the same color as the projectile.
  • Burrow had Chomper's "fin" sticking out, making him look like a shark. Also when his "eating" animation was there, the "Dig Power" would continue to stay until he actually ate a zombie.
  • He had 200 health.


  •  She had an unused ability where she would drop sunlight from her back. These sundrops would've healed Sunflower and other plants.
  •  Heal Beam looked noticeably much larger. 
  •  Sunbeam was originally called "Void Ray" and she would've had a red glow on herself.
  •  Heal Flower originally looked like Marigold, and would've had 2 uses, meaning you could've planted 2 Heal Flowers.


  • Cactus originally had 100 health.
  • At one point, her weapon was originally called " Semi-Auto Needle" and had 60 ammo.
  • Potato Mine would've had 10 uses.
  • Garlic Drone originally had words saying "Garlic Drone Ready!" when used, and "Corn Strike Ready" when deploying airstrikes, and had a different weapon name called the "Spike Needle". Corn Strike had more corns in earlier gameplay.


Foot Soldier:

  • He originally had 33 ammo in his weapon.


  • He was originally called "Scientist Zombie"
  • His weapon had 5 ammo and was called "Zomboss Goo Blaster"
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