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Plants are living organisms that belong to the Plantae kingdom. They obtain most of their energy from sunlight in a process called photosynthesis. However, not all plants absorb energy via photosynthesis. They are the protagonists of Plants vs. Zombies Heroes and the player's main defense against the undead assailants.

In this game, they are also 1 of 2 playable sides, the other being the zombies.

List of Plant Heroes

Plant Heroes
Name Pic Class Signature Superpower Other Superpowers Description
Green Shadow
Green ShadowH.png
PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png
PvZH Smarty Icon.png
Precision Blast Big Chill
Little known fact: When she takes off the cape and mask, she goes by the name Penelopea.
Solar Flare
Solar FlareH.png
PvZH Kabloom Icon.png
PvZH Solar Icon.png
Sunburn Weed Whack
More Spore
Scorched Earth
When she's on fire, she's on FIRE. And so are the Zombies.
PvZH Guardian Icon.png
PvZH Solar Icon.png
Uncrackable Geyser
Nut Signal
Bubble Up
He's a great guy - he just sometimes has a hard time coming out of his shell.
PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png
PvZH Solar Icon.png
Devour Holo-Flora
Scorched Earth
She flosses after every meal and still, Zombie Breath is a real problem.
PvZH Kabloom Icon.png
PvZH Guardian Icon.png
Tater Toss Bubble Up
Storm Front
Meteor Strike
Always tries to keep his head in tough situations. Always loses it.
PvZH Guardian Icon.png
PvZH Smarty Icon.png
Peel Shield Transmogrify
Nut Signal
Root Wall
Wanted to be a poet, but couldn't find anything that rhymed with orange.
Grass Knuckles
Grass KnucklesH.png
PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png
PvZH Guardian Icon.png
Power Pummel Holo-Flora
Time to Shine
Root Wall
He's the best at what he does... and what he does is punching!
PvZH Kabloom Icon.png
PvZH Smarty Icon.png
Mush-Boom More Spore
Storm Front
He's a fun guy.
PvZH Smarty Icon.png
PvZH Solar Icon.png
Goatify Transmogrify
Big Chill
Weed Whack
Refuses to be nerfed.
Captain Combustible
Captain CombustibleH.png
PvZH Kabloom Icon.png
PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png
Blazing Bark Meteor Strike
Time to Shine
If you want to see him blow his top, try calling him "Stumpy". Go on. Try it.
PvZH Guardian Icon.png
PvZH Smarty Icon.png
Genetic Amplification Ensign Uproot
Lieutenant Carrotron
Lightspeed Seed
As leader of the Plant-etary Guard, she's ready to root out Zombies wherever they crop up.
Signature Superpowers
Hero Name Pic Class Tribe Ability SunPvZH.png Cost Description
Green Shadow Precision Blast Precision BlastH.png PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png
PvZH Smarty Icon.png
Pea Superpower Trick Attack for 5 damage in the middle lane. 1 Green Shadow's approach is right down the middle.
Solar Flare Sunburn SunburnH.png PvZH Kabloom Icon.png
PvZH Solar Icon.png
Flower Superpower Trick Do 2 damage.
You get +1SunPvZH.png for the rest of the game.
1 Solar Flare never met a sunscreen strong enough to stop her.
Wall-Knight Uncrackable UncrackableH.png PvZH Guardian Icon.png
PvZH Solar Icon.png
Nut Superpower Trick Your Hero can't be hurt this turn.
Draw a card.
1 Wall-Knight laughs, "A thousand broken nutcrackers tell the story."
Chompzilla Devour DevourH.png PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png
PvZH Solar Icon.png
Flytrap Superpower Trick Destroy a Zombie with the lowest Health. 1 Chompzilla enjoys eating Zombies whole. She does not enjoy the indigestion that follows.
Spudow Tater Toss Tater TossH.png PvZH Kabloom Icon.png
PvZH Guardian Icon.png
Root Superpower Trick Make a Hothead. 1 Spudow is one tranquil tuber. Still, sometimes he loses his head.
Citron Peel Shield Peel ShieldH.png PvZH Guardian Icon.png
PvZH Smarty Icon.png
Fruit Superpower Trick Plants can't be hurt this turn.
Draw a card.
1 Orange you glad Citron is here to protect you?
Grass Knuckles Power Pummel Power PummelH.png PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png
PvZH Guardian Icon.png
Leafy Superpower Trick Attack for 2 damage in each Ground lane. 1 "Knuckle sandwiches for all my enemies!"
Nightcap Mush-Boom Mush-BoomH.png PvZH Kabloom Icon.png
PvZH Smarty Icon.png
Mushroom Superpower Trick Make a Poison Mushroom.
Do 2 damage to a Zombie there.
1 Night Cap and his mushroom friends are not to be truffled with.
Rose Goatify GoatifyH.png PvZH Smarty Icon.png
PvZH Solar Icon.png
Flower Superpower Trick Transform a Zombie with the highest Attack into a 1StrengthPvZH.png/1HeartPvZH.png Goat. 1 Rose turns Zombies into goats because... GOATS!
Captain Combustible Blazing Bark Blazing BarkH.png PvZH Kabloom Icon.png
PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png
Tree Superpower Trick A Plant gets +4StrengthPvZH.png. 1 Captain Combustible knows how to light a fire under his teammates.
Beta-Carrotina Genetic Amplification Genetic AmplificationH.png PvZH Guardian Icon.png
PvZH Smarty Icon.png
Root Superpower Trick Conjure a 2SunPvZH.png-cost Plant. It gets +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png, Amphibious, and Team-Up. 1 The modifications are controversial, sure. But the results are hard to argue with.

List of Plants

The following is a list of every plant that appears in this game with their characteristics. To see more of each plant, click on the link that takes to the plant page. This list is ordered in a sun cost order (from the lowest to the highest), except for tricks and superpowers that are displayed at the end of each class.

Name Pic Tribe Ability SunPvZH.png Cost StrengthPvZH.png Strength HeartPvZH.png Health Description
PvZH Guardian Icon.png Guardian
Basic - Common
Small-Nut Small-NutH.png Nut Plant - 1 1 1 A violin virtuoso, Small-Nut began taking lessons when he was still in the shell.
Sting Bean Sting BeanH.png Bean Pea Plant Amphibious
PvZH Truestrike Icon.pngBullseye
1 1 2 "I try to warn them, "This is going to sting." But the Zombies, they never listen."
Wall-Nut Wall-NutH.png Nut Plant Team-Up 1 0 6 Works well with others. Says so, right there on his resume.
Pismashio PismashioH.png Nut Plant - 2 2 3 "I'm a kind of ice cream! Sort of!"
Spineapple SpineappleH.png Fruit Plant When played: Plants with no Strength get +2StrengthPvZH.png. 3 0 3 Don't let his gruff exterior fool you, he is always looking out for the little guy.
Premium - Uncommon
Potato Mine Potato MineH.png Root Plant Team-Up
When destroyed: Do 2 damage to a Zombie here.
1 0 1 "I'm starchy and explosive!"
Cactus CactusH.png Cactus Flower Plant PvZH Truestrike Icon.pngBullseye 2 1 5 "It's true. I'm prickly on the outside but spongy on the inside."
Gardening Gloves Gardening GlovesH.png Trick Move a Plant.
Draw a card.
2 - - Made of the softest fabric for that gentle Plant touch.
Sea-Shroom Sea-ShroomH.png Mushroom Plant Amphibious 2 2 2 Teaches swimming lessons to disadvantaged Plants in his spare time.
Water Chestnut Water ChestnutH.png Root Nut Plant Amphibious
2 0 8 "300 laps a day, every day. That's how I do it."
Pea-Nut Pea-NutH.png Pea Nut Plant Team-Up 3 2 4 "Mom was a Peashooter. Dad was a nut. Everyone said it wouldn't work, but they were wrong."
Steel Magnolia Steel MagnoliaH.png Flower Plant When played: Plants here and next door get +2HeartPvZH.png. 3 2 2 She's got nerves of steel... and everything else of steel!
Galactic - Uncommon
Photosynthesizer PhotosynthesizerH.png Trick A Plant gets +2HeartPvZH.png.
Conjure a Galactic Gardens card.
1 - - "The galaxy is one beautiful melody, so play!"
Spikeweed Sector Spikeweed SectorH.png Root Environment Before combat here: Do 2 damage to a Zombie here. 2 - - Quite similar to the region known as Pokey Province.
Plantern PlanternH.png Tree Root Plant While in an Environment: This gets +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png and PvZH Truestrike Icon.pngBullseye. 3 3 3 Past job experience includes: Shooing away creepy fog.
Colossal - Uncommon
Grape Responsibility Grape ResponsibilityH.png Berry Trick Double a Plant's HeartPvZH.png. 1 - - When you think of responsibility, think of grapes.
Primal Potato Mine Primal Potato MineH.png Root Plant When destroyed: Do 3 damage to a Zombie here. 1 0 1 Hidden long ago in Hollow Earth, Dinosaurs ran rampant in The Land Before Mine.
Triassic - Uncommon
Grizzly Pear Grizzly PearH.png Fruit Animal Plant Amphibious 5 5 4 It's true what they say, "Never get between a Grizzly Pear and her cub." Doubly true for Zombies.
Premium - Rare
Grave Buster Grave BusterH.png Root Trick Destroy a Gravestone. 2 - - "MUST. DESTROY. GRAVES."
Hibernating Beary Hibernating BearyH.png Animal Berry Plant When hurt: This gets +4StrengthPvZH.png. 3 0 8 Don't poke the beary.
Prickly Pear Prickly PearH.png Cactus Fruit Plant Team-Up
When hurt: Do 4 damage to a Zombie here.
4 0 4 "You hurt me, I hurt you. That's how this works."
Smackadamia SmackadamiaH.png Nut Plant Amphibious
When played: Your Nuts get +2HeartPvZH.png.
5 4 4 Smackadamia wasn't born with smack smarts. He studied hard. He's a smackademic.
Tough Beets Tough BeetsH.png Root Plant PvZH Armored Icon.pngArmored 1
When played: This gets +1HeartPvZH.png for each Plant and Zombie.
5 6 1 He grew up on the wrong side of the garden.
Galactic - Rare
Cosmic Nut Cosmic NutH.png Nut Plant When played: Conjure a Nut, and its StrengthPvZH.png becomes 3StrengthPvZH.png. 4 3 3 A staunch believer in numerology, he'll go on at length about the significance of the number 3 if you let him.
Starch-Lord Starch-LordH.png Root Plant When you play another Root, that Root gets +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png.
Start of turn: Conjure a Root.
4 2 4 His destiny is written in the starch.
Colossal - Rare
Blockbuster BlockbusterH.png Root Plant PvZH Truestrike Icon.pngBullseye
Plant Evolution: Destroy all Gravestones here and next door.
4 3 3 They call it a graveyard. She calls it a buffet.
Triassic - Rare
Pumpkin Shell Pumpkin ShellH.png Squash Plant Fusion: A Plant played on this gets +2StrengthPvZH.png/+4HeartPvZH.png. 3 2 4 "Build your house on a solid foundation," they said. "Build your house on pumpkin."
Premium - Super-Rare
Jugger-Nut Jugger-NutH.png Nut Plant PvZH Armored Icon.pngArmored 1
PvZH Truestrike Icon.pngBullseye
2 2 2 What's better than a Wall-Nut? A Wall-Nut in a suit of armor, that's what.
Guacodile GuacodileH.png Fruit Animal Plant Amphibious
When destroyed: Do 4 damage to a Zombie here.
4 4 3 "Technically I'm a food, not a Plant."
Mirror-Nut Mirror-NutH.png Nut Plant Team-Up
When your Nuts get hurt, do 2 damage to the Zombie Hero.
4 0 8 Dressed up as a mirrorball for a disco-themed party. Never looked back.
Doom-Shroom Doom-ShroomH.png Mushroom Trick Destroy all Plants and Zombies with 4StrengthPvZH.png or more. 5 - - "I could destroy everything you hold dear. It wouldn't be hard."
Galactic - Super-Rare
Galacta-Cactus Galacta-CactusH.png Cactus Flower Plant PvZH Truestrike Icon.pngBullseye
When destroyed: Do 1 damage to everything.
1 2 2 "I take pity on no one. For I am Galacta-Cactus!"
Force Field Force FieldH.png Environment Plants here can't be hurt. 4 - - It's a force of nature.
Gravitree GravitreeH.png Fruit Tree Plant PvZH Armored Icon.pngArmored 1
When a Zombie is played, move it here.
6 7 7 The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Neither does anything else.
Colossal - Super-Rare
Three-Nut Three-NutH.png Pea Nut Plant When a Plant is played: That plant's StrengthPvZH.png becomes 3StrengthPvZH.png. 3 3 2 They say two heads are better than one. Three-Nut just took the next evolutionary step.
Triassic - Super-Rare
Primal Wall-Nut Primal Wall-NutH.png Nut Plant Team-Up
When played: Conjure a card that costs 4SunPvZH.png or more.
3 0 9 You can't be destroyed by a Rolling Stone when you basically are a Rolling Stone.
Marine Bean Marine BeanH.png Bean Animal Plant Amphibious
When played: This gets +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png for each other Amphibious Plant.
3 3 2 Of course beans evolved gills. How else would they breathe underwater?
Premium - Legendary
Poppin' Poppies Poppin' PoppiesH.png Flower Plant When played: Make Lil' Buddies here and next door. 6 4 4 Makes friends wherever she goes.
Soul Patch Soul PatchH.png Flower Root Plant PvZH Armored Icon.pngArmored 1
If your Hero would get hurt, this gets hurt instead.
7 5 10 Has been gently encouraging Cherry Bomb and Sour Grapes to attend his meditation class.
Wall-Nut Bowling Wall-Nut BowlingH.png Nut Trick Make a Wall-Nut in each Ground lane.
Attack for 6 damage in those lanes.
9 - -

Ugly shoes not required!

Galactic - Legendary
Body-Gourd Body-GourdH.png Squash Plant Team-Up
When played: Fill your Super-Block Meter to full.
5 3 6 He moonlights as a decorative center piece during the fall.
Pecanolith PecanolithH.png Nut Plant All Plants and Zombies attack using their HeartPvZH.png instead of their StrengthPvZH.png. 5 0 7 No one knows where he came from. He just appeared one day. But everyone who comes in contact with him feels... changed somehow.
Colossal - Legendary
Tricarrotops TricarrotopsH.png Root Animal Plant PvZH Truestrike Icon.pngBullseye
Dino-Roar: This gets +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png.
2 1 3 Beta-Carrotina tracked Huge-Gigantacus all the way down the Meteor-Z-carved tunnel to Hollow Earth. Carrots there had evolved in a very different direction.
Triassic - Legendary
Loco Coco Loco CocoH.png Fruit Nut Plant When played: Make Wall-Nuts next door.
Nut Evolution: All Plants with no StrengthPvZH.png get +3StrengthPvZH.png.
6 3 4 He crowned himself King of All Hollow Earth. No one had the heart to tell him it was actually a parliamentary democracy.
Forget-Me-Nuts Forget-Me-NutsH.png Flower Nut Plant Zombie Tricks cost 1BrainPvZH.png more. 1 2 1 "I'd forget my own flower if it wasn't stuck to my head. Wait, what were we talking about?"
Garlic GarlicH.png Root Plant Team-Up
When a Zombie hurts this, move that Zombie to the left. If it's a Vimpire, destroy it.
1 1 5 "Vimpires. They're the worst. I don't like to use the word "hate" but yeah, I hate 'em."
Corn Dog Corn DogH.png Corn Animal Plant Amphibious Hunt 2 3 2 "Who's a good vegetable? You are! Yes, you are!"
Hot Date Hot DateH.png Fruit Plant When played: Move a Zombie to this lane.
When destroyed: Do 3 damage to a Zombie here.
2 0 1 He's a hot commodity on dating sites such as eGardening,, and OKTulip.
Health-Nut Health-NutH.png Nut Plant This attacks using its HeartPvZH.png instead of its StrengthPvZH.png. 3 0 4 He always skips leg day.
Pear Cub Pear CubH.png Fruit Animal Plant Amphibious
When destroyed: Make a Grizzly Pear here.
3 1 1 So cute and cuddly and ... wait, what's that growling sound?
Shamrocket ShamrocketH.png Leafy Pinecone Trick Destroy a Zombie with 4StrengthPvZH.png or more. 3 - - The bigger they are, the harder they go boom.
Red Stinger Red StingerH.png Flower Plant Team-Up
When played behind a Plant: This becomes 7StrengthPvZH.png/2HeartPvZH.png.
4 2 7 "I do stretching exercises every morning," he says. "It's important to stay physically and mentally nimble."
Hothead HotheadH.png Root Plant Team-Up
When destroyed: Do 6 damage to a Zombie here.
3 0 1 Sure, he has an explosive temper. But for the most part, he's pretty even peeled.
Bubble Up Bubble UpH.png Superpower Trick Move a Plant. It gets +4HeartPvZH.png. 1 - - Who doesn't like bubbles? Zombies...that's who.
Nut Signal Nut SignalH.png Nut Superpower Trick Make a Wall-Nut.
Draw a card.
1 - - Call on Wall-Nut any time. His schedule is wide open.
Root Wall Root WallH.png Root Superpower Trick A Plant gets +2HeartPvZH.png and can't be hurt this turn. 1 - - A good way to root for the Plants.
Ensign Uproot Ensign UprootH.png Root Superpower Plant When played: Move another Plant or Zombie. 1 2 2 His mighty tractor beam is straight off the farm and out of this world.
PvZH Kabloom Icon.png Kabloom
Basic - Common
Button Mushroom Button MushroomH.png Mushroom Plant - 1 1 1 Everyone's always telling her, "You're cute as a button!" But she's not just cute. She's smart and funny too.
Berry Blast Berry BlastH.png Berry Trick Do 3 damage. 2 - - Vicious AND nutritious.
Buff-Shroom Buff-ShroomH.png Mushroom Plant When played: All Mushrooms get +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png. 2 1 1 You might know him from his wildly popular series of workout videos called "30 Days to a Buff-Shroom Body."
Seedling SeedlingH.png Seed Plant Start of Turn: This transforms into a random Plant that costs 6SunPvZH.png or less. 2 0 1 t's the tiny seed of a... nobody actually knows.
Zapricot ZapricotH.png Fruit Plant 3 4 2 "Some say that Zombies aren't easily shocked. I beg to differ."
Premium - Uncommon
Poison Mushroom Poison MushroomH.png Mushroom Plant PvZH Anti-Hero Icon.pngAnti-Hero 2 1 1 1 "Zombie Heroes. Don't like 'em. Not one bit. Don't care who knows it, either."
Berry Angry Berry AngryH.png Berry Trick All Plants get +2StrengthPvZH.png. 3 - - "Now you've done it! That's the last straw! I'm gonna berry you!"
Mushroom Ringleader Mushroom RingleaderH.png Mushroom Plant When played: This gets +2StrengthPvZH.png for each other Plant. 3 0 1 Leadership comes with a lot of responsibility, but he knew what he signed up for.
Poison Ivy Poison IvyH.png Leafy Berry Plant PvZH Anti-Hero Icon.pngAnti-Hero 4 3 1 3 "Guess who's itching for a fight? This guy right here!"
Pair of Pears Pair of PearsH.png Fruit Plant When played: Make a Pear Pal here. 4 2 2 It's cute how they're always completing each other's sentences.
Bluesberry BluesberryH.png Berry Plant When played: Do 2 damage. 5 3 3 Loves to make Zombies sing the blues.
Sizzle SizzleH.png Trick Do 5 damage to a Zombie. 5 - - Incredibly hot and full of electricity. So much ouch.
Galactic - Uncommon
Banana Bomb Banana BombH.png Banana Trick Do 2 damage to a Zombie. 1 - - Beware fruity vengeance from above.
Mushroom Grotto Mushroom GrottoH.png Mushroom Environment When you play a Plant here, make a Puff-Shroom in another random lane. 3 - - Sometimes beautiful things grow out of the darkest places. Ponder that for a few moments.
Invasive Species Invasive SpeciesH.png Leafy Flower Plant While in an Environment: This gets +3StrengthPvZH.png 3 2 4 "Call me a 'weed.' Go on. I consider it a compliment."
Colossal - Uncommon
Puff-Shroom Puff-ShroomH.png Mushroom Plant Team-Up 0 1 1 He huffs and puffs and, occasionally, blows a Zombie down.
Triassic - Uncommon
Hot Lava Hot LavaH.png Environment Before combat here: Do 1 damage to each Plant and Zombie here. 1 - - Lava has no loyalty. It's just hot. It just IS.
Veloci-Radish Hatchling Veloci-Radish HatchlingH.png Root Animal Plant Dino-Roar: This gets +1StrengthPvZH.png. 1 1 2 The root of all primeval.
Premium - Rare
Shroom for Two Shroom for TwoH.png Mushroom Plant When played: Make a Puff-Shroom here. 1 1 1 Shrooms, bless their hearts, always wanting to cuddle up cuddly-like.
Wild Berry Wild BerryH.png Berry Plant When played: This moves to a random lane. 2 4 1 What one word best describes Wild Berry? "Unpredictable."
Petal-Morphosis Petal-MorphosisH.png Flower Trick Transform a Plant into a random Plant.
Draw a card.
4 - - For when it's time to turn over a new leaf.
Sour Grapes Sour GrapesH.png Berry Plant When played: Do 1 damage to each Zombie. 4 2 2 Sour. Bitter. Resentful. It's all true. But he's got his reasons.
Poison Oak Poison OakH.png Tree Plant PvZH Anti-Hero Icon.pngAnti-Hero 5 6 4 5 Gets lunch with Poison Ivy and Poison Mushroom every week. They have a lot to talk about.
Galactic - Rare
Cosmic Mushroom Cosmic MushroomH.png Mushroom Plant When played: Conjure a Mushroom, and it gets +2StrengthPvZH.png. 3 2 2 He's far out all right. Like, waaaay far out.
Lava Guava Lava GuavaH.png Fruit Trick Do 2 damage to each Zombie here and next door.
If played on the Ground, make Hot Lava here.
5 - - "'I try to stay cool, I really do. But Zombies! Man, they make me blow my top!"
Colossal - Rare
Cro-Magnolia Cro-MagnoliaH.png Flower Plant Plant Evolution: Plants here and next door get +2StrengthPvZH.png. 3 2 4 In the secret groves of Hollow Earth, Magnolias evolved to shun steely stoicism, boasting blunt barbarity.
Triassic - Rare
Shelf Mushroom Shelf MushroomH.png Mushroom Berry Plant Fusion: Do 2 damage. 2 2 2 Legends of Hollow Earth whisper that if you stack up enough Shelf Mushrooms, you'll eventually reach the Surface World.
Premium - Super-Rare
Punish-Shroom Punish-ShroomH.png Mushroom Plant When a Mushroom is destroyed, do 2 damage to a random Zombie or Zombie Hero. 3 2 2 Believes revenge is best served. Period.
Sergeant Strongberry Sergeant StrongberryH.png Berry Plant When another Berry hurts a Zombie or Zombie Hero, Sergeant Strongberry does 2 more damage to it. 4 4 3 He's intense, sure. But he just wants the berries to be all they can be.
Cherry Bomb Cherry BombH.png Berry Trick Do 4 damage to each Zombie here and next door. 6 - - Explode? Detonate? ... Explodonate!
Grapes of Wrath Grapes of WrathH.png Berry Plant When destroyed: Do 6 damage to the Zombie Hero. 7 6 6 "Everyone's always asking, 'Why so angry?' Because ZOMBIES! Sheesh. Obviously."
Galactic - Super-Rare
Astro-Shroom Astro-ShroomH.png Mushroom Plant PvZH Truestrike Icon.pngBullseye
When you play another Plant, do 1 damage to the Zombie Hero.
1 1 1 He's had good meetings with a lot of smaller asteroids. They really made an impression.
Banana Launcher Banana LauncherH.png Banana Plant Start of turn: Gain a Banana Bomb. 2 0 3 He only knows one word. But it's a good one.
Pair Pearadise Pair PearadiseH.png Fruit Environment When you play a Plant here, make a copy of that Plant with Team-Up here. 4 - - Peter Piper's Planet precociously picked a pair of pickled peppered pairs.
Colossal - Super-Rare
Fireweed FireweedH.png Flower Root Plant When played on the Ground: Make Hot Lava here. 2 3 2 Don't touch the floor. The floor is lava.
Imitater ImitaterH.png Root Mime Plant When you play a Plant, this transforms into a copy of that Plant. 3 1 4 When asked the secret to fighting zombies, Imitater replied: "...." Truly a master of his craft.
Triassic - Super-Rare
Strawberrian StrawberrianH.png Berry Plant When you play a Berry, do 1 damage to Zombies next door. Berry Evolution: Gain a Berry Blast. 3 3 2 When it's time to fight, he gets pretty juiced.
Premium - Legendary
Pineclone PinecloneH.png Pinecone Plant When played: Transform all Plants into Pineclones. 4 3 3 It's nothing personal; she just prefers the company of other Pineclones.
Dandy Lion King Dandy Lion KingH.png Flower Animal Plant When played: Damage the Zombie Hero for half their Health. 6 4 4 He's developed a taste for Zombie Heroes.
Kernel Corn Kernel CornH.png Corn Plant When played: Do 4 damage to each Zombie. 8 6 6 What he lacks in a sense of humor, he makes up with attitude... and dual Cob Busters.
Galactic - Legendary
Reincarnation ReincarnationH.png Flower Plant While in your hand: At end of turn, this transforms into a random Plant with +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png. It keeps this ability. 1 2 2 "You never know what the next life has in store for you," she says. "So get the most out of this one while you can."
Molekale MolekaleH.png Leafy Plant When played: Each other Plant transforms into a random Plant that costs 1SunPvZH.png more. 4 3 2 "And you thought spinach made you strong. Please. I am spinach times infinity."
Colossal - Legendary
Gloom-Shroom Gloom-Shroom (PvZH) Mushroom Plant PvZH Truestrike Icon.pngBullseye
Mushroom Evolution: Do 3 damage to Zombies here and next door.
5 5 5 Some see him as depressed, but he's got a lot of sides.
Triassic - Legendary
Veloci-Radish Hunter Veloci-Radish Hunter Root Animal Plant When played: Make a copy of this with Team-Up here.
Dino-Roar: This gets +1StrengthPvZH.png.
3 1 3 Dedicated pack hunters, one roars a distraction while the other strikes from the side.
Blooming Heart Blooming HeartH.png Flower Plant When this does damage, it gets +1StrengthPvZH.png. 1 2 2 Sometimes we hurt the ones we love. Blooming Heart knows this all too well.
High-Voltage Currant High-Voltage CurrantH.png Berry Plant This gets +1StrengthPvZH.png when another Berry does damage.
When played: Conjure a Berry.
1 1 1 These trouble makers are just asking to get grounded.
Sonic Bloom Sonic BloomH.png Flower Plant When played: Do 1 damage the Zombie Hero for each Plant. 4 3 1 Victory faster than the speed of sound.
Transfiguration TransfigurationH.png Leafy Fruit Plant Whenever a Plant is hurt and survives, transform it into a random Plant. 4 4 7 "By Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, if you look at a Plant too closely, you actually change what that Plant is..."
Atomic Bombegranate Atomic BombegranateH.png Fruit Plant When destroyed: Make Seedlings next door. 5 5 2 Remember: Never ever EVER split a fruit. Oh, hold on, actually fruits are ok, just never split an atom.
Electric Blueberry Electric BlueberryH.png Berry Plant After combat here: Do 6 damage to a random Zombie or the Zombie Hero. 5 0 5 Does she strike a "random" Zombie with her lightning? Really? Or is she settling an old, unspoken score?
Hothead HotheadH.png Root Plant Team-Up
When destroyed: Do 6 damage to a Zombie here.
3 0 1 Sure, he has an explosive temper. But for the most part, he's pretty even peeled.
Meteor Strike Meteor StrikeH.png Superpower Trick Do 3 damage to a Zombie. 1 - - You would think this would be especially effective against Zombies riding dinosaurs...
More Spore More SporeH.png Mushroom Superpower Trick Make two Button Mushrooms in random lanes. 1 - - One good mushroom deserves another.
Storm Front Storm FrontH.png Superpower Trick All Plants get +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png. 1 - - Bad for your picnic. Good for your plants.
PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png Mega-Grow
Basic - Common
Peashooter PeashooterH.png Pea Plant - 1 1 1 Started fighting Zombies in 2009... and never stopped.
Torchwood TorchwoodH.png Tree Plant Team-Up
Peas behind this get +2StrengthPvZH.png.
1 0 3 "Feel the burn, I COMMAND YOU!"
Cabbage-Pult Cabbage-PultH.png Leafy Plant When played on Heights: This gets +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png. 2 1 3 "Coleslaw from above!"
Fertilize FertilizeH.png Trick A Plant gets +3StrengthPvZH.png/+3HeartPvZH.png. 3 - - Stinky, sure, but powerful stuff. Ask any Plant.
Flourish FlourishH.png Flower Trick Draw two cards. 3 - - Call it a growth spurt.
Grow-Shroom Grow-ShroomH.png Mushroom Plant When played: Another Plant gets +2StrengthPvZH.png/+2HeartPvZH.png. 3 2 1 She's always bringing out the best in others.
Repeater RepeaterH.png Pea Plant DoubleStrikeAlt.pngDouble Strike 3 2 2

"Yes! Yes! Let's do this! Let's do this!"

Premium - Uncommon
Bonk Choy Bonk ChoyH.png Leafy Plant When played: This gets +1StrengthPvZH.png this turn. 1 2 1 Little known fact: He used to have two teeth.
Pea Pod Pea PodH.png Pea Plant Start of Turn: This gets +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png. 1 1 1 Sometimes they squabble, but they usually get along like five peas in a pod.
Sweet Potato Sweet PotatoH.png Root Plant Team-Up
When played: Move a Zombie to this lane.
1 0 3 Loves unicorns and rainbows... and watching cats on the Internet.
Fire Peashooter Fire PeashooterH.png Pea Plant - 2 3 2 "Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?"
Skyshooter SkyshooterH.png Pea Plant When played on Heights: This gets +2StrengthPvZH.png/+2HeartPvZH.png. 4 3 2 The youngest Peashooter ever to earn a pilot's license. Also the only Peashooter ever to earn a pilot's license.
Galactic - Uncommon
Vegetation Mutation Vegetation MutationH.png Trick All Plants on Heights and Environments get +2StrengthPvZH.png/+2HeartPvZH.png. 2 - - Environmentalism at its finest.
Sweet Pea Sweet PeaH.png Pea Plant When played: Move a Zombie to this lane. 2 2 3 Zombies may only have four teeth left, but one of them's a sweet tooth.
Coffee Grounds Coffee GroundsH.png Bean Environment Plants here get DoubleStrikeAlt.pngDouble Strike. 2 - - Nothing wakes you up in the morning like extra attacks on zombies. Well OK, coffee does.
Colossal - Uncommon
Umbrella Leaf Umbrella LeafH.png Leafy Flower Plant Team-Up
Other Plants here and next door are UntrickableAltBig.pngUntrickable.
1 0 1 She's not very frond of getting wet.
Triassic - Uncommon
Half-Banana Half-BananaH.png Banana Plant When destroyed: All Bananas in your hand get +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png. 1 2 2 "Have you met my better half? She's around here somewhere."
Typical Beanstalk Typical BeanstalkH.png Leafy Bean Plant When played next to a Leafy Plant: Conjure a Leafy card. 3 3 3 "Everyone's magic in their own special way. Everyone except me."
Premium - Rare
The Podfather The PodfatherH.png Pea Plant When you play another Pea, that Pea gets +2StrengthPvZH.png/+2HeartPvZH.png. 3 2 2 "It ain't easy keeping the peas in this family."
Plant Food Plant FoodH.png Trick A Plant gets +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png then does a Bonus Attack. 4 - - The most important meal of the day.
Re-Peat Moss Re-Peat MossH.png Moss Plant When you play a Trick, this does a Bonus Attack. 4 2 3 "To do what I do... it's TRICKY. I'll leave it at that."
Whipvine WhipvineH.png Root Plant When played: Move a Zombie. 5 5 5 "Get along, little Zombie."
Super-Phat Beets Super-Phat BeetsH.png Root Plant When played: This gets +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png for each other Plant and Zombie. 6 3 3 When he drops the beet, everyone feels it. Especially the Zombies.
Galactic - Rare
Banana Peel Banana PeelH.png Banana Trick Move a Zombie.
Conjure a Banana.
1 - - A slapstick comedy staple that, somehow, the Zombies never see coming.
Cosmic Pea Cosmic PeaH.png Pea Plant DoubleStrikeAlt.pngDouble Strike
When played: Conjure a Pea, and it gets DoubleStrikeAlt.pngDouble Strike.
3 1 1 "The cosmos is so big and a pea is so small. The juxtaposition just really makes me think, you know?"
Colossal - Rare
Bamboozle BamboozleH.png Leafy Root Plant Plant Evolution: Draw two cards. 6 5 6 Only among the hyper-evolved Plants of Hollow Earth can you be outwitted by a tree.
Triassic - Rare
Pea Patch Pea PatchH.png Leafy Pea Plant Fusion: A Plant played on this gets +2StrengthPvZH.png/+2HeartPvZH.png. 2 2 2 Don't let the Dog Walker anywhere near it.
Premium - Super-Rare
Party Thyme Party ThymeH.png Leafy Plant When a Plant does a Bonus Attack, draw a card. 1 2 2 A real extrovert, this one.
Black-Eyed Pea Black-Eyed PeaH.png Bean Pea Plant This gets +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png when a Zombie Trick is played. 2 2 3 "You shoulda seen the other guy!"
Potted Powerhouse Potted PowerhouseH.png Leafy Plant While in your hand: This gets +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png when a Plant gains Strength or Health. 5 3 3 She loves living out of a pot. It's not for every Plant. But to her, it's home.
Espresso Fiesta Espresso FiestaH.png Bean Trick A Plant does three Bonus Attacks. 8 - - Don't consume after 5 p.m. You'll be up all night.
Galactic - Super-Rare
Moonbean MoonbeanH.png Bean Plant When this does damage, shuffle two Magic Beanstalks into your deck. 3 2 5 She and Sunflower are besties. It's just too bad their schedules make it hard for them to get together.
The Red Plant-It The Red Plant-ItH.png Root Environment Plants here get +5StrengthPvZH.png/+5HeartPvZH.png. 5 - - It may seem an inhospitable place for Plants, but with a little TLC and some patience, it'll grow more than just potatoes. Much more.
Pod Fighter Pod FighterH.png Pea Plant This does a Bonus Attack when you play a Plant here or next door. 5 3 4 They're just trying to create peas in our time.
Colossal - Super-Rare
Split Pea Split PeaH.png Pea Plant Before combat here: This does 1 damage to the Plant Hero. 2 4 1 "All I wanted in life was to get ahead. But it kinda grew on me. How to face the future? I'm of two minds."
Grape Power Grape PowerH.png Berry Trick Double a Plant's StrengthPvZH.png.
Gain a Grape Responsibility.
3 - - A dinosaur's favorite primordial snack.
Triassic - Super-Rare
Savage Spinach Savage SpinachH.png Leafy Plant Leafy Evolution: All Plants in all lanes and your hand get +2StrengthPvZH.png. 4 3 6 Neptuna planned her Triassic Invasion perfectly. But like so many conquerors before her, she underestimated the Spinach.
Premium - Legendary
Doubled Mint Doubled MintH.png Leafy Plant Start of Turn: Double this Plant's Strength and Health. 2 1 2 He'll grow on you. Just give him time.
Muscle Sprout Muscle SproutH.png Leafy Plant This gets +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png when you play another Plant. 3 3 2 "Can you spot me, bro?"
Bananasaurus Rex Bananasaurus RexH.png Banana Animal Plant DoubleStrikeAlt.pngDouble Strike
Dino-Roar: This gets +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png.
4 3 3 She's a banana first and a dinosaur second. But it's a close second.
Galactic - Legendary
Captain Cucumber Captain CucumberH.png Fruit Plant Cards you Conjure cost 1SunPvZH.png less.
When this does damage, Conjure a Legendary card.
3 1 4 He's steered his crew through many a pickle.
Onion Rings Onion RingsH.png Root Plant When played: Each Plant in your hand becomes 4StrengthPvZH.png/4HeartPvZH.png. 5 4 4 So powerful it makes you cry.
Colossal - Legendary
Gatling Pea Gatling PeaH.png Pea Plant DoubleStrikeAlt.pngDouble Strike
Pea Evolution: This does a Bonus Attack.
5 5 4 There is no problem that cannot be solved by more peas.
Triassic - Legendary
Apotatosaurus Apotatosaurus Root Animal Plant UntrickableAltBig.pngUntrickable
When Played: Conjure a Root.
Dino-Roar: This gets +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png.
6 5 5 Some potatoes are sweet. Others are dinosaurs.
Clique Peas Clique PeasH.png Bean Pea Plant When played: Shuffle two Clique Peas into your deck. For the rest of the game, all Clique Peas get +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png and cost +1SunPvZH.png. 1 1 1 On Wednesdays we wear sunglasses.
Lily of the Valley Lily of the ValleyH.png Flower Plant When you play another Plant on the Heights, that Plant gets +2StrengthPvZH.png/+2HeartPvZH.png. 2 1 2 She's always trying to elevate her friends. She's good like that.
Banana Split Banana SplitH.png Banana Plant When destroyed: Make two Half-Bananas next door. 4 4 4 "I don't want to brag, but hanging out in a tub full of ice-cream all day ... not a bad gig if you can get it."
Plucky Clover Plucky CloverH.png Leafy Plant When played: Conjure an Event card. Plucky Clover gets +StrengthPvZH.png equal to that card's cost. 5 1 5 She's a giver, no doubt. But she feels like she gets a lot out of it too.
Embiggen EmbiggenH.png Superpower Trick A Plant gets +2StrengthPvZH.png/+2HeartPvZH.png. 1 - - Livin' large, oh yeah.
Holo-Flora Holo-FloraH.png Superpower Trick Draw two cards. 1 - - You got Plants!
Time to Shine Time to ShineH.png Superpower Trick A Plant does a Bonus Attack. 1 - - Makes you feel all warm, glowy, and like kickin' Zombie butt.
PvZH Smarty Icon.png Smarty
Basic - Common
Snowdrop SnowdropH.png Flower Plant This gets +2StrengthPvZH.png/+2HeartPvZH.png when a Zombie is frozen. 1 1 2 Zombies are always looking at her with a frozen expression.
Weenie Beanie Weenie BeanieH.png Bean Plant - 1 1 1 Prefers to be called "Vertically Challenged Beanie."
Snow Pea Snow PeaH.png Pea Plant When this hurts a Zombie, PvZH Frozen Icon.pngFreeze that Zombie. 2 2 2 Learned everything he knows during the Great Freeze Tag Wars of '08.
Cattail CattailH.png Animal Plant Amphibious 3 3 2 "My secret weapon? It's my cute little hat!"
Smoosh-Shroom Smoosh-ShroomH.png Mushroom Plant 5 5 4 "If I had a hammer... Wait a sec... I AM a hammer!"
Threepeater ThreepeaterH.png Pea Plant Attacks here and next door. 5 1 5 "My favorite number is 5."
Premium - Uncommon
Iceberg Lettuce Iceberg LettuceH.png Leafy Trick PvZH Frozen Icon.pngFreeze a Zombie. 1 - - "FREEZE! Ha, just kidding. Little Iceberg humor there."
Shellery ShelleryH.png Leafy Plant Team-Up 1 2 1 Ordinance is most effective with peanut butter and raisins.
Rescue Radish Rescue RadishH.png Root Plant When played: Bounce another Plant. 3 3 4 He puts the rad in radish
Spring Bean Spring BeanH.png Bean Trick Bounce a Zombie. 3 - - His favorite season is Fall.
Vanilla VanillaH.png Bean Flower Plant - 3 3 3 "I'm sorry, it's just... I have nothing interesting to say."
Carrotillery CarrotilleryH.png Root Plant Team-Up 4 5 2 His artillery is a rich source of vitamin A and beta-carotene - a fact the Zombies do not seem to appreciate.
Galactic - Uncommon
Mars Flytrap Mars FlytrapH.png Flytrap Plant When this hurts the Zombie Hero, steal a section from their Super-Block Meter. 1 2 2 He loves Venus Flytrap, but sometimes they see things SO differently!
Planet of the Grapes Planet of The GrapesH.png Berry Environment When a Plant here hurts the Zombie Hero, draw a card. 3 - - How this planet came to be? It's another of life's grape mysteries.
Leaf Blower Leaf BlowerH.png Leafy Plant Amphibious
When played in an Environment: Bounce a Zombie.
4 3 4 "You wanna keep your lawn tidy? Tired of lookin' at those unsightly Zombies? Then I'M your guy."
Colossal - Uncommon
Grave Mistake Grave MistakeH.png Trick Bounce a Gravestone.
Draw a card.
2 - - Warning: Don't flick gravestones in real life.
Pear Pal Pear PalH.png Fruit Plant Amphibious
2 2 2 Has codependency issues, but he's working on it.
Triassic - Uncommon
Primal Peashooter Primal PeashooterH.png Pea Plant When this hurts a Zombie, Bounce that Zombie. 1 2 2 Found in groups of 3, 5, 7, 11, and 31.
Premium - Rare
Admiral Navy Bean Admiral Navy BeanH.png Bean Plant Amphibious
When you play another Bean, do 2 damage to the Zombie Hero.
1 1 1 "Heavy is the weight of my command. And my cap. Heavy is the cap."
Lightning Reed Lightning ReedH.png Leafy Plant Amphibious
Splash Damage 1
2 1 2 "I do it for the shock value."
Chilly Pepper Chilly PepperH.png Fruit Plant When played: PvZH Frozen Icon.pngFreeze a Zombie. 3 2 1 "It's not easy being both hot *and* cold. A comfortable lukewarm might be nice for a change."
Navy Bean Navy BeanH.png Bean Plant Amphibious
When played: All Amphibious Plants get +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png.
4 2 2 Was *this* close to becoming an Army Bean.
Jumping Bean Jumping BeanH.png Bean Plant When played: Bounce a Zombie. 5 3 2 "I'm more than just a jumper... I can also leap and vault!
Galactic - Rare
Cosmic Bean Cosmic BeanH.png Bean Plant Team-Up
When played: Conjure a Bean, and it gets Team-Up.
2 1 1 It IS a magical fruit!
Melon-Pult Melon-PultH.png Fruit Plant Splash Damage 3 5 3 4 People who live in grass houses shouldn't throw stones. But melons, sure, why not?
Colossal - Rare
Tricorn TricornH.png Nut Plant Attacks here and next door.
Plant Evolution: This gets +2StrengthPvZH.png.
6 2 6 "Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire called conscience." -Gourd Squashington
Triassic - Rare
Lily Pad Lily PadH.png Leafy Plant Amphibious
Fusion: A Plant played on this gets Amphibious. Conjure a Leafy card.
1 0 1 When Neptuna's Triassic Invasion flooded Hollow Earth with vast new oceans, Plants quickly evolved to survive.
Premium - Super-Rare
Sow Magic Beans Sow Magic BeansH.png Bean Trick Shuffle four Magic Beanstalks into your deck. 2 - - Toltally worth the cow.
Bean Counter Bean CounterH.png Bean Plant This gets +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png when you play another Bean.
When played: Gain two Weenie Beanies.
4 2 2 "Every bean is accounted for. I assure you, they all add up."
Snapdragon SnapdragonH.png Dragon Flower Plant Splash Damage 3 4 3 3 "I'm a dragon; I'm a Plant... I'm a mystery!"
Winter Squash Winter SquashH.png Squash Plant When a Zombie or Gravestone becomes frozen, destroy it. 4 2 6 "My complexion is more of a summer."
Galactic - Super-Rare
Laser Cattail Laser CattailH.png Animal Plant Amphibious
This gets +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png when you play a Plant here.
2 2 1 He's really good at entertaining himself.
Cool Bean Cool BeanH.png Bean Plant When played: PvZH Frozen Icon.pngFreeze all Gravestones. 3 3 3 "Chance of meeting Gravestones? Never tell me the odds!"
Bog of Enlightenment Bog of EnlightenmentH.png Environment Amphibious Plants here get +2StrengthPvZH.png. Non-Amphibious Zombies here get -2StrengthPvZH.png. 2 - - Good for Plants, it is. Good for Zombies, it is not!
Colossal - Super-Rare
Jelly Bean Jelly BeanH.png Bean Plant This gets +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png when anything is bounced.
Bean Evolution: Bounce a Zombie.
4 4 3 "It's not how hard the Zombies knock you down. It's how hard you bounce back."
Triassic - Super-Rare
Rotobaga RotobagaH.png Root Plant Amphibious
This attacks both lanes next door instead of this lane.
2 2 1 Without flying roots, how would we get Sky-Trees??
Shrinking Violet Shrinking VioletH.png Flower Trick A Zombie and Zombies next door get -2StrengthPvZH.png. Then destroy any of those Zombies that have 0StrengthPvZH.png. 4 - - Is she cute or terrifying? Yes.
Premium - Legendary
Brainana BrainanaH.png Banana Plant Amphibious
When played: The Zombie Hero loses their Brains.
6 4 3

In this case, "brain drain" is a good thing.

Winter Melon Winter MelonH.png Fruit Plant Splash Damage 4
When this hurts a Zombie, PvZH Frozen Icon.pngFreeze that Zombie.
6 4 5 Perfect for your winter picnics.
The Great Zucchini The Great ZucchiniH.png Squash Plant Amphibious
When played: Transform all Zombies into 1StrengthPvZH.png/1HeartPvZH.png Zombies with no abilities
9 7 7 "Presto change-o! Now you see a powerful Zombie. Now you don't!"
Galactic - Legendary
Shooting Starfruit Shooting StarfruitH.png Fruit Plant This attacks in all five lanes. 5 2 2 When you see a Shooting Starfruit, make a wish, any wish! Any wish that involves takin' down Zombies, that is.
Dark Matter Dragonfruit Dark Matter DragonfruitH.png Dragon Fruit Plant Amphibious
Splash Damage 6
Zombie Tricks cost 6BrainPvZH.png more.
8 6 6 Their ancestors were hunted to the depths of space. Now their descendants are back for cold, fruity vengeance.
Colossal - Legendary
Lima-Pleurodon Lima-PleurodonH.png Bean Animal Plant Amphibious
Dino-Roar: Shuffle a Magic Beanstalk into your deck.
1 2 2 Sometimes one Plant provides both the Army and the Navy.
Triassic - Legendary
Bird of Paradise Bird of ParadiseH.png Flower Animal Plant Amphibious
Start of turn: Conjure a Superpower.
5 4 5 Her beautiful melodies are echoed by the roars of dinosaurs.
Spyris SpyrisH.png Flower Root Plant Amphibious
You can tap Gravestones to see which Zombies are hiding in them.
1 2 1 You can't hide anything from her. Don't even try. She'll get inside your HEAD.
Go-Nuts Go-NutsH.png Flower Nut Plant Team-Up
When you play a Team-Up Plant, all Team-Up Plants get +1StrengthPvZH.png.
3 2 2 "GROW-Nuts! THROW-Nuts! When we get big we GO-Nuts! Goooooooo PLANTS!"
Mayflower MayflowerH.png Flower Plant Amphibious
When this hurts the Zombie Hero, Conjure a Corn, Squash, or Bean.
3 2 3 Do April showers bring Mayflowers? My goodness, isn't that a personal question!
Sportacus SportacusH.png Mushroom Nut Plant When a Zombie Trick is played, do 2 damage to the Zombie Hero. 3 3 3 "I am Sportacus!"
Snake Grass Snake GrassH.png Leafy Animal Plant Amphibious
Start of Turn: Make another Snake Grass in the lane to the right.
4 4 2 "Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?"
Witch Hazel Witch HazelH.png Flower Plant End of Turn: Destroy a random Zombie and make a Puff-Shroom there. 4 0 3 Zombies are always trying to build a bridge out of her.
Jolly Holly Jolly HollyH.png Leafy Berry Plant Amphibious
When played: PvZH Frozen Icon.pngFreeze Zombies next door.
5 4 1 No exaggeration, she is ALWAYS in a great mood. Even when fighting Zombies. "What's not to love about saving the world?" she says.
Sap-Fling Sap-FlingH.png Pinecone Tree Plant When played: Make a Sappy Place Environment. 6 5 3 He dates a lot of different branches, but nothing ever sticks.
Magic Beanstalk Magic BeanstalkH.png Bean Plant When played: Draw a card. 1 4 4 Giant not included.
Sappy Place Sappy PlaceH.png Environment Zombies here get -3StrengthPvZH.png 4 - - Zombies just hate a sappy ending.
Big Chill Big ChillH.png Superpower Trick PvZH Frozen Icon.pngFreeze a Zombie.
Draw a card.
1 - - Discerning Plants agree: Zombies are best served on ice.
Transmogrify TransmogrifyH.png Superpower Trick Transform a Zombie into a random Zombie that costs 1BrainPvZH.png. 1 - - It's a life-changing experience. Actually, it's an everything-changing experience.
Whirlwind WhirlwindH.png Superpower Trick Bounce a random Zombie. 1 - - There's no place like home. There's no place like home.
Lieutenant Carrotron Lieutenant CarrotronH.png Root Superpower Plant Team-Up
When played: Conjure a Root.
1 2 1 Beta-Carrotina knows she can always count on him to get to the root of the problem.
Lightspeed Seed Lightspeed SeedH.png Seed Superpower Trick Conjure two Tricks. 1 - - Make the jump to light seed.
PvZH Solar Icon.png Solar
Basic - Common
Bellflower BellflowerH.png Flower Plant - 1 1 1 She wants to be friends with Snowdrop soooo badly, but she feels like she's always getting the cold shoulder.
Sunflower SunflowerH.png Flower Plant Team-Up
Start of Turn: You get +1SunPvZH.png this turn.
1 0 1 "Not to brag, but I'm pretty much your basic franchise-founding superstar."
Mixed Nuts Mixed NutsH.png Nut Plant When played: This gets +2StrengthPvZH.png/+2HeartPvZH.png if there's a Plant with Team-Up here. 3 2 2 They work hard but they also like to party. That's them in a nutshell.
Squash SquashH.png Squash Trick Destroy a Zombie. 5 - - Has a bad case of Resting Squash Face.
Smashing Pumpkin Smashing PumpkinH.png Squash Plant - 6 6 5 Sure, he and Squash are pals. But there's always an undercurrent of competition between them.
Premium - Uncommon
Morning Glory Morning GloryH.png Flower Plant When played: This gets +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png if you made at least 6SunPvZH.png this turn. 1 2 2 Just don't talk to her before she's had her Coffee Bean.
Fume-Shroom Fume-ShroomH.png Mushroom Plant PvZH Strikethrough Icon.pngStrikethrough 2 2 1 "I'm like the wind. Near a hog farm."
Pepper M.D. Pepper M.D.H.png Fruit Plant This gets +2StrengthPvZH.png/+2HeartPvZH.png when a Plant or your Hero is healed. 2 2 2 "A toast to your health... and mine!"
Water Balloons Water BalloonsH.png Trick A Zombie gets -1StrengthPvZH.png/-1HeartPvZH.png. If you made at least 6SunPvZH.png this turn, it gets -2StrengthPvZH.png/-2HeartPvZH.png instead. 2 - - You're gonna need a towel for this one.
Venus Flytrap Venus FlytrapH.png Flytrap Plant When this does damage, heal your Hero for that much. 3 2 2 "Mom always said, 'If you leave your trap open like that, you'll catch Zombies.' So I did."
Bloomerang BloomerangH.png Flower Plant PvZH Strikethrough Icon.pngStrikethrough 4 3 3 "Magnets? Gravity? Crikey, I don't have a clue why they come back."
Metal Petal Sunflower Metal Petal SunflowerH.png Flower Plant Start of Turn: You gain +1SunPvZH.png this turn. 4 3 4 "Time to put the metal to the petal, baby!"
Galactic - Uncommon
Cosmoss CosmossH.png Moss Plant When an Environment is played, this gets +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png. 1 2 2 He's Peel deGrass Lichen's biggest fan.
Apple-Saucer Apple-SaucerH.png Fruit Plant When played: If you made at least 6SunPvZH.png this turn, this gets PvZH Strikethrough Icon.pngStrikethrough. 2 3 2 Watchful Quasar Wizards sometimes spot an Unidentified Fruiting Object.
Venus Flytraplanet Venus FlytraplanetH.png Flytrap Environment When a Plant here does damage and survives, heal your Hero for that much. 4 - - Not far from Mars Flytraplanet.
Colossal - Uncommon
Kernel-Pult Kernel-PultH.png Corn Plant Team-Up
When played on Heights: A Zombie gets -1StrengthPvZH.png/-1HeartPvZH.png.
1 1 1 Insert corny joke here.
Triassic - Uncommon
Lil' Buddy Lil' BuddyH.png Flower Seed Plant Team-Up
When played: Heal your Hero for 2.
0 0 1 Wait, you want me to go in *front*?!?
Sunnier-Shroom Sunnier-ShroomH.png Mushroom Plant Team-Up
Start of Turn: You get +2SunPvZH.png this turn.
3 0 3 Compared to his little brother, he's the one with the sunnier disposition.
Premium - Rare
Sage Sage Sage SageH.png Leafy Plant When played: If you made at least 6SunPvZH.png this turn, draw a card. 2 2 1 Got his start writing messages for fortune cookies.
Magnifying Grass Magnifying GrassH-0.png Leafy Plant When played: This gets +1StrengthPvZH.png for each Sun you made this turn. 3 0 1 Zombies may appear closer than they are.
Whack-a-Zombie Whack-a-ZombieH.png Trick Destroy a Zombie with 3StrengthPvZH.png or less. 3 - - It's hammer time. #hadtobesaid
Lawnmower LawnmowerH.png Trick Destroy a Zombie on the Ground. 4 - - The thing of Zombie nightmares.
Power Flower Power FlowerH.png Flower Plant PvZH Strikethrough Icon.pngStrikethrough
Start of Turn: Heal your Hero for 1 for each Flower.
5 3 5 Dropped out of Kale University to practice natural medicine.
Galactic - Rare
Cosmic Flower Cosmic FlowerH.png Flower Plant PvZH Strikethrough Icon.pngStrikethrough
When played: Conjure a Flower, and it gets PvZH Strikethrough Icon.pngStrikethrough.
3 2 1 She enjoys the simple things in life - hanging out with friends, fighting Zombies, and basking in cosmic rays.
Heartichoke HeartichokeH.png Leafy Flower Plant When a Plant or your Hero is healed, do that much damage to the Zombie Hero. 4 3 4 She's a sweetheart, she really is. But fighting's made her hard.
Colossal - Rare
Elderberry ElderberryH.png Flower Berry Plant PvZH Strikethrough Icon.pngStrikethrough
Plant Evolution: This gets +3StrengthPvZH.png.
4 2 4 He makes yelling "Get off my lawn" into an art form.
Triassic - Rare
Eyespore EyesporeH.png Moss Plant Fusion: Destroy a Zombie here. 2 2 1 Really good at staring contests.
Premium - Super-Rare
Twin Sunflower Twin SunflowerH.png Flower Plant Team-Up
Start of Turn: You get +2SunPvZH.png this turn.
2 0 2 "We're actually only fraternal twins."
2nd-Best Taco of All Time 2nd-Best Taco of All TimeH.png Trick Heal 4.
Draw a card.
3 - - Significantly better than the 3rd-Best Taco of All Time.
Chomper ChomperH.png Flytrap Plant When played: Destroy a Zombie here with 3StrengthPvZH.png or less. 4 2 2 "A free buffet? How kind! Don't mind if I do!"
Laser Bean Laser BeanH.png Bean Plant PvZH Strikethrough Icon.pngStrikethrough 6 5 7 "Physics, baby! I'm emittin' all KINDS of coherent radiation!"
Galactic - Super-Rare
Solar Winds Solar WindsH.png Environment End of Turn: If there are no Zombies here, make a Sunflower here. 3 - - There's something in the wind. Sunflower seeds, in fact.
Wing-Nut Wing-NutH.png Pea Nut Plant Zombies can't do Bonus Attacks. 4 3 7 Firmly believes that Elvis is alive, Zombies never walked on the Moon, and that Dr. Zomboss is secretly studying aliens at Area 22. Crazy!
Tactical Cuke Tactical CukeH.png Fruit Trick Destroy all Plants and Zombies on the Ground. 6 - -

He comes from a long line of very precise cucumbers.

Colossal - Super-Rare
Primal Sunflower Primal SunflowerH.png Flower Plant Start of turn: You get +1SunPvZH.png. 1 2 1 Sunflowers are notorious pacifists. But isolated in the center of Hollow Earth, they evolved a new savagery. Sunny, adorable savagery.
Sunflower Seed Sunflower SeedH.png Flower Seed Plant When destroyed: Make a Sunflower here. 3 2 2 From every night's end comes the beginning of a new Sunflower's dawn.
Triassic - Super-Rare
Sun Strike Sun StrikeH.png Trick All Plants get PvZH Strikethrough Icon.pngStrikethrough this turn. Conjure a Trick. 4 - - Each Plant is grown with the power of solar radiation. Sometimes you just have to let it out.
Premium - Legendary
Briar Rose Briar RoseH.png Flower Plant When a Zombie hurts a Flower, destroy that Zombie. 5 3 4 "You mess with the rose, you get the thorns!"
Three-Headed Chomper Three-Headed ChomperH.png Flytrap Plant End of Turn: Destroy all Zombies here and next door. 6 6 6 "You know the old saying, 'Three heads are better than one'? Totally true."
Cornucopia CornucopiaH.png Corn Plant When played: Make a random Plant in each other lane. 10 6 6 Thanksgiving came early this year.
Galactic - Legendary
Astrocado AstrocadoH.png Fruit Plant PvZH Strikethrough Icon.pngStrikethrough
When destroyed: Gain an Astrocado Pit.
5 5 3 "Holy guacamole!"
Astro Vera Astro VeraH.png Cactus Plant When played: Increase your Hero's maximum HeartPvZH.png by 10. Heal your Hero for 10. 8 5 5 Your Hero will feel out of this world. And so will your skin.
Colossal - Legendary
Cob Cannon Cob CannonH.png Corn Plant When played: Zombies here and next door get -1StrengthPvZH.png/-1HeartPvZH.png.
Team-Up Evolution: Destroy a Zombie.
6 6 6 He focuses his fearsome firepower with a single, ringing credo: "One Team. One Dream."
Triassic - Legendary
Aloesaurus AloesaurusH.png Cactus Animal Plant Dino-Roar: Heal all Plants and the Plant Hero for 1. 5 4 7 A roaring force of life. A crushing force of destruction.
Haunted Pumpking Haunted Pumpking Squash Plant When played: The Zombie player Conjures a Monster. 1 4 2 For generations, the Pumpkings have kept their realms safe from a terrible curse. Tonight, they finally face their greatest fear.
Sun-Shroom Sun-ShroomH.png Mushroom Plant Team-Up
Start of Turn: You get +1SunPvZH.png this turn and this transforms into a Sunnier-Shroom.
2 0 2 "Fun in the Sun? That's for other Plants. I just make the stuff. I don't actually like it."
Jack O' Lantern Jack O' LanternH.png Squash Plant PvZH Strikethrough Icon.pngStrikethrough
This gets +1StrengthPvZH.png when it hurts the Zombie Hero.
3 2 3 "I just love to get Zombies all fired up. If you catch my drift."
Ketchup Mechanic Ketchup MechanicH.png Fruit Plant When played: For each Zombie, this gets +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png and Heal the Plant Hero for 1. 3 1 1 Catchup mechanics help you get back in a game when you're behind. Ketchup Mechanics fix your fruit.
Toadstool ToadstoolH.png Mushroom Animal Plant When played: Destroy a Zombie here with 4StrengthPvZH.png or less.
Start of Turn: You get +1SunPvZH.png this turn.
6 4 4 Toadstool can't stand being idle. When there's work to be done, she's always the first to hop to it.
Astrocado Pit Astrocado PitH.png Fruit Plant Start of turn: This transforms into an Astrocado. 1 0 1 Getting defeated is the pits.
Geyser GeyserH.png Superpower Trick Heal your Hero and all Plants for 4. 1 - - H2Oh no you didn't!
Scorched Earth Scorched EarthH.png Superpower Trick All Zombies on the Ground get -1StrengthPvZH.png/-1HeartPvZH.png. 1 - - Unfortunately the Zombies were all out of SPF 9000.
Weed Whack Weed WhackH.png Root Superpower Trick A Zombie gets -2StrengthPvZH.png/-2HeartPvZH.png. 1 - - Good for weeding out Zombies.
Flick-a-Zombie Flick-a-ZombieH.png Superpower Trick Do 1 damage. 1 - - Bad Zombie! BAD Zombie!
Inspire InspireH.png Superpower Trick A Plant gets +1StrengthPvZH.png/+1HeartPvZH.png. 1 - - One small step for Plants. One giant leap for Plant-kind!
Rejuvenate RejuvenateH.png Superpower Trick Heal 2. 1 - - Like a salve for a Plant's soul.

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