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Plants are living organisms that belong to the Plantae kingdom. They obtain most of their energy from sunlight in a process called photosynthesis. However, not all plants absorb energy via photosynthesis. They are the protagonists of Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West and the player's main defense against the undead assailants.

List of plants

Recharge time:

Plant Image Description Unlocked Sun cost Recharge
Iron Man Nut Iron Man NutJttW.png N/A Beating Level 1-3 N/A N/A
Monkey King Peashooter†' Monkey King PeashooterJttW.png N/A Buying with 380 gems. N/A N/A
Pig Squash Pig SquashJttW.png N/A Obtaining 20 stars. N/A N/A
Nut Wujing Nut WujingJttW.png N/A Obtaining 80 stars N/A N/A
Monk Flower†' Monk FlowerJttW.png N/A Buying with 200 gems. N/A N/A
Nezha Peashooter†' Nezha PeashooterJttW.png N/A Buying with 380 gems. N/A N/A
Peashooter Peashooter1.png Peashooters are your first line of defense. They shoot peas at attacking zombies. At the beginning 100 Fast
Sunflower Sunflower1.png Sunflowers are essential for you to produce extra sun. Try planting as many as you can! Beating Level 1-1 50 Fast
Cherry Bomb Cherry Bomb1.png Cherry Bombs can blow up all zombies in an area. They have a short fuse so plant them near zombies. Beating Level 1-2 150 Very slow
Wall-nut Wall-nut1.png Wall-nuts have hard shells which you can use to protect your other plants. Beating Level 1-3 50 Slow
Potato Mine Potato Mine1.png Potato Mines pack a powerful punch, but they need a while to arm themselves. You should plant them ahead of zombies. They will explode on contact. Beating Level 1-5 25 Slow
Snow Pea Snow Pea1.png Snow Peas shoot frozen peas that damage and slow the enemy. Beating Level 1-6 175 Fast
Chomper Chomper1.png Chompers can devour a zombie whole, but they are vulnerable while chewing. Beating Level 1-7 150 Fast
Repeater Repeater1.png Repeaters fire two peas at a time. Beating Level 1-8 200 Fast
Puff-shroom Puff-shroom1.png Puff-shrooms are cheap, but can only fire a short distance. Beating Level 1-10 0 Fast
Sun-shroom Sun-shroom1.png Sun-shrooms give small sun at first and normal sun later. Beating Level 2-1 25 Fast
Fume-shroom Fume-shroom1.png Fume-shrooms shoot fumes that can pass through screen doors. Beating Level 2-2 75 Fast
Grave Buster Grave Buster1.png Plant Grave Busters on graves to remove the graves. Beating Level 2-3 75 Fast
Hypno-shroom Hypno-shroom1.png When eaten, Hypno-shrooms will make a zombie turn around and fight for you. Beating Level 2-5 75 Slow
Scaredy-shroom Scaredy-shroom1.png Scaredy-shrooms are long-ranged shooters that hide when enemies get near them. Beating Level 2-6 25 Fast
Ice-shroom Ice-shroom1.png Ice-shrooms temporarily immobilize all zombies on the screen. Beating Level 2-7 75 Very slow
Doom-shroom Doom-shroom1.png Doom-shrooms destroy everything in a large area and leave a crater that can't be planted on. Beating Level 2-8 125 Very slow
Lily Pad Lily Pad1.png Lily pads let you plant non-aquatic plants on top of them. Beating Level 2-10 25 Fast
Squash Squash1.png Squashes will smash the first zombie that gets close to it. Beating Level 3-1 50 Slow
Threepeater Threepeater1.png Threepeaters shoot peas in three lanes. Beating Level 3-2 325 Fast
Tangle Kelp Tangle Kelp1.png Tangle Kelp are aquatic plants that pull the first zombie that nears them underwater. Beating Level 3-3 25 Slow
Jalapeno Jalapeno1.png Jalapenos destroy an entire lane of zombies. Beating Level 3-5 125 Very Slow
Spikeweed Spikeweed1.png Spikeweeds pop tires and hurt any zombies that step on them. Beating Level 3-6 100 Fast
Torchwood Torchwood1.png Torchwoods turn peas that pass through them into fireballs that deal twice as much damage. Beating Level 3-7 175 Fast
Tall-nut Tall-nut1.png Tall-nuts are heavy-duty wall plants that can't be vaulted over. Beating Level 3-8 125 Slow
Sea-shroom Sea-shroom1.png Sea-shrooms are aquatic plants that shoot short ranged spores. Beating Level 3-10 0 Slow
Plantern Plantern1.png Planterns light up an area, letting you see through fog. Beating Level 4-1 25 Slow
Cactus Cactus1.png Cactuses shoot spikes that can hit both ground and air targets. Beating Level 4-2 125 Fast
Blover Blover1.png Blovers blow away all balloon zombies and fog. Beating Level 4-3 100 Fast
Split Pea Split Pea1.png Split Peas shoot peas forward and backwards. Beating Level 4-5 125 Fast
Starfruit Starfruit1.png Starfruits shoot stars in 5 directions. Beating Level 4-6 125 Fast
Pumpkin Pumpkin1.png Pumpkins protect plants that are within their shells. Beating Level 4-7 125 Slow
Magnet-shroom Magnet-shroom1.png Magnet-shrooms remove helmets and other metal objects from zombies. Beating Level 4-8 100 Fast
Cabbage-pult Cabbage-pult1.png Cabbage-pults hurl cabbages at the enemy. Beating Level 4-10 100 Fast
Flower Pot Flower Pot1.png Flower Pots let you plant on the roof. Beating Level 5-1 25 Fast
Kernel-pult Kernel-pult1.png Kernel-pults fling corn kernels and butter at zombies. Beating Level 5-2 100 Fast
Coffee Bean Coffee Bean1.png Use Coffee Beans to wake up sleeping mushrooms. Beating Level 5-3 75 Fast
Garlic Garlic1.png Garlic diverts zombies into other lanes. Beating Level 5-5 50 Fast
Umbrella Leaf Umbrella Leaf1.png Umbrella Leaves protect nearby plants from bungees and catapults. Beating Level 5-6 100 Fast
Marigold Marigold1.png Marigolds give you silver and gold coins. Beating Level 5-7 50 Slow
Melon-pult Melon-pult1.png Melon-pults do heavy damage to groups of zombies. Beating Level 5-8 300 Fast
Oxygen Algae Oxygen AlgaeJttW.png Oxygen Algae can provide oxygen bubbles to plants on land. Beating Level 5-10 25 Fast
Sea Starfruit Sea StarfruitJttW.png The tentacles of Sea Starfruit can easily overturn a tortoise shell. Beating Underwater World 1-1 75 Very slow
Bramble Sea Grass Bramble Sea GrassJttW.png Bramble Sea Grass grabs anything close to him. Beating Underwater World 1-2 25 Very slow
Water Gun Grass Water Gun GrassJttW.png Water Gun Grass can be planted directly underwater, but is relatively short-ranged. Beating The Dragon's Palace 2-1 25 Very slow
Gatling Pea* Gatling Pea1.png Gatling Peas shoot four peas at a time. Buying with 100 gems. 250 (+200) Very slow
Twin Sunflower* Twin Sunflower1.png Twin Sunflowers give twice as much sun as a normal sunflower. Buying with 80 gems. 150 (+50) Very slow
Gloom-shroom* Gloom-shroom1.png Gloom-shrooms release heavy fumes in an area around themselves. Buying with 80 gems. 150 (+75) Very slow
Cattail* Cattail1.png Cattails can attack any lane and shoot down balloon zombies too. Buying with 80 gems. 225 (+25) Very slow
Winter Melon* Winter Melon1.png Winter Melons do heavy damage and slow groups of zombies. Buying with 150 gems. 200 (+300) Very slow
Gold Magnet* Gold Magnet1.png Gold Magnets collect coins and diamonds for you. Buying with 30 gems. 50 (+100) Very slow
Spikerock* Spikerock1.png Spikerocks pop multiple tires and damage zombies that walk over it. Buying with 50 gems. 125 (+100) Very slow
Cob Cannon* Cob Cannon1.png Click on the Cob Cannon to launch deadly cobs of corn. Buying with 200 gems. 500 (+100x2) Very slow
Electric Anemone* Electric AnemoneJttW.png Electric Anemones can cause great damage to zombies around him Buying with 50 gems. 300 Slow
Aggro Brocco* Aggro BroccoJttW.png Grabs nearby zombies, throws them to the back, and then throws them back in front of it, with the probability of directly throwing the zombie off screen. Buying with 120 gems. 175 N/A
Pomegunate* PomegunateJttW.png Spits pomegranate seeds at zombies in front of it, with the probability of a continuous attack, spitting a large amount of pomegranate seeds at zombies in front of it. Buying with 120 gems. 200 Fast
Carrotillery* CarrotilleryJttW.png Fires a missile to hold back zombies, causing damage in an area when the missile explodes. Buying with 180 gems. 150 Slow
Oak Archer* Oak ArcherJttW.png Fires arrows to attack oncoming zombies. Buying with 180 gems. 200 Slow
Ghost Pepper* Ghost PepperJttW.png Scares approaching zombies, causing continuous damage. Buying with 180 gems. 200 Slow
Laser Bean* Laser BeanJttW.png Laser Beans can shoot lasers to attack all enemies in front of them. Buying with 180 gems. 200 Slow
Dandelion* DandelionJttW.png Dandelion can release dandelion bombs to bombard approaching zombies. Buying with 180 gems. 200 Slow
Snapdragon* SnapdragonJttW.png Snapdragon can spray flames to attack approaching zombies. Buying with 180 gems. 200 Slow
Bonk Choy* Bonk ChoyJttW.png Bonk Choy can attack close range zombies. Buying with 180 gems. 200 Slow
Imitater' Imitater1.png Imitaters let you use two of the same plant during a level! Buying for $108,000 As the imitated plant
Explode-o-nut Explode-o-nut1.png Explode-o-nuts explode upon contact with zombies. Used in Wall-nut Bowling levels Free None
Giant Wall-nut Giant Wall-nut1.png Giant Wall-nut can crush a row of zombies or have large amounts of health. Used in Wall-nut Bowling 2 Free None

† Is a Hero Plant.
* Is a premium plant that can be bought for gems.
' Not a premium plant, but can also be bought for gems.


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