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Plants are playable classes and spawnables in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville.​ There are a total of ten playable plant classes, including seven from the two Garden Warfare games, and three new ones.

Playable Plants

Plant Image Health Weapon(s) Abilities Role
Peashooter PeashooterBfN 125 Pea Cannon Chili Bean BombBfN Pea GatlingBfN Pea SupedBfN PvZ BfN Attack Class Icon
Chomper ChomperBfN 175 Chomp
Slobber Shot
SpikeweedBfN BurrowBfN Grody GoopBfN PvZ BfN Attack Class Icon
Kernel Corn Kernel CornBfN 125 Cob Busters Butter BeaconBfN Husk HopBfN Shuck ShotBfN PvZ BfN Attack Class Icon
Night Cap Night CapBfN 75 Spore Strike Casting ShadowsBfN Fung FuBfN Shadow SneakBfN PvZ BfN Attack Class Icon
Snapdragon SnapdragonBfN 175 Flame Blower
Flare Ball
Swoop SlamBfN Blue BlazesBfN Blazing TrailBfN PvZ BfN Attack Class Icon
Cactus CactusBfN 100 Spike Strike
Needle Shot
Potato MineBfN Garlic DroneBfN Petal PropellerBfN PvZ BfN Defend Class Icon
Citron CitronBfN 200 Juice Cannon
Peel Shield
EMPeachBfN Spin DashBfN Navel LaserBfN PvZ BfN Defend Class Icon
AcornBfN 75 Solo:
Shell Shot
Sap TrapBfN Invoke OakBfN Acorn DashBfN
PvZ BfN Defend Class Icon
Treetop Turret
Sap TrapBfN Treeject (Acorn)BfN Lumber SupportBfN
OakBfN 300 Wood Grief Super Sap TrapBfN Treeject (Oak)BfN Roll for DamageBfN
Sunflower SunflowerBfN 100 Sun Pulse Sunny Side UpBfN SunbeamBfN Heal BeamBfN PvZ BfN Support Class Icon
Rose RoseBfN 100 Magic Thistles JinxBfN Arcane EnigmaBfN GoatifyBfN PvZ BfN Support Class Icon

Spawnable Plants


Plant Image Health Primary Weapon Cooldown Role
Pea Cannon Pea CannonBfN 50 Large Pea 2 min. Ranged
Gatling Pea Gatling PeaBfN 60 Small Pea 3 min. Ranged
Scaredy-Shroom Scaredy-ShroomBfN 40 Scaredy Shot 4 min. Ranged
Lightning Reed Lightning ReedBfN 70 Lightning Beam 5 min. Ranged
Heal Flower Heal FlowerBfN 25 N/A 4 min. Support
Goop-Shroom Goop-ShroomBfN 80 Super Goop 3 min. Support
Bonk Choy Bonk ChoyBfN 80 Uppercut 2 min. Melee
Doom-Shroom Doom-ShroomBfN 105 Doom 5 min. Melee
Fume-Shroom Fume-ShroomBfN 70 Acidic Bubbles 3 min. Melee


Plant Image Health Primary Weapon Cooldown Role
Terracotta Weed Terracotta WeedBfN 170 Weed Whip (Melee)
Seed Spit (Range)
2 min. Melee
Vase Weed Vase WeedBfN 90 Weed Bash (Melee)
Seed Spit (Range)
5 min. Melee
Dandelion DandelionBfN 25 Dandelion Explode 2 min. Melee
Wildflower WildflowerBfN TBA TBA 3 min. Ranged
Terracotta Wildflower Terracotta WildflowerBfN TBA TBA 5 min. Ranged
Heal Weed Heal WeedBfN TBA TBA 5 min. Support
Hypno-Shroom Hypno-ShroomBfN 70 Hypno Leech (Close)
Hypno Pulse (Mid)
Hypno Shot (Long)
3 min. Support

Battle Leaders

Name Image Health Special Original Plant Customizations Worn
Bam-Bam-Boo Bam-Bam-BooBfN TBA Has increased damage
Spin Dashes every 7 seconds
CitronBfN Pand-Orange Costume
Bluehorn Corn Bluehorn CornBfN TBA Husk Hops every 5 seconds Kernel CornBfN Blue Bull Costume
Flotsamuel FlotsamuelBfN TBA TBA PeashooterBfN Sea Pea Costume
Lucy LucyBfN TBA Turns invincible for a duration of 3 seconds every 3 seconds Hypno-ShroomBfN N/A
No-Neck Raffi No-Neck RaffiBfN TBA N/A CactusBfN Cactiraffe Costume
Pinky Rain Pinky RainBfN TBA Has increased damage
Swoop Slams every 3 seconds
SnapdragonBfN Crystal Dragon Costume
Pollen Kate Pollen KateBfN TBA TBA SunflowerBfN Sun Monarch Costume
Pound Cake Pound CakeBfN TBA TBA Night CapBfN Night-Sprinkles Costume
Queen Capra Queen CapraBfN TBA TBA RoseBfN Ivory Rose Costume
Royal Rose Set
Sherman ShermanBfN TBA Uses Roll for Damage every 7 seconds OakBfN Dark-Nut Costume
Sproutrage SproutrageBfN TBA Melee attacks deal massive damage 96px N/A
Teddy TeddyBfN TBA Has increased damage ChomperBfN Cuddle Chomper Costume

Bounty Hunt

Weirding Woods

Name Image Health Time Limit Special Original Plant Customizations Worn
Queenigma QueenigmaBfN TBA 3 min. Invincible when the spawned mushrooms are still present RoseBfN Fairy Queen Costume
Solar Sisters Solar SistersBfN TBA 3 min. Respawns eight seconds after being defeated SunflowerBfN Sunshine Rocketeer Costume
Wild Bunch Wild BunchBfN TBA 1 min.
30 sec.
Squash cannot be touched, or defeated Wildflower
Pumpkin Wildflower
Terracotta Wildflower

Town Center

Name Image Health Time Limit Special Original Plant Customizations Worn
Bitey Brothers Bitey BrothersBfN TBA 1 min.
45 sec.
Is invincible when outside of the circle ChomperBfN Z-Chomp Costumes
blue Velocity Cap hats
Mirror-Shroom Mirror-ShroomBfN TBA 1 min. Turns invisible for long periods of time Night CapBfN Crystal Crusader Set
Tiger Klaus Tiger KlausBfN TBA 1 min.
45 sec.
Acorns must be defeated first OakBfN Tiger Birch Costume

Elusive Foes

Weirding Woods

Elusive Foes that are exclusive to Weirding Woods

Name Image Health Encounter Location Special Original Plant Customizations Worn
Amber Gemma Amber GemmaBfN TBA In the Z-Tech Factory Turns nearby plants invincible and heals them PeashooterBfN Sappy Pea Costume
Pops Cyclops DreadrootBfN TBA In the swamps after vanquishing three Dreadroots Greatly increased damage, turns invincible while burrowing, health resets if there are no zombies to attack DreadrootBfN N/A
Sleepy SleepyBfN TBA On a camp near a lake Turns invincible from time to time Night CapBfN Gnomish Spot-Shroom Costume

Town Center

Name Image Health Encounter Location Special Original Plant Customizations Worn
Big Hurtle Big HurtleBfN TBA Pressure Pier TBA CitronBfN Green Werble the Turtle Hat
Kitty Sparkles Kitty SparklesBfN TBA Inside the Plant Base Makes her Mushroom guardians invincible SunflowerBfN Flush Flower Costume and the Pretty Kitty Set
Mrs. Veilbiter Mrs. VeilbiterBfN TBA TBA TBA ChomperBfN Bitey Bride Set
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