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Plants are characters in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. The goal of the game is to defend gardens, vanquish zombies, or set gnome bombs, depending on the game mode.

Playable plants

There are four playable plant classes: Peashooter, Chomper, Cactus, and Sunflower. All four have different abilities with different perks to using them. In a traditional shooter game, Peashooter serves as the basic assault class, Sunflower serves as the healer class, Chomper serves as the melee class, Cactus serves as the sniper class, and Crazy Dave serves as the boss class.

Plant Image Weapon upgrades Health Variants Primary weapon Primary weapon damage* Abilities Classic FPS Class
Peashooter PeashooterGW1 PeashooterUpgrades 125 Fire Pea
Ice Pea
Toxic Pea
Commando Pea
Agent Pea
Law Pea
Berry Shooter
Plasma Pea
Pea Cannon 25-37 (impact/critical damage)
10 (splash damage)
Chili Bean Bomb
Pea Gatling
Sombrero Bean Bomb
Retro Gatling
Super Pea Jump
Soldier class
Sunflower SunflowerGW1 SunflowerUpgrade 100 Mystic Flower
Power Flower
Fire Flower
Shadow Flower
Metal Petal
Sun Pharaoh
Alien Flower
Sun Pulse 5-8 (impact damage)
6-10 (critical damage)
Heal Beam
Heal Flower
Rainbow Heal Beam
Solar Flare Beam
Dark Flower
Healer class
Chomper ChomperGW1 ChomperUpgrade 150, 175 (upgraded) Hot Rod Chomper
Toxic Chomper
Fire Chomper
Power Chomper
Count Chompula
Armor Chomper
Chester Chomper
Chomp Thing
Chomp 25 Goop
Super Sticky Goop
Sprint Burrow
Spiky Spikeweed
Cheesy Goop
Melee class
Cactus CactusGW1 CactusUpgrade 125 Camo Cactus
Fire Cactus
Ice Cactus
Power Cactus
Future Cactus
Bandit Cactus
Citrus Cactus
Jade Cactus
Spike Shot 25-27 (impact damage)
30-33 (critical damage)
Potato Mine
Garlic Drone
Tallnut Battlement
Potato Nugget Mine
Artichoke Drone
Iron Maiden
Sniper class
Crazy Dave Crazy DaveGW1 N/A 2000 N/A N/A N/A Coconut Spotting Station
Twin Heal Flower
Cherry Strike
Revive Rainbow
Boss class

*exact damage varies depending on distance

Variant plants

Each playable character class has six variants or more that give the base class a perk. The variants also differ slightly in appearance. Unlocking the variants is done through purchasing sticker packs from the Sticker Shop. Lower cost packs will result in single pieces being obtained randomly, more expensive ones will yield multiple pieces for different characters while the most expensive sticker pack will fully unlock a random new variant. 


Plant Image Weapon upgrades Health Primary weapon Primary weapon damage*
Fire Pea Fire PeaGW1 FirePeaUpgrade 125 Fire Pea Cannon 15-19 (impact damage) 21-26 (critical damage)
10 (splash damage)
5 (fire damage per second)
Ice Pea Ice PeaGW1 IcePeaUpgrade 125 Ice Pea Cannon 15-19 (impact damage) 21-25 (critical damage)
10 (splash damage)
Toxic Pea Toxic PeaGW1 ToxicPeaUpgrade 125 Toxic Pea Cannon 17-26 (impact/critical damage)
10 (splash damage)
2 (toxic damage per second or being close to enemy)
Commando Pea Commando PeaGW1 CommandoPeaUpgrade 125 Full-Auto Pea 6-12 (impact damage)
6-13 (critical damage)
Agent Pea Agent PeaGW1 AgentPeaUpgrade 100 Pea Silencer 10-16 (impact damage)
20-33 (critical damage)
Law Pea Law PeaGW1 LawPeaUpgrade 125 Six Shooter 13-22 (impact damage)
15-26 (critical damage)
Berry Shooter Berry ShooterGW1 BerryShooterUpgrade 125 Berry Blast 20-35 (impact/critical damage)
1-15 (splash damage)
Plasma Pea Plasma PeaGW1 PlasmaPeaUpgradeH 125 Plasmic Disruptor 20-70 (impact/critical damage, based on charge rate)
10-30 (splash damage, based on charge rate)

*exact damage varies depending on distance


Plant Image Weapon upgrades Health Primary weapon Primary weapon damage*
Mystic Flower Mystic FlowerGW1 MysticFlowerUpgrade 100 Mysterious Energy 11-40 (impact damage, based on charge rate)
13-80 (critical damage, based on charge rate)
Power Flower Power FlowerGW1 PowerFlowerUpgrade 100 Power Pulse 6-8 (impact damage)
7-9 (critical damage)
5-7 (electric splash)
Fire Flower Fire FlowerGW1 FireFlowerUpgrade 100 Flame Pulse 4-7 (impact damage)
5-9 (critical damage)
5 (fire damage per second)
Shadow Flower Shadow FlowerGW1 ShadowFlowerUpgrade 100 Dark Energy 7-8 (impact damage)
9-10 (critical damage)
Metal Petal Metal PetalGW1 MetalPetalUpgrade 150 Metal Blast 4-7 (impact damage)
6-9 (critical damage)
Sun Pharaoh Sun PharaohGW1 SunPharaohUpgrade 100 Cobra Laser 10-13 (impact damage)
12-15 (critical damage)
Alien Flower Alien FlowerGW1 AlienFlowerUpgrade 100 Spore Mist 10-14 (impact damage)
15-18 (critical damage)
3 (spore damage)

*exact damage varies depending on distance


Plant Image Weapon upgrades Health Primary weapon Primary weapon damage
Hot Rod Chomper Hot Rod ChomperGW1 HotRodChomperUpgrade 100
125 (upgrade)
Hot Rod Chomp 25 (chomp)
Toxic Chomper Toxic ChomperGW1 ToxicChomperUpgrade 150
175 (upgrade)
Toxic Spray 6-8 (toxic spray)
2-5 (toxic damage per second or being close to enemy)
Fire Chomper Fire ChomperGW1 FireChomperUpgrade 150
175 (upgrade)
Flame Spray 8-10 (spray)
5 (fire damage per second)
Power Chomper Power ChomperGW1 PowerChomperUpgrade 150
175 (upgrade)
Electric Spray 10 (spray)
2 (splash)
Count Chompula Count ChompulaGW1 CountChompulaUpgrade 125
150 (upgrade)
Vampiric Chomp 25
Armor Chomper Armor ChomperGW1 ArmorChomperUpgrade 200
225 (upgrade)
Metal Chomp 50-60
Chester Chomper Chester ChomperGW1 ChesterChomperUpgrade 125
150 (upgrade)
Cheesy Chomp 25
Chomp Thing Chomp ThingGW1 ChompThingUpgrade 100
125 (upgrade)
Swamp Spray 5-12


Plant Image Weapon upgrades Health Primary weapon Primary weapon damage*
Camo Cactus Camo CactusGW1 CamoCacutsUpgrade 125 Camo Shot 30-33 (impact damage)
60-66 (critical damage)
Fire Cactus Fire CactusGW1 FireCactusUpgrade 125 Fire Needle 16-22 (impact damage)
23-30 (critical damage)
5 (fire damage per second)
Ice Cactus Ice CactusGW1 IceCactusUpgrade 125 Ice Needle 15-22 (impact damage)
16-26 (critical damage)
Power Cactus Power CactusGW1 PowerCactusUpgrade 125 Electric Needle 15-22 (impact damage)
18-27 (critical damage)
3-7 (electric splash)
Future Cactus Future CactusGW1 FutureCactusUpgrade 125 Future Shot 10-94 (impact damage)
20-107 (critical damage)
30 (splash damage, fully charged projectile only)
Bandit Cactus Bandit CactusGW1 BanditCactusUpgrade 125 Gatling Needle 9 (impact damage)
10-11 (critical damage)
Citrus Cactus Citrus CactusGW1 CitrusCactusUpgrade 125 Orange Burst 13-17 (impact/critical damage)
5-15 (splash damage)
Jade Cactus Jade CactusGW1] JadeCactusUpgrade 150 Shatter Shot 11-26 (impact damage)
13-38 (critical damage, based on distance)
15 (splash damage)

*exact damage varies depending on distance

Ability plants

These plants are the abilities of each playable character.

Plant Image Ability for
Chili Bean Bomb Chili Bean BombGW1 Peashooter
Sombrero Bean Bomb Sombrero Bean BombGW1 Peashooter
Heal Flower Heal Flower AbilityGW1 Sunflower
Dark Flower Dark FlowerGW1 Sunflower
Spikeweed SpikeweedGW1 Chomper
Spiky Spikeweed Spiky SpikeweedGW1 Chomper
Chesterweed ChesterweedGW1 Chomper
Potato Mine Potato MineGW1 Cactus
Garlic Drone Garlic DroneGW1 Cactus
Tallnut Battlement Tallnut BattlementGW1 Cactus
Potato Nugget Mine Potato Nugget MineGW1 Cactus
Artichoke Drone Artichoke DroneGW1 Cactus
Iron Maiden Iron MaidenGW1 Cactus
Coconut Spotting Station Coconut Spotting Station GW1 Crazy Dave
Twin Heal Flower Twin Heal Flower GW1 Crazy Dave
Cherry Strike Cherry Strike GW1 Crazy Dave
Revive Rainbow Revive Rainbow GW1 Crazy Dave

Spawnable Plants

Spawnable Plants (sometimes referred to as Potted Plants) are a type of NPC plants that can be planted by the player.

There are 15 Spawnable Plants that can be used as well as 4 limited edition holiday Spawnable Plants. They can only be planted in empty flower pots. The Spawnable Plants are used as assistance to fight off the zombie hordes. Each are considered consumables that once planted can not be picked back up. They are only usable in Gardens & Graveyards, Garden Ops and Taco Bandits. Spawnable Plants can only be obtained by purchasing sticker packs with in-game coins.

Plant Image Health
Pea Cannon Pea CannonGW1 36 (approx.)
Pea Repeater Pea RepeaterGW1 80 (approx.)
Gatling Pea Gatling PeaGW1 100 (approx.)
Bonk Choy Bonk ChoyGW1 100 (approx.)
Scaredy-shroom Scaredy-shroomGW1 70 (approx.)
Heal Flower Heal FlowerGW1 61 (approx.)
Fume-shroom Fume-shroomGW1 75 (approx.)
Goop-shroom Goop-shroomGW1 100 (approx.)
Snap Dragon Snap DragonGW1 95 (approx.)
Ice-shroom Ice-shroomGW1 50 (approx.)
Doom-shroom Doom-shroomGW1 100 (approx.)
Ice Peashooter Ice PeashooterGW1 42 (approx.)
Fire Peashooter Fire PeashooterGW1 70 (approx.)
Bamboo Shoot Bamboo ShootGW1 50 (approx.)
Laser Bean Laser BeanGW1 100 (approx.)

Other plants

These plants are not playable or spawnable but appear in some maps either as a part of the environment or as interactive objects.

Plant Image
Tallnut Cannon Cnc
Tallnut Gwn
Corn Mortar Cl
Tactical Cuke Tactical
Flax Cannon Flax
Mega Flower Mf

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