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Carrot Rocket Launcher
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Not to be confused with Experience Bean in this game.
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Plant Food was an item in Plants vs. Zombies Online that gave plants more powerful effects. It was obtained by killing glowing green zombies. To use it, the player simply clicked the plant they want to use Plant Food on. Note that unlike in Plants vs. Zombies 2, when using Plant Food, the plants' health was not replenished, and they were vulnerable during their effect. The plants listed below did not have a Plant Food effect because they were single and instant-use plants, with the exception of Sod:


Plant Image Description
Sunflower Sunsunsunsunsun Produces 150 sun.
Peashooter Peashooterplantfood It becomes a faster-shooting Gatling Pea for three seconds, firing 20 peas per second, dealing a total of 60 damage.
Wall-nut Hard Gains a hard armor shell for 160 extra health. This effect lasts until the armor is eaten.
Potato Mine PotototototoototototototototaPotato 2 3 Arms itself (if unarmed) and produces two armed Potato Mines on other spaces.
Cabbage-pult Cacacacaccacacacaccacacaccacacac Launches several cabbages at once, hitting every zombie (and tombstones, if any) onscreen, dealing ten damage to each zombie and tombstone.
Iceberg Lettuce Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr Iceberglettucefrozenzombies Freezes every zombie on screen that can be frozen, similar to the Ice-shroom.
Bloomerang Hair Shoots 10 boomerangs in four directions (up, down, left and right), damaging all zombies in the area 20 times.
Pomegranate-pult Pomegrnate-pultPF1
It launches pomegranates at all of the zombies on the screen.
Bonk Choy Booom Rapidly punches in a 3x3 area around it, dealing 75 normal shots to all zombies in the area.
Bruce Bamboo Small Bamboo Cage PF Rapidly hits zombies three squares in front of it, and then behind it.
Carrot Rocket Carrot Missle PF1
Carrot Missle PF2
Launches rockets that deals huge damage to all zombies.
Dandelion DandelionOPF Creates a big explosion that causes big damage in a 6x6 area.
Venus Flytrap Pf of Flytrap2 Eats all zombies in an area.
Sets a 3x3 area in front of it on fire, dealing 90 damage to every zombie in its area of effect.
Temporarily fills the row with spikes poking up from the ground and pulls all the zombies in the lane onto the Spikeweed. This lasts for 4.5 seconds. The secondary spikes can destroy rolling items and hurt zombies being pulled towards the Spikeweed.
Spring Bean Sperjcvhb Bounces all zombies onscreen back a tile or into the water (if possible). It will wake up after the attack if it was asleep.
Kernel-pult Butterbbbb Launches several pieces of butter at once, hitting every zombie (and Tombstones, if any) onscreen.
Coconut Cannon

Fires one big Coconut that pushes and deals 60 damage to all zombies in a row at the end of the lawn or until it encounters a tombstone. It also affects all zombies in an 3x3 area when it explodes.
Narcissus NarcissusPlantFood Creates a giant bubble around it, which pops, damaging all zombies in a 3x3 area around it.
Durian DurianPlantFood1
It explodes and does damage to all zombies in a 3x3 area around it. It also dies.
Spikerock Silver spike Temporarily fills the row with other spikes poking up from the ground and pulls zombies onto the Spikerock. This lasts for 4.5 seconds. Like Spikeweed, the secondary spikes can destroy rolling objects and damage zombies being pulled towards the Spikerock. 
Pineapple Cannon PineappleCannonPF It launches five pineapples at random zombies on the screen.
Threepeater Three food
Draw food
Shoots a huge wave of peas across the area: the middle head always shoots straight ahead, and the side heads shoot peas in a leaf-shape pattern. Each head shoots 30 peas.
Laser Bean Laserbeanplantfood Fires a huge laser beam throughout the row, dealing 90 normal damage shots to each zombie in the row.
Citron Citronplantfood
Shoots a giant plasma ball and flings all the zombies out of the lane. If it hits a robotic zombie, such as a Robo-Cone Zombie, or any type of Gargantuar, the plasma ball will stop, but the robotic zombie or Gargantuar will be killed instantly. The plasma ball deals 200 damage to any zombie that is hit by it.
Ganoderma Double Head Mushroom PF Affect It creates a circle of light around itself, automatically restoring all plants' health within a 3x3 radius.
Banana Tree Cutter Bamboo Projectile Affect It throws both of its leaves and deals damage in 3x4 area in front of it. If it is wilted, it throws its one leaf in the same range.
Nitration Mushroom DigestMushroomPF It summons 5 smaller versions of itself on the row it's on.
Oxygen Algae Not visible Heals all plants around it.
Bubble Flower TBA Summons bubbles, covering all the zombies on the lawn to deal damage and temporarily stun them.
Garlic TBA Immobilize all zombies on screen for 10 seconds, similar to Iceberg Lettuce's Plant Food effect.
Electric Anemone DP 7
DP 8
Shoots a giant electric ball that goes through multiple lanes and disappears when all of its damage is done.
Twin Sunflower Sun sun sun sun 250 sun Produces 250 sun. 
Gatling spike
Rep2 Shoots 90 peas, then shoots a giant pea which deals 30 normal damage shots, dealing a total of 120 damage. There is a delay of about three seconds before the Repeater shoots the giant pea.
Winter Melon Wm plant food Launches frozen melons out from the top that do double damage of a normal frozen melon to all zombies (also deals splash damage).
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