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Plantern (路灯花; lùdēng huā) is an unlockable plant in Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2 as an environment modifier.


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Plantern is unlocked after the second night of the Dark Ages. Here he retains his purpose in illuminating Fog on that appears on the left side of the screen, however the fog cleared now exclusively disappears on singular tiles, causing the cleared fog to appear more angular. In addition to clearing fog, Plantern will now reveal cloaked Bandit Zombies, revealing their position to the player, and allowing other plants on the lawn to be able to attack them.

Almanac entry

路灯花 (Plantern)
Sun cost: 25




    In English:

    Plantern illuminates an area of the floor grid, Bandit Zombie can also be seen in an invisible state.

    Plantern defies science. He just does. Other plants eat light and excrete oxygen; Plantern eats darkness and excretes light. Plantern's cagey about how he does it. "I'm not gonna say 'sorcery,' I wouldn't use the term 'dark forces,' I just... I think I've said enough."


Plantern's purpose remains mostly the same, except he can now reveal any invisible Bandit Zombies in an area. He lights up in a 5x5 area.


Plantern using their normal Plant Food effect.

Plant Food effect

When given Plant Food, Plantern shines in a 5x5 area for a while.


Plantern stuns all zombies in the area for a while.


Only select Planterns when you see fog or the Bandit Zombie in the seed selection in Dark Ages. However, the Plantern will illuminate more squares unlike in the prequel. Try to keep a defensive plant adjacent to him or you will risk 25 Sun wasted. It is best to use Plant Food on your defensive plants so that you will protect your Planterns from being eaten.

Try to be careful of Wizard Zombies as if they turn Plantern into a sheep, the fog will come again and Bandit Zombies will go back to being invisible. The same thing also applies to Archmage Zombie, except that he is more dangerous since plants will be vulnerable when sleeping and that you need Plant Food or Coffee Bean to wake them up. Sunflower Singer can help his recharge get faster.


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  • His Almanac entry is recycled from Plants vs. Zombies
  • His idle animation in-game changes once the costume is on. However, in the Almanac and seed selection screen, the idle animation is the same.
  • His code name is "streetlamp." It is referring to Plantern's Chinese name, Street Lamp.
  • He illuminates in a different pattern and has a different lighting animation than the first game.
  • He, Coffee Bean, Gatling Pea, Cattail, and Cob Cannon are only plants from first game that appear in the Chinese version but not in the international version.
  • He, Oak Archer and Coffee Bean are the only Chinese-exclusive plants in Dark Ages.

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