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Plant Food is a game mechanic in the pre-2021 version of Plants vs. Zombies 3 that gives plants powerful effects. The effects are usually a stronger display of their function or are at least related to it somewhat. Plant Food effects are all short-term, as longer-term Plant Food effects have been made into Tacobilities.

Unlike in past appearances in the tower defense games, Plant Food is no longer obtained by defeating green colored zombies, instead, a meter on the UI is slowly charged overtime, giving the player a Plant Food when the meter is filled. The player can have three units of Plant Food at a time.

Unlike in Plants vs. Zombies 2, using a Plant Food on a seed packet no longer instantly recharges it. Instead, it Supercharges the plant, allowing it to use its Plant Food ability when planted.

Main Plants

Plant Name Image Description
Puff-Shroom Puff Power Puff-Shroom3.png Makes all Puff-Shrooms on the lawn fire a concentrated stream of short-range puffs.
Buttercup Drizzled Butter ButtercupPF3.gif Pours butter down her lane, pushing back nearby zombies and leaving butter puddles.
Garlic Bad Breath Garlic3.png Shuffles zombies in front of Garlic to adjacent lanes, damaging them over time.
Potato Mine Potato Salad Potato Mine3.png Creates additional, unarmed Potato Mines in random tiles.
Pushywillow Fuzzy Fury Pushywillow3.png Pushes back all zombies in her lane and adjacent lanes.
Wall-Nut Shell Shove Wall-NufPF3.gif Knocks back and stuns all zombies directly in front of him.
Chard Guard Slap Storm Chard Guard3.png Regrows all his leaves and bounces back all zombies in his lane.
Peashooter Rapid Fire PeashooterPF3.gif Unleashes an overwhelming barrage of peas.
Spikeweed Get over Here SpikeweedPF3.gif Sends thorny roots to damage zombies in this lane and pull them closer.
Cabbage-Pult Cabbage Patch Cabbage-PultPF3.gif Lobs heavy cabbages at random zombies on the lawn.
Kernel-Pult Butter Barrage Kernel-PultPF3.gif Instantly lobs butter at many random zombies, damaging and stunning them.
Bonk Choy Fists of Fury Bonk ChoyPF3.gif Punches in all directions, hitting all zombies in a 3x3 area.
Caramel Popcorn Hot Toffee Caramel Popcorn3.png Explodes all caramel blobs, damaging zombies and spawning more caramel blobs.
Lightning Reed Power Surge Lightning Reed3.png Discharges sustained lightning for several seconds, doing heavy damage.
Melon-Pult Melon Mortar Melon-Pult3.png Lobs high-damage melons at random zombies on the lawn, with each causing splash damage on nearby zombies.
Shuffle Truffle Kerfuffle Shuffle Truffle3.png Pushes all zombies from this lane back and into adjacent lanes, damaging them.
Ragweed Gesundheit Ragweed3.png Sneezes a massive blast that damages and knocks back all zombies in this lane.
Blockbuster Shatter Storm Blockbuster3.png Rapidly attacks all Obstacles on the lawn, doing heavy shatter damage.
Butternut Squash Butter Bomb Butternut Squash3.png Does heavy damage to a 3x3 area and leaves melted butter behind.
Sawgrass See? Saw! Sawgrass3.png Sends sawblades in both directions, damaging all zombies they hit.
Squash Spring Training SquashPF3.gif Squashes a 3x3 area in front of him, doing massive damage.
Fire Peashooter Flamethrower Fire Peashooter3.png Spits a stream of fire, damaging all zombies in her lane.
Pine Needler Needlework PineNeedlerPF3.gif Sprays wide waves of extra-sharp needles.
Snow Pea Snowball Fight Snow Pea3.png Unleashes a storm of frozen peas and a chilling gale that slows all zombies in this lane.
Bamboo Shoots Bamboom BambooShootsPF3.gif Fires a massive missile that explodes in a 3x3 area.
Night Cap Fung-Fu Night Cap3.png Teleports to many random zombies, kicking them in their gross zombie faces.
Aloe Vera Healing Boost Aloe Vera3.png Heals every plant on the lawn.
Hydrangea Feeding Frenzy Hydrangea3.png Heals herself, then pulls nearby zombies close and unleashes a devastating series of bites.
Sweet Potato Irresistable Sweet Potato3.png Pulls all zombies towards her from this lane and adjacent lanes, stunning them.
Dogwood Howling Mad DogwoodPF3.gif Unleashes a howl that stuns all zombies in both his lanes.
Chomper Gluttonous Gulp Chomper3.png Inhales up to three zombies, doing heavy damage. Then burps, pushing back all zombies in her lane.
Flak Seed Seed Strike FlakSeedPF3.gif Lobs seed cluster bombs at random zombies. Each hit explodes more fragments in a chain reaction.
Gravitree Newton's Revenge Gravitree3.png Launches a bushel of orbiting apples all at once.
Gloom-Shroom Spin Cycle Gloom-Shroom3.png Fires a swirling spiral of gas in all directions.
Lemon-Aid Lemon Zest Lemon-Aid3.png Massively speeds up all 8 surrounding plants for a limited time.
Starfruit Starburst Starfruit3.png Fires a burst of stars in 5 directions.
Snapdragon Dragonfire SnapdragonPF3.gif Spits a short-ranged fireball that does heavy damage to all zombies in a 3x3 area.
Fairy Ring Mushroom Mass-Shroom Fairy Ring Mushroom3.png Does heavy damage in a 5x5 area, turning any defeated zombies unto Puff-Shrooms.
Kalestorm Blizzard Kalestorm3.png Rains a torrent of chilling hailstones all over the lawn

Other Plants

Sunflower Plant Food/Tacobility Sunflower3.png Sunflower creates 1 sun instantly.