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The content and images in this article are not fake. They are either unused concepts or scrapped features.
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This article is about upcoming or scrapped features in the respective game. Do not add false information. If you do, it may result in a warning or even a block.

These are the concepts for Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. These are not fake, but rather scrapped ideas, or early images taken during development.


Hey You

An unused icon for an ability called "Hey You" is located within the game's files. Its icon suggests it was meant for the Acorn. It likely was meant to attract other Acorns to its location, as it's internally called "AcornCallingAcorn".

A colorless version of this icon was put in an activity sheet [1] released for Feastivus 2019.

Astronaut Dock

An unused icon for an ability called "Astronaut Dock" is located within the game's files. Its icon suggests that, similar to Acorn's "Hey You", it was an ability for Space Cadets to find each other. Its internal name, like Acorn's "Hey You" ability, is "AstronautCallingAstronaut"

Cannon Rodeo

An unused icon resembling Cannon Rodeo from Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 was found in an activity sheet released for Feastivus 2019. It is likely the ability was scrapped in favor for Anchor's Away to better fit Captain Deadbeard's more defensive style.

Feastivus Activity Sheet Beta Icons

For Feastivus 2019, multiple activity sheets were released. On three of these sheets are multiple icons for abilities that seem to be from an earlier build. It is unknown why these icons were used instead of the current ones. Noticeable parts of these sheets include -

  • Unused Hey You! and Cannon Rodeo ability icons.
  • A Kernel Corn icon left completely unused. Its position makes it likely this was meant for Shuck Shot.
  • Hyper Jump Thump facing a different direction than the finished icon.
  • Rocket Ride's color is blue rather than purple.
  • Sprint Tackle's color is blue rather than pink.
  • Fung Fu's coloring is slightly darker than its finished icon.
    • A different activity sheet shows a Fung-Fu icon with one less surrounding shadow.


All videos were provided by The One and Only NM.

Early renditions

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