Sunflower's Plant Food boost gem cost

Not to be confused with the other uses of Plant Food.

Plant Food boost is an item that can be activated before a level is started when selecting the plants that last for the duration of that level. Any plant from that seed packet will automatically use its Plant Food effect every time upon being planted.

There are only two ways to activate it. One is to have a boost already obtained from the Zen Garden, which is obtained by fully growing a plant (besides Marigold) and then activating the seed packet that it spawns (which can also be deactivated by simply digging up the plant in the Zen Garden, even with the presence of the boosted seed packet). The other way is to pay a varying price of gems (either 10, 12, or 15) to activate the boost for that level.

However, despite activating the plant food ability, placing a plant with a Plant Food boost on a Power Tile will not trigger the Power Tile's ability.

Boosted Seed Packet

Boosted Seed Packet


It's best to focus on plants with an effect that lasts until it's destroyed, such as Torchwood, CactusElectric Currant and all defensive plants. Using it on plants with powerful boosts such as Sun Bean, Banana Launcher, Winter Melon, and Spore-shroom can be quite helpful, as they have large-scale zombie damaging Plant Food abilities, especially some in AoE (Area of Effect) damage.

One notable use of plant food boosting is when it is equipped to Puff-shrooms, it is extremely powerful as it will trigger all other Puff-shrooms, and at the same time refresh all of them. In addition, their 0 sun cost and fast recharge make them even better, as planting them will be easy and you can quickly make a decent board. Finally, if you have no space and must dig one up (which isn't likely, to begin with), their fast recharge and lack of any sun cost would put you at no disadvantage.

Plant Food boost gem cost list

Plant Gem cost
Sunflower 12 gems
Peashooter 10 gems
Wall-nut 10 gems
Potato Mine 15 gems
Bloomerang 10 gems
Cabbage-pult 10 gems
Iceberg Lettuce 12 gems
Twin Sunflower 15 gems
Bonk Choy 10 gems
Repeater 12 gems
Snow Pea 10 gems
Kernel-pult 12 gems
Snapdragon 15 gems
Spikeweed 12 gems
Coconut Cannon 10 gems
Spring Bean 10 gems
Spikerock 15 gems
Threepeater 10 gems
Squash 12 gems
Split Pea 10 gems
Chili Bean 12 gems
Torchwood 15 gems
Lightning Reed 12 gems
Tall-nut 15 gems
Pea Pod 15 gems
Melon-pult 15 gems
Winter Melon 15 gems
Laser Bean 10 gems
Citron 12 gems
Starfruit 12 gems
Infi-nut 12 gems
Magnifying Grass 10 gems
Hypno-shroom 15 gems
Sun-shroom 12 gems
Puff-shroom 15 gems
Fume-shroom 15 gems
Sun Bean 12 gems
Pea-nut 10 gems
Magnet-shroom 10 gems
Chomper 12 gems
Lily Pad 10 gems
Tangle Kelp 12 gems
Bowling Bulb 15 gems
Homing Thistle 15 gems
Guacodile 12 gems
Banana Launcher 15 gems
Ghost Pepper 15 gems
Sweet Potato 15 gems
Sap-fling 12 gems
Pepper-pult 10 gems
Chard Guard 10 gems
Fire Peashooter 10 gems
Stunion 12 gems
Rotobaga 12 gems
Dandelion 15 gems
Red Stinger 10 gems
A.K.E.E. 15 gems
Lava Guava 15 gems
Endurian 12 gems
Toadstool 12 gems
Stallia 12 gems
Strawburst 15 gems
Cactus 12 gems
Phat Beet 12 gems
Celery Stalker 15 gems
Electric Blueberry 15 gems
Spore-shroom 12 gems
Garlic 10 gems
Jack O' Lantern 15 gems
Primal Peashooter 15 gems
Primal Wall-nut 10 gems
Primal Sunflower 12 gems
Primal Potato Mine 15 gems
Cold Snapdragon 15 gems
Shrinking Violet 15 gems
Moonflower 10 gems
Nightshade 12 gems
Shadow-shroom 15 gems
Blooming Heart 12 gems
Dusk Lobber 12 gems
Escape Root 15 gems
Grimrose 12 gems
Electric Currant 12 gems
Wasabi Whip 12 gems
Aloe 12 gems
Explode-O-Nut 15 gems
Kiwibeast 15 gems
Apple Mortar 12 gems
Witch Hazel 12 gems
Parsnip 12 gems
Missile Toe 15 gems
Hot Date 15 gems
Caulipower 15 gems
Electric Peashooter 12 gems
Holly Barrier 12 gems


See Gallery of boosted seed packets.


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