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This page records the beta content of Plants vs. Zombies. There are unused graphics, texts, and mini-games that still remain in the game's coding. There are also earlier ideas for the game. These concepts began production in 2007.

Early names

Before the game came out, PopCap came up with many different names for it, but ultimately Plants vs. Zombies was chosen. Some of the scrapped names still were reused later.

Concept art

As seen in earlier concept art for the game, the player was going to fight against aliens rather than zombies. This concept is used from another PopCap game, Insaniquarium. Some sketches show plants that did not appear in the final version. It also suggests that Jalapeno was going to be bound to the ground.

Unused text

We need more gems and sprouts.
This section is currently under construction. You can help expand it; it's your choice.

Most of the text is stored in main.pak/properites/LawnStrings.txt.

Dog Walking Zombie

Dog Zombie

Propeller Zombie

Names of cut zombies.

Dog Walking Zombie description

Dog Zombie description

Propeller Zombie description

Placeholder description text for said cut zombies above.

TEMP - Dave put more vases on your lawn!

The shovel needs time to refresh before digging again

In the final game, the shovel can always be used instantly, probably due to it being to difficult to deal with.

More vases incoming!
{STREAK} of 3 waves cleared

These lines were probably used in Level 4-5 (Vasebreaker) before Crazy Dave's proper dialog was implemented.

Do not be alarmed
Plants are not real

This text was probably used in I, Zombie puzzles before Crazy Dave's proper introductions were implemented.

Survival mode unlocked!
Play it from the main menu!

This suggests that Survival mode was once a from a present item. It's not unlocked from a present item anymore, so this text goes unused.

You have defeated the Boss Zombie!

Congratulations!  You have most triumphantly fended off the zombie attack!  Your lawn is safe... for now!

This message was used in the pre-GOTY version, but became unused in the GOTY version; when you beat the final boss, the "achievements unlocked" screen will appear, but this message is not be displayed.


Mysterious Vase

You found a Mysterious Vase!

Now you can play
Vasebreaker Mode!

In the final game, unlocking puzzle mode also unlocks I, Zombie and vasebreaker mode.

More seeds?

Would you like to be able to plant more kinds of seeds?

These lines were probably used when the player was offered to increase the number of their seed slots before Crazy Dave's dialog was introduced.


Another warning, but this time a Zombatar warning.

Do you wish to replay level 3-4?

Shown when the demo is completed, as it ends on 3-4.

Vasebreaker Facebreaker

An unused Vasebreaker level.


Likely a leftover from the cut Squirrel minigame

Explodes on contact

A tool-tip for the Explode-o-nut


  • Dog Walking Zombie, Dog Zombie, and Propeller Zombie were going to appear in the game but were taken out and there are no sprites for them but artwork.
  • The shovel had to be recharged before it could be used again.
  • Survival Mode was going to be available from a present item but now it is unlocked after beating Adventure Mode for the first time.
  • There was supposed to be a Mysterious Vase that unlocks Vasebreaker mode, but in the final game, unlocking puzzle mode also unlocks I, Zombie and Vasebreaker mode.

Unused graphics


  • The unused zombie vase makes its debut Plants vs. Zombies 2 using a different design and color, and would always spawn a Vase Gargantuar.
  • The Gladiator Gargantuar in Plants vs. Zombies 2 wears headwear similar to the unused one.

Early and Unused plants and zombies

Rich Werner's (artist of Plants vs. Zombies) concept art on his website shows unused plants, zombies or some early designs.


  • Some of the unused plants were planned to make it into Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars, but have been scrapped.
  • The concept of Garlic makes it look like a vampire, which is ironic since vampires traditionally have a weakness to garlic.
  • Some plants in their concept page have armor.
  • The Pole Vaulting Zombie concept appears to be a zombie with a concussion, wearing a hospital gown.
  • Magnet-shroom was going to look like a mushroom with a magnet welded to its head.
  • Sea-shroom was originally going to have no cap and have leaves or seaweed.
  • There was a "timestopper plant" that was basically an apple as a clock face, which was removed because it made the game unfun to play while that ability was popping off.
  • The beehive plant originally functioned just like Cactus, countering a propeller zombie. The devs replaced the zombie with Balloon Zombie, and, quoting George Fan, "the “pointiness” of the projectile was more important than the “flyingness”, which lead to it being replaced by Cactus.

Earlier gameplay

As seen in earlier screenshots of the game, Snow Pea was going to cost 200 sun, Tangle Kelp was going to be a ground plant, and plants were given via conveyor style, but the player still needed sun to plant them. Possibly, players were going to select the rating of getting plants on the conveyor belt.

Also, in October 2007 when the name was "Lawn of the Dead", the progress bar was shorter, the Sunflower costed 100 sun, the sun amount was near the right side of the screen, the lawn was zoomed in more, the lawnmowers were closer to the grass, and Potato Mine cost 50 sun instead of 25 sun and was bigger, as wide as a grass tile. Like the Snow Pea, Chomper originally costed 200 sun, and in an Ice World, the Wall-nut costs 75 sun.

Limbo Page

Main article: Limbo Page

The Limbo Page


The Limbo Page completed

The Limbo Page is a hidden amount of data in the PC version of Plants vs. Zombies that contains ten mini-games, along with four variations on Survival: Endless, that were going to be added to the game, but were eventually canceled and removed from the game. It is possible to access this page via using third-party memory editing programs such as Cheat Engine and changing specific data values.

Removed achievements

These achievements were originally intended for the iOS version but were removed. They are still hidden in the coding for the game, albeit disabled.

  • Disrespect The Dead - Remove 10 graves during a single nighttime level.
  • Heavy Weapons - Complete Last Stand using only Cob Cannons to kill zombies.
  • Zen Profit - Earn a total of 100,000 coins through your Zen Garden.
  • May Not Contain Nuts - Defeat a nighttime level without using Wall-nuts or Tall-nuts.
  • Even Morticulturalist - Use every Plant at least once.
  • Beat It - Defeat a Dancing Zombie before he summons Backup Dancers.
  • Gold Farmer - Plant 5 Marigolds and a Gold Magnet in a single level.
  • Face To Face - Complete a level with Digger Zombies without any of them reaching the left side of your lawn.

Ice Area

Main article: Ice Level

An ice-themed area was planned to be made, due to the popularity of the Zombie Bobsled Team. Yeti Zombie was supposed to appear here as a regular Zombie, as well as Santa zombies with unknown purposes. However, certain concepts would later be used in Frostbite Caves. There is still data for this area, though it's heavily incomplete.

Unused zombie seed packets

There exists unused seed packets for the Zomboni and the Pogo Zombie in the final game, presumably to be used for I, Zombie levels. They can only be obtained via hacking and do not crash when planted.


These zombies have unusual appearances and behavior when selected:

  • The Zomboni has its front end cut off when selected, making it look quite awkward.
  • The Pogo Zombie ignores the brains if he is still on his pogo stick.

Other beta screens


Plants Vs Zombies Zombotany Beta Music

Plants Vs Zombies Zombotany Beta Music. Zombies - Zombotany Beta Music (Unreleased Track)

The song, "Zombotany".

After the game was released, a Plants vs. Zombies soundtrack was released afterward. In the soundtrack, it included an unused soundtrack originally designed for the battle with Dr. Zomboss. It was not included in the final release because the "intense" parts of the track weren't long enough to sustain the entire Dr. Zomboss battle, but portions of it are scattered throughout the game's released songs in the form of a leitmotif.

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