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For the version in the international version of Plants vs. Zombies 2, see Plant Family (PvZ2).

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Plant Family was added in the 2.0.0 update, and is located in the Plants section. It is very similar to the Plant upgrade system in Plants vs. Zombies 2. This lets the player increases the stats of their plants in a family. Each time the player upgrades a plant in a family, it will give the plant family an upgrade that has a random stat increased for a random amount. (See the full list below.) Each family can choose up to 2 upgrades with the second one requiring 100 gems to unlock.. The player is able to upgrade their plants for free 3 times a day. If they want to upgrade furthermore, it will cost gems for every upgrade after that. Getting more plants in a family will upgrade the level of that family, which will increase later upgrades' power.


Family Translation Plants
新人组 Newcomers Sunflower2 Peashooter2 Wall-nut2 Potato Mine2 Cabbage-pult2C
百步穿僵* Pierce a Zombie in 100 Steps Bloomerang2 Laser Bean2 Fire Gourd2 Bamboo-shoot2 Tornacorn2
踩僵尸的蘑菇** Fungi Stepping on Zombies Puff-shroom2 Fume-shroom2 Hypno-shroom2C Magic-shroom2 Spore-shroom2
三分王 Kings of Three-point Shots Melon-pult2 Kernel-pult2 Pepper-pult2 A.K.E.E.2 Primal Rafflesia2
不动如山 Stand Your Ground Tall-nut2C Primal Wall-nut2 Infi-nut2 Endurian2C Chard Guard2
神射手 Sharp Shooters Plumping Plummy2 Acidic Citrus2 Pea-nut2C Oak Archer2 Red Stinger2
精英豌豆 Elite Peashooters Repeater2 Threepeater2C Pea Pod2 Primal Peashooter2 Gatling Pea2
真能打 Good At Fighting Chomper2C Toadstool2C Celery Stalker2 Zorrose2 Guerrequila2
光芒万丈 Sunlight Everywhere Sunflower2 Twin Sunflower2 Primal Sunflower2 Sunflower Singer2 Sun-shroom2
暗影家族 Shadow Family Moonflower2 Shadow-shroom2 Nightshade2 Dusk Lobber2 Grimrose2
雷霆万钧 Thunderbolt Cattail2C Lightning Reed2C Cactus2C Ampthurium2 Electric Blueberry2C
人多力量大 More People, More Power Bowling Bulb2 Chest-nut2 Grapeshot2C Pea Pod2 Board Beans2
能量武器 Weapons of Energy Citron2 Starfruit2C Magnifying Grass2 Laser Bean2 Angel Starfruit2
冰力四射 Freeze in All Directions Snow Pea2C Winter Melon2 Cryo-shroom2 Cold Snapdragon2C Iceberg Lettuce2
军火库 Arsenal Coconut Cannon2 Banana Launcher2 Carrotillery2 Cob Cannon2 R.A.D Missiles2
火力全开 Full Firepower Firebloom Queen2 Pyro-shroom2 Snapdragon2 Fire Peashooter2C Dragonfruit2
我要打十个 I Wanna Defeat Ten Mastercane2 Monkeyfruit2 Aggro Brocco2 Bonk Choy2 Match Flower2
环保卫士 Environmental Guardians Berry Blaster2 Gold Bloom2C Fanilla2 Lotus Root2 Lily of Alchemy2
文艺青年 Artistic Youth Wax Guard2 Aloe2C Kinnikannon2 Oil Olive2 Ruby Red2

* 百步穿僵 originates from a Chinese idiom 百步穿杨, which means "Pierce a willow leaf with an arrow from the distance of a hundred paces".

** 踩僵尸的蘑菇 originates from a Chinese folk song 采蘑菇的小姑娘 (The girl who picks up mushrooms). In Chinese, "Step on" and "pick up" have the same pronunciation.

Possible Upgrades

无敌Y秒概率X% X% chance of invincibility for Y secs
每Y秒恢复生命X% Regenerate X% of life every Y secs
生命值增加X% Increase health by X%
防御力增加X% Increase defense (damage absorbed each attack) by X%
攻击力增加X% Increase attack by X%
攻击速度增加X% Increase attack speed by X%
近战伤害增加X% Increase melee damage by X%
火焰伤害增加X% Increase fire damage by X%
冰冻伤害增加X% Increase cold damage by X%
闪电伤害增加X% Increase electric damage by X%
爆炸伤害增加X% Increase explosive damage by X%
阳光消耗降低X Decrease sun cost by X
种植冷却缩短X% Decrease plant cooldown by X%
返还阳光概率X% X% chance of returning sun
额外产出Y阳光X% X% chance of producing additional Y sun
生产速度增加X% Increase sun producing speed by X%



  • Despite being called Newcomers, the plants in the Newcomers family are plants that are not new and are in many Plants vs. Zombies games.
    • It was probably meant that these plants are used primarily by newcomers to the game.
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