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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.
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a plague has swept this era.
This article is about something that is no longer available. Therefore, it is archived.
Plant Exchange

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Plant Exchange is a feature in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2 where the player can trade stars, gold beans and coins for plants and their Puzzle Pieces. There are three different tabs for this feature. It is accessed in the first section in the "Plants" menu.

This feature is temporarily removed in v1.8.0.

Star Exchange

Every world available has its own plants, which can be obtained through stars. The stars collected are restricted to the world they were collected in. If the player was able to fully collect the plant via other methods and tried to reclaim it again through stars, they get one Puzzle Piece for that plant. Every plant collected directly from here will start at Level 1, and will be marked with a "Collected" stamp. Collected plants will show their current level, including their costume, if the player has unlocked the costume separately.


Ancient Egypt

Plant Stars
Iceberg Lettuce2 1
Bloomerang2 10
Twin Sunflower2 20
Bonk Choy2 40

Pirate Seas

Plant Stars
Spring Bean2 5
Spikeweed2 10
Snapdragon2 20
Power Lily2C 38

Wild West

Plant Stars
Squash2C 5
Chili Bean2 10
Split Pea2 20
Jalapeno2C 38

Kongfu World

Plant Stars
Radish2 5
Heavenly Peach2 30
Fire Gourd2 55
Coconut Cannon2 77

Far Future

Plant Stars
Infi-nut2 10
Magnifying Grass2 40
Tile Turnip2 60
Laser Bean2 78

Dark Ages

Plant Stars
Puff-shroom2 10
Sun Bean2 20
Magnet-shroom2 50
Hypno-shroom2C 79

Big Wave Beach

Plant Stars
Tangle Kelp2 20
Homing Thistle2C 40
Bowling Bulb2 60
Acidic Citrus2 83

Frostbite Caves

Plant Stars
Stunion2 15
Hurrikale2C 30
Chard Guard2 66

Sky City

Plant Stars
Lantern Cherry2 10
Aspiragus2 20
Saucer Squash2 40
Spinnapple2 67

Lost City

Plant Stars
Stallia2 10
Red Stinger2 20
Toadstool2C 40
Lava Guava2C 56

Gold Store

Here, the player can buy five different plants at once with coins with different prices. Under the plant, there is a bar showing the amount of collected Puzzle Pieces to unlock the plant for free. Spending 10 Yuan will give the player up to one of these plants, which is chosen at random. Every plant here will start at Level 1, and bought plants will be marked with a "Collected" stamp.  Collected plants will show their current level, including their costume, if the played has unlocked it separately. There will not be a confirmation message when the player buys the plant.


Plant Coin cost
Repeater2 100000
Tall-nut2C 200000
Spikerock2 300000
Threepeater2C 400000
Winter Melon2 600000

Golden Bean Exchange

There are six different Puzzle Pieces of plants, in which they can be bought with golden beans from Lucky Treasure. Up to one Puzzle Piece of a plant can be bought at a time.


Puzzle Piece Bean cost Amount
Dandelion2C 5 1
Torchwood2C 3 1
Snow Pea2C 3 1
Pea Pod2 3 1
Sun-shroom2 2 1
Snapdragon2 1 1



Star Exchange

Gold Store

Golden Bean Exchange


  • Frostbite Caves is the first world to have less than four plants available to unlock with stars.
  • The most expensive star cost is 83, belonging to Acidic Citrus.
  • The cheapest star cost is 1, belonging to Iceberg Lettuce.