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Plants are living organisms that belong to the Plantae kingdom. They obtain most of their energy from sunlight in a process called photosynthesis. However, not all plants absorb energy via photosynthesis. They are the protagonists of Plants vs. Zombies Social Edition and the player's main defense against the undead assailants.

List of plants

Recharge time:

Plant Image Description Sun cost Recharge
Peashooter Peashooter1.png Peashooters are your first line of defense. They shoot peas at attacking zombies. 100 Fast
Sunflower Sunflower1.png Sunflowers are essential for you to produce extra sun. Try planting as many as you can! 50 Fast
Cherry Bomb Cherry Bomb1.png Cherry Bombs can blow up all zombies in an area. They have a short fuse so plant them near zombies. 150 Very slow
Wall-nut Wall-nut1.png Wall-nuts have hard shells which you can use to protect your other plants. 50 Slow
Potato Mine Potato Mine1.png Potato Mines pack a powerful punch, but they need a while to arm themselves. You should plant them ahead of zombies. They will explode on contact. 25 Slow
Chomper Chomper1.png Chompers can devour a zombie whole, but they are vulnerable while chewing. 150 Fast
Repeater Repeater1.png Repeaters fire two peas at a time. 200 Fast
Puff-shroom Puff-shroom1.png Puff-shrooms are cheap, but can only fire a short distance. 0 Fast
Scaredy-shroom Scaredy-shroom1.png Scaredy-shrooms are long-ranged shooters that hide when enemies get near them. 25 Fast
Snow Pea Snow Pea1.png Snow Peas shoot frozen peas that damage and slow the enemy. 175 Fast
Sun-shroom Sun-shroom1.png Sun-shrooms give small sun at first and normal sun later. 25 Fast
Fume-shroom Fume-shroom1.png Fume-shrooms shoot fumes that can pass through screen doors. 75 Fast
Grave Buster Grave Buster1.png Plant Grave Busters on graves to remove the graves. 75 Fast
Lily Pad Lily Pad1.png Lily pads let you plant non-aquatic plants on top of them. 25 Fast
Squash Squash1.png Squashes will smash the first zombie that gets close to it. 50 Slow
Spikeweed Spikeweed1.png Spikeweeds pop tires and hurt any zombies that step on them. 100 Fast
Tangle Kelp Tangle Kelp1.png Tangle Kelp are aquatic plants that pull the first zombie that nears them underwater. 25 Slow
Torchwood Torchwood1.png Torchwoods turn peas that pass through them into fireballs that deal twice as much damage. 175 Fast
Sea-shroom Sea-shroom1.png Sea-shrooms are aquatic plants that shoot short ranged spores. 0 Slow
Jalapeno Jalapeno1.png Jalapenos destroy an entire lane of zombies. 125 Very Slow
Coffee Bean Coffee Bean1.png Use Coffee Beans to wake up sleeping mushrooms. 75 Fast
Tall-nut Tall-nut1.png Tall-nuts are heavy-duty wall plants that can't be vaulted over. 125 Slow
Pumpkin Pumpkin1.png Pumpkins protect plants that are within their shells. 125 Slow
Magnet-shroom Magnet-shroom1.png Magnet-shrooms remove helmets and other metal objects from zombies. 100 Fast
Blover Blover1.png Blovers blow away all balloon zombies and fog. 100 Fast
Melon-pult Melon-pult1.png Melon-pults do heavy damage to groups of zombies. 300 Fast
Cactus Cactus1.png Cactuses shoot spikes that can hit both ground and air targets. 125 Fast
Pickled Pepper* Pickled PepperSE.png Pickled Pepper can destroy an entire vertical line of zombies. 125 Very slow
Icy Fume-shroom* Icy Fume-shroomSE.png Icy Fume-shrooms shoot icy fumes that slow zombies, and can pass through screen doors. 200 Fast
Fire-shroom* Fire-shroomSE.png Fire-shrooms heavily burns nearby zombies. 75 Slow
Flamewood* FlamewoodSE.png Flamewood can turn peas that pass through him into a flame ball, increasing the damage of the peas. 300 Fast
Vine-nut* Vine-nutSE.png Vine-nuts block zombies, cannot be jumped over and damage nearby zombies. 250 Slow
Twin Sunflower* Twin Sunflower1.png Twin Sunflowers give twice as much sun as a normal sunflower. 150 Very slow
Gatling Pea* Gatling Pea1.png Gatling Peas shoot four peas at a time. 250 Very slow
Gloom-shroom* Gloom-shroom1.png Gloom-shrooms release heavy fumes in an area around themselves. 150 Very slow
Winter Melon* Winter Melon1.png Winter Melons do heavy damage and slow groups of zombies. 200 Very slow
Super Chomper* Super ChomperSE.png Super Chomper can swallow all zombies in front of them, but are very fragile when chewing. 150 Fast
Future Star*' Future StarSE.png Future Stars can launch milk stars in five directions at once. 125 Fast
Calm Chuck* Calm ChuckSE.png Calm Chuck protect plants that are within their shells. 75 Slow

* Is a premium plant.

' Is a plant that replaces one of the existing plants.


  • The last three plants are sponsors for various products.
  • Despite being a premium plant, Future Star has a the seed packet for a normal plant.

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