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Plant Adventures is a feature that was added in the 1.6.2. version of the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is another feature that aids the player on getting more Puzzle Pieces, along with the ability to earn certain Puzzle Pieces by replaying normal levels on maps. It was removed temporarily in the 1.8.0. version, but returned in version 1.9.0.

This feature allows the player to send five of their unlocked plants on a "quest" to earn a Puzzle Piece and 2000 coins at the same time. It is possible to choose the Puzzle Piece which will be earned, but each one has an timer associated that needs to be fulfilled to obtain it.

While choosing, the player has to fulfill a certain request where one of the chosen plants match one of their characteristics, for example, bring a green colored plant. The plant's characteristics can be found on their Almanac entry.

After the plants have finished their "quest," they have a cooldown of an hour until they can be sent again. The "quest" can instantly be skipped by paying gems, or it can be canceled for free.

The system requires internet connection to be accessed.



  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Pink


  • Pea family
  • Armed family (also referred to as Weapon family)
  • Brother group
  • Mushroom family
  • Tornado family


  • Unlimited sun
  • Master of martial arts
  • Full of fiery aura
  • Full of anger
  • 100,000 volts
  • Mysterious mage
  • Strong teeth
  • Aquatic plant
  • Flying plant
  • Frozen miles


  • Short


Unlock at (Hard Mode) Rewards Plant characteristics required Cooldown time
Ancient Egypt - Day 5 Coins, NEWPeashooterPuzzlePiece Green plant 02:00:00
Ancient Egypt - Day 9 Coins, NEWCabbage-pultPuzzlePiece Green plant 02:00:00
Ancient Egypt - Day 14 Coins, NEWSunflowerPuzzlePiece Unlimited sun 02:00:00
Pirate Seas - Day 2 Coins, NEWKernel-pultPuzzlePiece Yellow plant, armed family 04:00:00
Pirate Seas - Day 7 Coins, NEWSpikeweedPuzzlePiece Short 02:00:00
Pirate Seas - Day 10 Coins, NEWSpringBeanPuzzlePiece Short 02:00:00
Wild West - Day 2 Coins, NEWSplitPeaPuzzlePiece Green plant 02:00:00
Wild West - Day 5 Coins, NEWChiliBeanPuzzlePiece Red plant, short 04:00:00
Wild West - Day 10 Coins, NEWLightningReedPuzzlePiece 100,000 volts, green plant, full of fiery aura 08:00:00
Kongfu World - Day 4 Coins, NEWFireGourdPuzzlePiece Yellow plant, unlimited sun 04:00:00
Kongfu World - Day 7 Coins, NEWWhiteRadishPuzzlePiece White plant 02:00:00
Far Future - Day 4 Coins, NEWPotatoMinePuzzlePiece Armed family 02:00:00
Far Future - Day 12 Coins, NEWWall-nutPuzzlePiece Yellow plant 02:00:00
Far Future - Day 19 Coins, NEWIcebergLettucePuzzlePiece Blue plant 02:00:00
Dark Ages - Night 5 Coins, NEWFume-shroomPuzzlePiece Mushroom family, purple plant, short 08:00:00
Dark Ages - Night 16 Coins, NEWMagnet-shroomPuzzlePiece Mushroom family, red plant 02:00:00
Big Wave Beach - Day 5 Coins, NEWGuacodilePuzzlePiece Aquatic plant, short 04:00:00
Big Wave Beach - Day 9 Coins, NEWTangleKelpPuzzlePiece Aquatic plant, green plant 04:00:00
Frostbite Caves - Day 7 Coins, NEWFirePeashooterPuzzlePiece Red plant, pea family, full of anger 08:00:00
Sky City - Day 2 Coins, NEWRotobagaPuzzlePiece Flying plant, purple plant, tornado family 08:00:00
Sky City - Day 7 Coins, NEWLoquatPuzzlePiece Flying plant 02:00:00
Sky City - Day 9 Coins, NEWAnthuriumPuzzlePiece Flying plant, red plant 04:00:00
Lost City - Day 2 Coins, NEWRedStingerPuzzlePiece Red plant, brother group, pea family 08:00:00
Lost City - Day 17 Coins, NEWJackfruitPuzzlePiece Green plant 02:00:00
Neon Mixtape Tour - Day 2 Coins, NEWCeleryStalkerPuzzlePiece Green plant, short, master of martial arts 08:00:00
Neon Mixtape Tour - Day 9 Coins, NEWIntensiveCarrotPuzzlePiece Red plant 02:00:00
Jurassic Marsh - Day 5 Coins, NEWPrimalPeashooterPuzzlePiece Red plant, mushroom family, short 08:00:00
Jurassic Marsh - Day 9 Coins, NEWPerfume-shroomPuzzlePiece Armed family, pea family, full of anger 02:00:00
Modern Day - Day 2 Coins, NEWShadow-shroomPuzzlePiece Armed family, pea family, full of anger 08:00:00
Modern Day - Day 13 Coins, NEWMoonflowerPuzzlePiece Armed family, pea family, full of anger 02:00:00
Steam Ages - Day 6 Coins, NEWPassionflowerPuzzlePiece Armed family, pea family, full of anger 08:00:00
Steam Ages - Day 11 Coins, NEWLotusRootPuzzlePiece Armed family, pea family, full of anger 02:00:00
Renaissance Age - Day 3 Coins, NEWWaxGourdPuzzlePiece Green plant, short 02:00:00


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