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The comic's cover.

Plants vs. Zombies: Dino-Might is the sixth graphic novel about the Plants vs. Zombies series that was published on February 13th, 2019, and is available to buy for $9.99 at[1] The comic revolves around Dr. Zomboss trying to destroy all the lawns in Neighborville, and the zany antics involved.


Dr. Zomboss and Mr. Stubbins are going to the supermarket.

Book information

  • Writer: Paul Tobin
  • Artist: Ron Chan
  • Colorist: Heather Breckel
  • Cover Artist: Ron Chan
  • Genre: Humor, Action/Adventure, Kids
  • Number of Pages: 88 pages

Shop description

"When Dr. Zomboss sets his sights on destroying the yards in town and rendering the plants homeless without anywhere to grow, it's up to Nate, Patrice, Crazy Dave, and the plants to stop him! However, it turns out that those plans include dogs, cats, rabbits, hammock sloths, and even more pets, plus dinosaurs, making things a lot zanier!"

  • Written by multiple Eisner Award-winner Paul Tobin with Ron Chan on art!

Comic preview


  • The book's title is a pun on the word "dynamite," an explosive that has been used several times in the series.
    • The title itself comes from the dinosaurs that are featured on the cover and in the plot.
    • The title is a reference to a level from Crash Bandicoot: Warped.


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