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Plants are living organisms that belong to the Plantae kingdom. They obtain most of their energy from sunlight in a process called photosynthesis. However, not all plants absorb energy via photosynthesis. They are the protagonists of Plants vs. Zombies Adventures and the player's main defense against the undead assailants.

Differences between Plants vs. Zombies

Because of the different layout of Plants vs. Zombies Adventures compared to Plants vs. Zombies, several things were changed to the idea of plants so that they accommodate the 3D conversion.

  • Plants (except for Wall-nutHard-nut, and Popcorn) don't get eaten. Instead, they get knocked out for about 5 seconds. Giving the plant 25 sun will revive it, so the plant can attack zombies again.
  • Plants are finite per level. The player will be given a maximum of 5 for a certain plant type, so placing plants in safe but practical spots is more important than in its predecessor.
  • Plants have to be grown in the Player's Town. Not all plants are equal in this aspect.
  • Because the game is 3D, plants attack the zombies in a square pattern rather than a line. If multiple zombies are in a plant's square, it will attack the one farthest from the starting Grave. If a zombie is eating a plant, the plant will prioritize the zombie eating it.

Ways to get plants

First, the player must grow plants in Plant Boxes (unless they are given). Plants cost coins to grow. Once they are grown, the player can either plant them in their town to protect it from zombies, or take them on the road to help with their road trip.

Secondly, the player can receive a free plant occasionally from a friend at no cost to them. These plants are free to send, but the plants inside will only be Peashooters, Sunflowers, Aspearaguses, or Wall-nuts. If the player is full on those plants, the mystery gift will be 5 coins.

When the player goes on the road trip, they can take a maximum of five to seven different plant types, with five plants of each type. Each plant has a varying sun cost. After five of the same plant have been planted, they can be bought with gems. The gem cost also varies. VIP plants can only be bought with gems.

When the player finishes an area in the road trip, if they have enough coins, they can reclaim a lot, and if the player succeeds, they will unlock a new plant.

Regular plants

Plant Image Description Coins Sun Gems XP Range Power Buff effect Harvest Function interval
Peashooter PeashooterA.png Shoots peas at zombies 25 100 5 3 5x5 (medium) Low (20 damage) Range (+2) Damage 1 minute 1.5 seconds
Sunflower SunflowerA.png Makes extra Sun for placing plants 50 50 8 5 n/a n/a Stuns zombies (3x3 area) 2 minutes 15 seconds
Aspearagus AspearagusA.png Shoots stalks from a healthy distance 50 125 10 5 11x11 (huge) Medium (30 damage) Range (+2) Damage  10 minutes 2 seconds
Wall-nut Wall-nutA.png Stops zombies with its chewy shell 100 50 30, 45 10, 15 n/a n/a Defense increase 1 hour n/a
Cherry Bomb Cherry BombA.png Blows up all nearby zombies 250 150 90, 130 25 7x7 (long) Massive (1000 damage) N/A 6 hours 3 seconds
Popcorn PopcornA.png Explodes on contact; takes time to arm 150 50 35 15 1x1 (very short) Massive (1000 damage) N/A 2 hours 15 seconds
Beet BeetA.png Headbutts zombies into submission 300 100 70, 110 20, 30 3x3 (short) High (40 damage) Damage  4 hours  1 second
Snow Pea Snow PeaA.png Slows down zombies with cold precision 200, 350 125 40, 65 20, 35 5x5 (medium) Medium (30 damage)
Removes rockets
Range (+2) Damage 2 hours 1.5 seconds
Jalapeño JalapeñoA.png Destroys an entire path of zombies 300 100 40, 90, 125 30 Whole path Massive (1000 damage) N/A 6 hours 3 seconds
Magnet Plant Magnet PlantA.png Grabs metallic objects from zombies 400, 600 100 50, 70, 110 40, 60 5x5 (medium) Metal only Insta-ready for more metal 4 hours 15 seconds
Flaming Pea Flaming PeaA.png Shoots fiery peas which burn so good 500, 750 125 75, 125 50, 75 5x5 (medium) High (40 damage) Range (+2) Damage  6 hours 1.5 seconds
Shamrock ShamrockA.png Shoots far. Hides when zombies are nearby 600, 800 125 75, 100, 145 60, 80 11x11 (huge) High (60 damage) Range (+2) Damage  8 hours 2 seconds
Bamboo Shoot Bamboo ShootA.png Lobs explosive shells at multiple zombies 800, 1000 175 125, 180 80, 100 5x5 (medium) Heavy (160 damage) Range (+2) Damage 12 hours 3 seconds
Repeater RepeaterA.png Fires two peas at a time 1000 100 130, 150 100 5x5 (medium) Very high (80 damage) Range (+2) Damage 6 hours 1.5 seconds
Chilly Pepper Chilly PepperA.png Blasts and freezes an entire path of zombies 1500 100 175, 220 150 Whole path Massive (1000 damage)
0 (ice blocks)
N/A 8 hours 3 seconds
Twin Sunflower Twin SunflowerA.png Makes twice the Sun of a regular Sunflower 3000 50 20 300 n/a n/a Stuns zombies (3x3 area) 5 minutes 15 seconds

VIP plants

Plant Image Description Coins Gems To unlock Range Power Buff effect Harvest time Function interval
Sweet Pea Sweet PeaA.png Shoots candy at zombies 50 15, 25 Help from 5 friends
300 gems
5x5 (medium) Medium (30 damage) Range (+2)
1 hour 1.5 seconds
Beeshooter BeeshooterA.png BUZZZZ. Shoots bees at zombies 100 20 1000 gems 7x7 (long) High (40 damage) Range (+2)
4 hours 1.5 seconds
Hard-nut Hard-nutA.png Stops zombies with its hard, crunchy shell 400, 600 90 1250 gems n/a n/a Defense increase 4 hours n/a
Acespearagus AcespearagusA.png Delivers long-range precision strikes 200, 300 50, 60 1250 gems 13x13 (huge) High (60 damage) Range (+2) Damage 4 hours 2 seconds
Power Flower Power FlowerA.png Makes three times the Sun! Groovy! 200 30 1500 gems n/a n/a Stuns zombies (3x3 area) 12 hours 15 seconds
Beetboxer BeetboxerA.png Pummels zombies for a total beetdown 600, 900 20, 165 1250 gems 3x3 (short) Very high (80 damage) Damage 16 hours 1 second
Ice Queen Pea Ice Queen PeaA.png Slows down zombies with icy precision 600, 1000 80, 130 1000 gems 7x7 (long) High (60 damage) Range (+2)
8 hours 1.5 seconds
Shamrockstar ShamrockstarA.png Shoots very far and rarely hides 1200 150, 160, 290, 325 1500 gems 13x13 (huge) Very high (120 damage) Range (+2)
12 hours 2 seconds
Bamboom BamboomA.png Packs a massive punch at medium range! 1600, 2000 180, 360, 500 1750 gems 7x7 (long) Super heavy (possibly 320 damage) Range (+2)
18 hours 3 seconds


  • Power refers to how much damage plants deal.
  • When a plant is harvested, it drops one XP star.
  • Harvest refers to the amount of time a player must wait before a plant planted in the planter box can be collected and put into inventory.
  • Function intervals refer to the time between attacks, sun production, reloading, and the like.
  • Words in parentheses refer to how the game describes how powerful an attack is or how far a plant can attack from (including boosted effects if the plant normally has no attack).
  • All regular plants have a 10 second recharge time before before being able to plant another one of the same plant (except the Wall-nut, Cherry Bomb, Jalapeño, and Chilly Pepper, which take forty-five seconds to recharge).
  • All VIP plants have a 5 second recharge time before being able to plant another one of the same plant.
  • If a plant gets K.O.ed, it takes fifteen seconds and costs 25 sun to revive, except Wall-nut and Hard-nut.
  • VIP Plants cannot be planted with coins before their seeds are unlocked by gems, and do not cost any sun to use.
  • Once a Wall-nut or a Hard-nut is eaten, it cannot be revived.
  • When the first zombie appears, the plants that are already planted at that time appear surprised for a short time.


  • There are currently no plants that cost more than 200 sun, probably because in this game, sun production is lower.
  • VIP plants have no sun cost.
  • Bamboom deals the highest damage any plant can do, as it is able to kill a Gargantuar Zombie in 9 to 10 hits.


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