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Plant Food is packed with vitamins and minerals. It's an essential part of a complete breakfast.



Plant Food

Plant Food

A full Plant Food bar

Plant Food is a game mechanic in Plants vs. Zombies 2 that gives plants powerful effects. The effects usually a stronger display their function or at least related to it a bit. It is obtained by killing glowing green zombies, breaking tombstones with the Plant Food icon in Dark Ages, planting on Taiji Tiles in Kongfu World, spending 1000 coins (or 8 gems in Chinese version), or planting a Power Lily. The player can carry three at a time at first, but an upgrade obtained in Ancient Egypt can increase this to four. It can then be increased to five at a time via an in-app purchase. The player's current amount of Plant Food is represented by the green lights on a bar at the bottom of the screen.

Plant Food effects can be short-term or long-term. Most plants have a short-term effect, which means that plants return to their initial planting state with full health once it ends. Long-term effects are characteristic for all defensive plants other than Sweet Potato and Chard Guard, along with Torchwood, Hypno-shroom, Sun Bean, and Cactus. Potato Mine, Chili Bean, Lily Pad, Celery Stalker, and Radish are also specific because they spawn duplicates of themselves on the lawn. Some plants' effects last very shortly and serve to produce a unique projectile or utility. For example, Lightning Reed creates a thunderstorm cloud that becomes independent from the plant and will continue to exist even if the plant gets killed. Citron's charged ball of plasma acts differently to any other projectile in the game, and can only be stopped by Gargantuars in all worlds, robotic zombies in Far Future, or tombstones in Ancient Egypt or Dark Ages. Finally, some Plant Food effects are completely different from the abilities of the plant. For example, using Plant Food on a Red Stinger will make it produce a focused laser that damages and slows down all the zombies in its lane, which is completely different from its usual function.

If a plant on a Power Tile is given Plant Food, other plants on the same type of tile will receive the boost too despite not being given Plant Food itself. This only occurs naturally in Far Future and Modern Day, but this can be achieved in any world by using Tile Turnip.

Another function of Plant Food is its ability to speed up the recharge of seed packets - when a Plant Food is dragged on top of a seed packet that is still recharging, it instantly becomes available for use. This can be especially useful for obtaining essential plants in emergency situations, such as instant-kills like Cherry Bomb or Power Mints, overcoming their slow recharge. This ability is unlocked after beating Wild West - Day 20.

The player should be careful when using Plant Food on certain plants when a Shield Zombie, Jester Zombie, Troglobite, or an Excavator Zombie is approaching, as they will deflect or block some attacks, thus wasting a Plant Food.

The following plants do not have a Plant Food effect because they are single or instant-use plants:


I wonder if Plant Food works on other types of plants?

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Image Description Costumed (Chinese version only)
Sunflower Sunflower PF Produces 150 sun. Produces either 1 gold coin and 175 sun or 2 gold coins and 150 sun immediately.
Peashooter Peashooterplantfood Becomes a faster-shooting Gatling Pea for three seconds, firing 20 peas per second, dealing a total of 1200 damage. Shoots three giant peas that deal 600 damage each with a total of 1800 damage.
Wall-nut Wall-nut PF1
Wall-nut PF2
Replenishes all the health it had lost (if any) and gains a hard armor shell for 3200 extra health (for a total of 4800 health). This effect lasts until the armor is destroyed. Gets crystal armor, which has 6400 health and resistance to one Gargantuar smash.
Potato Mine* Potato Mine PF1
Potato Mine PF2
Arms itself and produces two armed Potato Mines on other spaces. Arms itself and launches three armed Potato Mines in three open spaces.
Bloomerang Bloomerange PF Shoots ten boomerangs in four directions (up, down, left and right), damaging all zombies in the area 20 times for a total of 800 damage. Hurls ten giant boomerangs in a cross-shape pattern.
Cabbage-pult Cabbage-pult PF Launches several cabbages at once, hitting every zombie (tombstones and ice blocks too, if any) onscreen, dealing ten damage to each zombie, tombstone and ice block. Hurls big electric cabbages for every zombie and grave in the field, dealing 400 DPS to each.
Iceberg Lettuce Iceberg Lettuce PF
Freezes every zombie on screen that can be frozen, similar to the Ice-shroom. Frostbite Caves zombies will not be frozen, but instead slowed. All zombies will be frozen for ten seconds and some Power Snow snowballs will be thrown to them.
Twin Sunflower Twin Sunflower PF Produces 250 sun. Before the 1.7 update, it gave 225 sun. Produces 225 sun and some gold coins.
Bonk Choy Bonk Choy PF Rapidly punches in a 3x3 area around it, dealing 1500 DPS to all zombies in the area. Attracts nearby zombies and rapidly punches in a 3x3 around it.
Repeater Repeater PF1
Repeater PF2
Repeater PF3
Shoots 90 peas, waits for three seconds, and then shoots a giant pea which deals 600 DPS, dealing a total of 2400 damage. Shoots regular peas, burning peas, and frozen peas at the same time and then shoots one plasma pea.
Snow Pea Popopopopopopop Slows all zombies in its lane, then shoots 60 frozen peas. Shoots three big frozen peas that deals 600 damage each.
Kernel-pult Butterbbbb Launches several pieces of butter at once, hitting every zombie (tombstones and ice blocks too, if any) onscreen. Launches a flaming butter at every on-screen target.
Snapdragon PF
Sets a 3x3 area in front of it on fire, dealing 1800 DPS to zombies in its area of effect. Sets a 4x3 area in front of it on fire, dealing the same amount of damage.
Temporarily fills the row with spikes poking up from the ground and pulls all the zombies in the lane onto it. This lasts for 4.5 seconds. The secondary spikes can destroy rolling items and hurt zombies being pulled towards the Spikeweed. When in effect, if the Spikeweed is in a minecart, the minecart cannot be moved. Now hits zombies on a jumping animation and does a small stun.
Coconut Cannon
Coconut Cannon PF2

Fires one big Coconut that pushes and deals 1200 damage to all zombies in a row at the end of the lawn or until it encounters a tombstone, an ice block, a surfboard (belongs to Surfer Zombie) or until it touches Dr. Zomboss, stunning him. It will deal 1200 damage to all zombies in an 3x3 area when it explodes. Shoots a bullet that stuns zombies in addition to damaging all zombies in a 3x3 area after exploding.
Spring Bean Spring Bean PF Bounces all zombies onscreen back a tile or into the water (if possible). It will wake up after the attack if it was asleep. Bounces back all zombies and stuns zombies.
Spikerock Spikerock PF Temporarily fills the row with other spikes poking up from the ground and pulls zombies onto it. This lasts for 4.5 seconds. The secondary spikes can destroy rolling objects and damage zombies being pulled towards it. When in effect, if the Spikerock is in a minecart, the minecart cannot be moved. Also completely heals the Spikerock. Now hits zombies on a jumping animation and stuns them.
Threepeater* Three food
Draw food
Shoots a huge wave of peas across the area: the middle head always shoots straight ahead, and the side heads shoot peas in a leaf-shape pattern. Each head shoots 60 peas. Its ability now repeats itself once more.
Squash* Squashing Squash Smashes any two of the strongest zombies on screen, then returns to its tile, crushing every zombie on the tile. Now smashes three zombies instead of two.
Split Pea Splitpeaplantfood The front head will shoot 60 peas for three seconds. Simultaneously, the back head will shoot 90 peas for three seconds and then shoot a giant pea that deals 600 damage, similar to Repeater. In total, the front head deals 1200 damage and the back head deals 2400 damage. Its ability now ends with the front head that shoots a giant fire pea and the back head that shoots a big snow pea (600 damage).
Chili Bean* Beanpea1
Creates three extra Chili Beans that land on other random tiles. It now creates one more Chill Bean, creating four Chili Beans total.
Torchwood NAPalm The fire becomes blue plasma, tripling the damage of all the peas that pass through it. This effect lasts until the Torchwood is eaten. It now gives a purple plasma that quadruples the damage of all the peas that pass through it.
Lightning Reed Lighting storm Makes a storm cloud that damages the zombies over time with lightning. The cloud disappears after 15 seconds. Unleashes a huge lightning cloud and electrocutes several zombies at once.
Tall-nut Tall hard Like Wall-nut, replenishes all the health it had lost (if any) and gains a hard armor shell for 4800 extra health (for a total of 8000 health) that lasts until the armor is destroyed. Its ability now gives it a crystal armor with 9600 health.
Pea Pod Ow big Summons a giant Peashooter head that shoots five big peas. Each big pea deals 400 DPS, resulting in a total damage of 2000 DPS. It now shoots five big fire peas. If the big fire peas pass over a plasma Torchwood, the peas will turn into big plasma peas.
Melon-pult Melon-pult plant food Launches melons out from the top that deal 200 DPS (but only 20 splash damage) to every zombie on-screen. Shoots fire melons that deal quadruple damage than those of normal melons.
Winter Melon Wm plant food Launches frozen melons out from the top that deal 200 damage (but only 20 splash damage) to every zombie on-screen. Shoots flaming frozen melons that deal quadruple damage than that of a frozen melon.
Imitater N/A Depends on the imitated plant. Depends on the imitated plant.
Laser Bean Laser Bean PF Fires a huge laser beam throughout the row, dealing 1800 DPS to each zombie in the row. In the Piñata Parties leading up to the release of Far Future, the Laser Bean's Plant Food effect was equivalent to 600 DPS. Shoots a red laser that deals 2700 DPS.
Citron Citron PF1
Citron PF2
Shoots a giant plasma ball and flings all the zombies out of the lane. If it hits a robotic zombie, such as a Robo-Cone Zombie, or any type of Gargantuar, the plasma ball will stop, but the robotic zombie or Gargantuar will be killed instantly. The plasma ball deals 4000 DPS to any zombie that is hit by it (6000 to Jurassic Gargantuar and 2400 to Zombots). It now deals higher damage with chains of electric current to attack zombies.
Starfruit Plantfood starfruitd Shoots ten giant stars in five directions. Each giant star deals four damage for a total of 400 DPS per direction and a grand total 2000 damage. Its Plant Food ability has a longer duration and the Starfruit will shoot the stars in a clockwise spinning motion.
Infi-nut Infi-nut PF1
Infi-nut PF2
Replenishes all the health it had lost (if any) and creates a shield to protect from incoming attacks for the whole column. The shield lasts until it is eaten. The shield can deflect Imps that are flying from a high area. Also, Jetpack Zombies, Disco Jetpack Zombies, Bug Zombies, and Balloon Zombie cannot fly over and will eat it instead. Fisherman Zombies cannot cast their lines through the shield either. The shield also blocks the Hunter Zombie's snowballs, preventing them from causing any harm to plants behind the shield. The shield has 4000 health. Can be destroyed by Mecha-Football Zombie in one push. Creates one more force field one more tile in front of Infi-nut.
Magnifying Grass PvZ2 Magnifying Grass Plant Food Shoots a rainbow beam with a long range that damages the zombies ahead of it one at a time. The more sun-producing plants there are on the lawn, the longer the effect will last. If there are none, the effect will only last 3.5 seconds. Its sun beam can deal a greater amount of damage.
Hypno-shroom HYPNO PF
Its mushroom cap shines and turns the hypnotized zombie into a Gargantuar, (except for Zombie Chickens and Ice Weasels). In the Chinese version, he will transform the hypnotised zombie into a Buckethead Zombie. Transforms the zombie into a Gargantuar.
Sun-shroom Sun-shroomPF1
Grows to full size and produces 225 sun. In addition to its Plant Food ability, it will produce either one, two, or three gold coins or no gold coins at all.
Puff-shroom PVZ2PUFFSHROOMPF Unleashes exactly 30 spores for three seconds. All Puff-shrooms on screen are also activated, in a manner similar to Power Tiles. Also, it resets the duration of all the Puff-shrooms on the field, making them last the same as if they were just freshly planted. Shoots powered spores at the Zombies which deal double damage.
Fume-shroom FumePLANTFOOD Unleashes a spray of fumes that deals 1500 DPS and pushes all zombies on the lane back from their starting position. Sucks all zombies in 3x2 area in front of it and then does its normal Plant Food attack.
Sun Bean SunBeanPF1
Stands up and shines more, causing the zombie that eats it to explode and give 15 sun for every 20 health it had left at the moment it ate the Sun Bean. N/A
Helmeted peaa-nut
Gains a helmet for 1600 extra health (for a total of 3200 health) and shoots 60 peas. Gets an additional armor, increasing its health further.
Magnet-shroom Magnet-shroomPF Removes all metal objects within range and toss them back to the zombies, causing damage. Each thrown object deals 300 DPS, except the Yeti's Head which deals 900, and the Punk Zombie's head which will not get thrown at all. Now shoots metallic objects to any zombie on the lawn.
Chomper Chomper Plant Food Unleashes a high intensity wind that will suck three most closest zombies close to it for consumption for a few seconds. Chomper will then push survivors away by releasing a burp. At the end of the effect Chomper will instantly be ready to eat another zombie if it was chewing on one before. Now burps longer.
Lily Pad LilyPadPF Creates four Lily Pads in four directions (assuming that there are no Lily Pads, Tangle Kelps or Guacodiles around or next to it), which resembles a cross symbol. If there are Lily Pads adjacent to it, it will heal them to full health. Now create Lily Pads in a 3x3 area around it.
Tangle Kelp* TangleKelpPF Pulls up to four random zombies underwater. Now pulls up to five zombies underwater.
Bowling Bulb BowlingBulbPF Charges, and when zombies appear on the line, throws three charged explosive bulbs that deal 600 damage each, for a total of 1800 damage. If there are no zombies on that row, the Bowling Bulb will wait until zombies appear on the lawn. Then, it will throw the three charged bulbs. These bulbs cannot be deflected by Jester Zombie Any zombies that are in a 3x3 radius around it while is "charging" will be killed. Then, it shoots out some projectiles: First, a fiery orange bulb which is the biggest and undoes slowing effects, then a white bulb that gives a slowing effect and has a medium size, and an electricity bulb which is the smallest compared to the other bulbs that stuns zombies.
Homing Thistle Homing Thistle PF Shoots glowing blue projectiles that target every zombies on the screen. The blue projectiles deal 240 damage each, and they sometimes encircle zombies for a long period of time. It mixes normal blue projectiles with fire projectiles, which do more damage, and ice projectiles, which slow zombies.
Guacodile GuacodielPF Releases two rushing Guacodiles and push the zombies nearing it one square back. Guacodile's clones will now return, dealing damage to the zombies in the lane in a similar manner to Bloomerang.
Banana Launcher BananLuancherPF Launches four explosive bananas that target random zombies, dealing 1200 damage each. After this, Banana Launcher needs to recharge. Launches four bananas and an additional flaming banana that creates an explosion that deals more damage.
Ghost Pepper Ghost Pepper PF Haunts all the zombies in a 3x4 area, dealing huge damage, and resets its timer. Deals more damage and stuns the zombies it hits.
Sweet Potato Sweet Potato Plat Food Attracts all zombies nearby it and heal itself to full health. In the Chinese version, she will not heal herself. Its Plant Food ability can fully heal herself.
Sap-fling Sap-flingPlantFood Lobs pinecones at 20 random tiles. The resulting sap stays for 15 seconds. Releases many sap on areas, which have 100% chance to immobilize zombies in amber.
Pepper-pult Pepper-food Launchs three giant firebomb peppers, targeted at various groups of zombies. Each firebomb pepper will blow up in a 3x3 explosion dealing 600 damage by the moment of impact. Launches four bursts of giant flaming peppers instead of three.
Chard Guard Chard Guard PF Regains its health and leaves back and then hurls every zombie in its upper space, lower space, and 3x2 area in front of it that deals a small amount of damage (3 Damage per shots.) Hurls zombies farther and deals a little more damage.
Fire Peashooter Fire Peashooter PF Spits a fire trail for three seconds on all tiles in front of it, unfreezing plants and damaging every zombie that steps on the trail, dealing 1800 damage total. Its Plant Food ability summons pillars of fire on each tile, burning any zombie in its path.
Stunion Stunion PF Releases a burst of gas in a 4x3 area in front of it, stunning all zombies caught in it for 12 seconds. Shoots a burst of gas in a 5x3 area in front of it, stunning all zombies for twice as long.
Rotobaga Rotobaga PF Fires 22 huge rutabagas in four directions, similarly to Starfruit. Each huge rutabaga deals 50 damage for a total of 900 damage per direction and for a grand total of 3600 damage. Shoots a bunch of huge pink rutabagas that deal double damage.
Dandelion DandelionPlantFood Shoots ten big dandelion seeds into the air, which float down slowly to random zombies, inflicting 200 damage. N/A
Lava Guava Lava Guava PF Creates a fissure in the ground on all tiles in front of it. All zombies on this fissure are damaged. Its fissure will also affect the column it is in.
Red Stinger Red Stinger PF Fires a focused laser beam that pierces through all zombies in its lane, dealing 700 DPS. It also slows them down. Fires two focused beams to deal double the damage.
A.K.E.E. A.K.E.E PF Lobs large akee seeds to the first zombie in each lane, dealing 400 damage. They also bounce off to the nearest zombies. Fires a charged large akee seed which switch between normal, explosive (reddish color and with higher splash damage) and freezing (bluish color and less splash damage which chills zombies if they survive).
Endurian Endurian PF Replenishes all health it had lost (if any) and gains armor with harder spikes. The armor gives it more health and allows it to do more damage. The armor can absorb up to 2400 DPS. Gains a crystal armor with spikes instead that can absorb even more bites.
Toadstool Toadstool pf1 Grabs up to 4 random zombies in a 5x3 area, chews for a short amount of time and then produces 50 sun for each zombie it ate. At the end of its Plant Food effect, it will release a purple cloud that chills the first zombie in contact with it.
Stallia Stallia PF Slows every zombie on screen. It also poisons every zombie on screen.
Strawburst Strawburst PF Laughs and then summons a huge strawberry that comes down, exploding on impact, dealing 400 damage to all zombies on the lawn. After the effect, a fully grown strawberry will be ready to fire. N/A
Cactus Cactus PF1
Cactus PF2
Its spikes become blue, increasing its projectiles' pierce by one and making its attacks twice as strong for the remaining duration of the level or until it gets killed. Ground attack damage is also doubled. It will shoot a lot of blue spikes before getting stronger.
Phat Beet PhatBeetPlantFood
Performs a big thump on the ground, dealing 800 DPS to every zombie surrounding it in a 3x3 area and 400 to every zombie outside the said area. Can toss away some zombies in 3x3 area.
Celery Stalker CeleryStalkerPlantFood Spawns three additional Celery Stalkers on random tiles on the screen and heals itself back to full health (if any was lost). Spawns four Celery Stalkers instead of three.
Electric Blueberry Electric Blueberry Plant Food Produces a storm cloud that targets three random zombies. If there are no zombies on the lawn, the cloud will fade away. The storm cloud will also stun zombies.
Garlic Garlic Plant Food 1
Garlic Plant Food 2
It fully heals itself and releases a noxious gas that will momentarily stun zombies in front of it and divert them to another lane. The gas will blow zombies back.
Spore-shroom Spore-shroom Plant Food 1
Spore-shroom Plant Food 2
Lobs three giant projectiles at three different zombies, doing 1800 DPS and spawning a Spore-shroom on the tiles if the projectiles defeated the zombie. Lobs four projectiles instead.
Jack O' Lantern Jolghosts Summons green ghosts on five random tiles on the lawn. The ghosts continuously do fire damage to zombies, totaling 900 DPS per tile. N/A
Primal Peashooter Primal Peashooter PF Shoots five primal peas that also push back groups of zombies. Each pea does 5 damage. It will now shoot additional giant lava ball.
Primal Wall-nut Primal Wall-nut PF1
Primal Wall-nut PF2
Gains a rock armor with a drawing of a Wall-nut on it, capable of absorbing 3200 DPS or one Gargantuar  smash. It gains golden armor that absorbs more damage.
Cold Snapdragon Cold Snapdragon Plant Food Releases an ice blast 3x3 in front of it, dealing 1200 DPS, but any zombie not killed by the blast will be frozen. Frostbite Cave zombies will not be frozen, but instead slowed. In addition to releasing a powerful blast of ice, Cold Snapdragon will also freeze all zombies on-screen, similar to Iceberg Lettuce's Plant Food effect.
Primal Sunflower PrimalSunPF Produces 225 sun. It will now produce an extra giant gold coin.
Primal Potato Mine PPMinePlanrFood
Automatically arms itself and creates two new and fully armed Primal Potato Mines on two random tiles. Now make three clones instead of two.
Shrinking Violet SVPlantFood1ShrinkVioletPlantFood2 Increases in size and shrinks all zombies on screen. It then turns back to its regular size. The zombies will shrink smaller.
Shielded Moon Flower
Shielded Moonflower (Powered)
Gives an amount of sun equivalent to its normal sun drop, which also follows adjacency bonus from shadow plants, while generating a personal shield that can absorb up to 200 DPS bites, or a smash from a Gargantuar; the shield degrades twice at 80 and 160 DPS.

Moonflower now creates force fields in a 3x3 area.

Nightshade PF 1
Nightshade PF 2
Regrows all of its leaves, then hurl three large leaves at zombies. Each large leaf deals 600 DPS. It will also have blue leaves for use after the effect, which will last until it is killed. When powered, it can deal 8 damage, and is capable of defeating a Conehead Zombie in melee form in a single hit. Now hurls all three of his plant food leaves at once, which does more damage. However, he only does this once.
Shadow-shroom 4546565555
Poison splash
Poisons every zombie on screen. Zombies already poisoned will take 900 damage and then have their poison effect removed.

Its effect now slows down zombies.

Escape Root
Escape Root PF
Summons two copies of itself next to a zombie one at a time that will turn into a random explosive. Summons three copies of itself instead.
Dusk Lobber
Dusklber PF 1
Dusklber PF 2
Fires 4 large buds that land on the ground, each dealing 350 damage and 300 splash damage in a 3x3 area.

Dusk Lobber now fire five large explosive buds instead of four.

Grimrose PF
Drags the strongest grounded zombie on the lawn into the ground. If it targets a Gargantuar or a mechanical enemy, it will only deal 600 damage per shot. This action does not remove any stamens from Grimrose.

When drags the strongest grounded zombie on the lawn, Grimrose drags more 2 random zombies on the lawn.

Electric Currant
Electric Currant Plant Fooded
Will deal 70 damage to zombies in the electric fence along with its melee attack until this plant get eaten. Its electric fence now stun zombies in every damages.
Wasabi Whip
Wasabi Whip Plantas Food
It will spin its flaming whip around in a 3x3 radius, similarly to Bonk Choy, dealing 1500 DPS.

His costumed Plant Food effect now forms seismic waves at the end, which deals damage to nearby units, as well as increases thawing rate while in Frostbite Caves.


Explode-O-Nut Plant Food2
Explode-O-Nut Plant Food First Degrade2
Explode-O-Nut Plant Food Second Degrade2

It will gain an armor that will give more defense plus an additional explosion when eaten. Now gain Explode-O-Nut a magma rock armor instead, which enhances its effects.
Aloe AloePF It will instantly heal every plant around it on a 3x3 radius. N/A
Kiwibeast Kiwibeast PF Animation It will grow to its last stage and deal massive damage in an area around it.

It now stun the nearest zombie during Plant Food.

Apple Mortar Apple Mortar Plant Food It will lob entire apples at every zombie on the screen. These apples stun zombies and do varying amounts of damage, depending on how many zombies are on screen. It can deal anywhere from 50 to 100 DPS. Lob purple apples which do more damages and slow down zombies.
Witch Hazel WitchHazelPlantFood It transforms a random zombie into a Toadstool. In Chinese version, it transforms random zombies into Fume-shroom instead. Now activates Plant Food effect after transforming.
Parsnip ParsnipPFGIF It will knock back every zombie in front of itself, followed by creating two smaller versions of itself that will rush down its lane. Now has a chance to create a final smaller red version of itself, which deals greater damage and has a chance to stun zombies for one second.
Missile Toe Missile Toe PF Blast 3 cold blasts at the random target on the lawn. After launch the cold blasts, it may be ready to fired again.

Missile Toe now launch powerful cold blasts, which leave small ice trails.

Hot Date Hot Date Plant Food Regain all of its lost health and attract zombies in 4x3 area, similar to Sweet Potato His Plant Food effect will also give him three seconds of invincibility after attracting zombies.
Caulipower PFCaulipower Tosses 5 random zombies out the screen, similar to Power Toss

Caulipower now tosses more random zombies.

Electric Peashooter Screenshot 20170825-145313 Fires 3 large electric peas to the three closest zombies, dealing heavy damage. Those peas explode into smaller electric peas, which spread in a circular pattern while passing through zombies dealing electrical splash damage. His Plant Food effect now has a chance to shoot 2 more purple large electric peas, which are even more powerful.
Holly Barrier HollyBarrierPlantFood It will regain all lost berries, and will launch four berries on random tiles. If they land on a tile without an obstacle, the spiky leaf will have metallic spikes attached to it, making it do more damage to zombies and giving it more health. And finally, it will heal to full health. One of the berries now deal electric damage, dealing more damage.
Shadow Peashooter Unpowered Shadow Peashooter Plant Food Projectile
Powered Shadow Peashooter Plant Food Projectile
Summons a spirit bomb that will do 900 damage in a 3x3 area for no Moonflowers, 4x4 for 1-2 Moonflowers, or every zombie for 3 or more Moonflowers. It now summons 4 spirit bombs.
Sling Pea
Shoots 3 bursts of 5 stunning peas each. It now shoots a burst of fire peas followed by 2 bursts of plasma peas.
Goo Peashooter MakingaGooBubble
Goo-Peashooter Plant Food Projectile
Summons a large poison ball which will deal damage, knock back, and poison zombies. N/A
Radish White RadishPF1
White RadishPF2
Creates one more Radish that lands on other random tile. It now creates two Radishes.
Fire Gourd Fire Gourd PF Breathes a lot of fire which deals huge damage on an entire row. It now spits a powerful dragon-shaped flame down its path.
Heavenly Peach Heavenly Peach PF Makes all plants next to it temporarily invincible. In addition to its effect, it now fully heals plants especially defensive plants.
Bamboo-shoot BambooShootNewPlantFood1
Slices five zombies on screen, flinging them off the screen if they have low health, then returns to its tile. It can now fling one extra zombie off-screen.
Carrotillery Carrot Missile Truck PF1
Carrot Missile Truck PF2
Carrot Missile Truck PF3
Fires a carrot missile that deals 400 damage when a zombie eats it. Fires a nuke that can block more zombies.
Dandelion (China) Dandelion PFC Releases two to five powerful bombs that home in on zombies. Creates a lot of powerful bombs that does a carpet bombing to zombies.
Aggro Brocco Vigorous Broccoli PF1
Vigorous Broccoli PF2
Vigorous Broccoli PF3
Vigorous Broccoli PF4
Pulls nearby zombies to it, tussles them, and then flings them off the screen. Picks up a zombie and hits other zombies with it.
Oak Archer Oak Archer PF Rains a lot of arrows down on all zombies on screen. It now rains down glowing arrows that deal double damage.
Cryo-shroom Freeze Mushroom PF Grows to full size and creates two ice sinkholes for four seconds. Any zombie that steps on the ice will slip into the hole and die. Creates three ice sinkholes instead of two.
Pyro-shroom PF
Grows to full size, then burns a random column for ten seconds. Any zombie that steps on the fire will start burning. Its fire will now explode in a 1x1 area when the fire ends.
Plantern Plantern PF Shines in a 5x5 area for a while. In addition to its effect, it stuns zombies in the area for a while.
Pomegunate Pomegranate Machine Gun PF It pulls out a machine gun's barrel on top of its head and starts firing powerful seeds every second, dealing massive damage to whatever is in front of it a three-by-five area. It will now cause splash damage.
Acidic Citrus Acid Lemon PF Rains a lot of lemonade droplets on the zombie three times, and could acidize the water when it drops into the seawater. Summons a storm of acid lemonade rain.
Lord Bamboo LordBambooPlantFood1
Releases a "carpet" of firecrackers on its lane, which will detonate shortly, killing the zombies on it. The zombies that are damaged by the carpet will now be bounced and cannot move for a short time.
Lotuspot SmallLotusPlantFood1
Fires a missile that explodes, dealing around 1200 DPS to the zombie it hits. If planted on the water, it fires a powerful missile that cruises along the water, damaging all zombies on land and explode in 3x3 on the rightmost edge of the screen. Otherwise, it shoots a powerful missile at the closest zombie in the land.
Rafflesia Rafflesia PF Releases spores that go on random tiles and explode, killing anything it hits on those tiles. Releases spores that home to nearest zombies in all lanes.
Tornacorn WhirlwindAcornPlantFood1
Fires a whirling acorn bomb and then shreds all the zombies in its row. Spins up two more tornadoes to attack the first zombies of the two adjacent lanes.
Chest-nut SmallChestnutTeamPlantFood1
Creates a group of chestnuts to attack zombies ahead of them. Summons a big chestnut after the other ones, which instantly kills the zombies on the path.
Bambrook Bamboo Brother PF Jumps into the air and spins around, knocking back the closest zombies to it. When it spins in the air, it takes the closest zombie with it, damaging that zombie.
Zorrose RoseSwordsmanPlantFood Stabs zombies in a 3x3 range. After the attack, it makes a "Z" symbol, which later explodes in a 3x3 range.
Magic-shroom MagicMushroomPlantFood1
Summons five large top hats on random zombies or tiles on the lawn, from Basic Zombies, Conehead Zombies, and Buckethead Zombies; respective to the world the level is in will appear from them and fight for the player. There's a chance to spawn a Gargantuar. It now only spawns Conehead Zombies, Buckethead Zombies, and Gargantuars.
Aspiragus AsparagusPlantFood1
Gains a helmet and fires at all spaces in its range with high damage. Its shots push zombies back.
Saucer Squash SaucerPlantFood Stuns all zombies on the screen. Its stunning effect now lasts for twice as long.
Board Beans HorseBeanPlantFood For one minute, it will be able to spawn 6 Board Beans that will attack the first couple rows and have a shorter cooldown time for each attack. The cooldown time for each attack is even shorter.
Lantern Cherry GroundCherryPlantFood Shows all invisible zombies on screen. Makes all sun-producing plants on screen activate their Plant Food ability in addition to its regular effect.
Ampthurium AnthuriumPlantFood1
Removes charge from all plants who have it and attacks three zombies in front of it with lightning bolts. Summons one lightning bolt in front of it and two lightning bolts on the tiles adjacent to that lightning bolt.
Spinnapple PineapplePlantFood Spins and collects all the bullets from zombies in 3x1 area. It then flings them back at them. The reflecting is spread out and hits random zombies.
R.A.D Missiles MischiefRadishPlantFood1
Launches a giant radish nuke that lands on the ground and rockets through the lane, damaging all zombies in its path. Its giant radish nuke will now explode in a 3x3 area upon reaching the end of the lawn.
Sunflower Singer SunflowerSingerPlantFood1
Starts to sing and makes every plant dance and forms suns into heart shape and later a "2" shape. After the sun falls onto the ground, it gives to the Player 280 sun. It will also make other Sunflower Singers to use their Plant Food effect. While singing, it makes other Sunflower Singers produce 50 sun.
Pumpkin Witch PumpkinMagePlantFood1
Throws five blue-eyed pumpkins to the zombies. Any zombie hit by these pumpkins will turn into a zombie with a blue eyed pumpkin on its head that has increased toughness. After launching, it needs to recharge for six seconds before being able to attack again. The pumpkins have more health with green eyes.
Snowy Cotton SnowCottonPlantFood1
Throws its carrot, which will land and summon a giant snowman that lands on random zombies doing heavy damage and freezing all of them in a 3x3 area. The snowmen land on zombies twice.
Guerrequila AgavePlantFood Throws his sword up, grabs it, and slams it onto the ground that sends a wave which spews dirt all over dealing huge damage to every zombie within its lane. The wave now goes in 3 directions.
Monkeyfruit KiwifruitPlantfood Gets a giant Monkey King Bar and smashes zombies in a range of five tiles in front of it. Will now smash zombies twice.
Plumping Plummy Pf Launches a large number of plums within a certain angle forwards. Launches larger plums that deal more damage.
Dragonfruit Pitaya6 Spits a large plasma fireball that rolls through the lane. The fireball now turns red and leaves a fire trail that lasts for few seconds.
Angel Starfruit Childrensdayplantfood3pinkstarfruits Shoots a big amount of stars while rotating. Now shoots a mix of red and blue stars.
Match Flower MatchFlowerBoxerPlantFood Spits fireballs in a 3x3 area, as well as lights itself on fire. Plant Food effect is now one second longer.
Firebloom Queen FirebloomQueenPlantFood1
Lights 3 lanes on fire. Will now shoot fireballs along with its normal Plant Food effect.
Gatling Pea GatlingPeaPF Shoots a bunch of peas in 3 lanes. Now shoots fire and plasma peas alongside with normal peas.
Cattail ChineseCattailPF Emits a laser that gets larger and larger, that tracks down a random target. If the target is defeated, the laser will quickly move to another random zombie, similar to Lightning Reed's Plant Food effect. It now emits a purple and larger laser at zombies, that does more damage.
Produces a large shock wave which pushes back zombies in 3 tiles in front of it and continuously damages zombies which are in front of the shock wave, as well as stunning them until the effect ends. Its shock wave is now three lanes wide instead of one.
Mastercane SMPF Mastercane sends out many circling sticks of nunchaku in 3 lanes, and finishes with a wave down the lane it's on. More damage is added to its Plant Food effect and lasts a bit longer.
Primal Rafflesia Primal Rafflesia PF Lobs 5 venom balls at random zombies Lobs purple venom balls, which does more damage
Dinonip DragonRoarGrassPFEffect1
Dinonip will roar to counter the dinosaur stampede in Jurassic Marsh, and will eat 4 zombies in a 3x3 area. Its roar can now push back zombies in a very short distance and stun them for a short period of time.
Cob Cannon CobCannonPF1
Cob Cannon launches a corn cob that shoots scattered corn kernels in 6 seconds. In addition launches a corn cob, its corn intestine will turn into a missile that homing to the zombies.
Sumo Melon Sumoismylife1
Stuns and attracts all zombies in a 2x3 area in front of him, then pushes them all back, as well as dealing heavy damage to all of them. Now pushes all attracted zombies out of the lawn instead.
Icy Currant Cryo-currant Gains an iceberg armor for around 5 seconds, which gives Icy Currant invulnerability for around 5 seconds, afterwards it will permanently gain bonus attack power, similar to its counterpart. Icy Currant's iceberg armor will explode when it ends, dealing damage to zombies around him.
Trump Tulip YEEEEESH Trump Tulip releases soundwaves along with ribbons and flowers, which deal damage over a 3x3 area and heal other plants continuously within 3 seconds The Plant Food effect now lasts for 5 seconds.
Auberninja will now throw five gold shurikens instead, which stun zombies and are more effective. Th
  • This Plant's Plant Food effect in the international version is improved at higher levels (not counting any effects that apply to its regular attack). See the Plant's respective page for more details.

Related achievements

High Five
High Five
Plant 5 Tall Nuts and use Plant Food on all of them
Fungus Humongous
Fungus Humongous
Buff 20 Puff-shrooms with a single Plant Food


Chinese version (China only)

Plants vs. Zombies Online (China only) (Archived content)


  • In the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2, the Plant Food is a bean instead of a leaf. When Kongfu World was released, the leaf icon appeared as an energy mechanism image. This energy mechanism was however removed in the 1.2.0 update.
    • Another difference is that the Plant Food in the Chinese version requires gems to buy instead of coins.
    • It will also fly around the screen as long as the player doesn't tap it, unlike the International version.
  • When Plant Food is used on a damaged plant, it is restored to full health.
  • The player cannot save Plant Food after the level ends for another level, except in Endless Zones, in which the saved Plant Food can be used in the next level.
  • While plants are shining (using Plant Food), they are temporarily invincible and immune to shovels.
  • If a Surfer Zombie targets a plant under Plant Food effect, the surfboard will break and disappear.
  • If the player digs up a Chili Bean, Potato Mine, Lily Pad, or Spore-shroom that was created via Plant Food, sun will not be given if they have Shovel Boost Upgrades. This may be because the player did not plant the extra plants, but rather the plants made them.
    • Though if the player revives a Spore-shroom with Intensive Carrot, it will produce sun.
  • In Dark Ages - Night 20's dialogue, Dr. Zomboss said that Plant Food is made out of zombies. Penny later proved that Plant Food is not, but did so in a way that raised suspicion.
  • In the 2.7 update, Plant Food did not work properly, but instead used the Instant Recharge ability, which is otherwise unusable. This glitch was fixed in 2.8.3 version (2.9.1 on Android devices).
  • Blade-Wielding Hero is the only zombie that can kill plants while they are initiating their Plant Food effect. This may be a glitch.
  • There is a glitch when the player tries to give Plant Food to Power Lily when the money bag drops, it will produce 2 Plant Foods at the same time.
  • In Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, in the Backyard Battleground in the plants' base, Plant Food stored in boxes can be seen.
  • It and Energy Bean have the same ability on usage.
    • However, Energy Bean cannot speed up slow-recharge plants.

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